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Down Time

Hey guys! When was the last time you headed DOWN TOWN? Well, I MUST say that hosting a guest underneath my sexy skirt line IS the dynamite part of any day! It's hands DOWN (tee hee) one of THE most delicious, reclining experiences a Ravishing Raven can have. BUT, (routinely) that's not always the case. It takes US Beauties 4 times longer to get comfortably content, AND, revved up when it comes to OUR sexual awakening. Sooooo, you brother's CAN NOT expect 10 minutes of lip AND tongue journeying; especially a half ass attempt, to rock OUR F***IN world, SO STOP DOING THAT! Obviously, every Goddess has a different set of preferences, BUT, (like clockwork) if you male species stick to my sexy successive mentoring, AND, avoid the GOING DOWN ON HER misconceptions that WE Doll Faces spit venom at, you WILL likely give Her the best talkin to of Her life! First of all, you gotta make sure She's in HER comfort zone. The thing to know about drivin South on your Lady's Labia IS that if She’s not chillaxed, basically She’s NOT gonna rejoice with the Angels! One of the sexiest things a guy has ever said to me was "get yourself comfortable babe". Any Girlfriend of ours CAN get really self conscious over how long it’s gonna take Her to orgasm, AND, if She feels like She’s with some handsome stud that is NOT in a rush, that’s F***IN sexy! Find that perfect position, AND, train your man Ladies! Your loveaaaaaa probably knows (as he damn well better) that favourite sexy post that’s MOST pleasant for you, BUT, (on the other hand) if you're open to suggestions, put a pillow under your Butterflies butt, AND, lift your Pelvic Palace up, which BTW, WILL give you brother's great leverage, AND, make Her feel incredible! Then, when She’s lying on Her back, encourage Her to unfold those Lady Bug knees. The more Liberal you are Girlfriends; the more he has to work with. This IS gonna help with the sensations of your legacy! And guys? I haven't forgotten about you either; indulge yourselves in a soft snug spot as well! You might wanna kneel on the bed with a pillow under your knees too, so you can just go to town! Tease Her with your tongue brother's, AND, what I mean by that ISSSSSSS? You MUST start off in a frisky manner. And DON'T just go for the jugular (will ya not)! The SLIGHT hinting of your tongue flowing North, AND, South IS first class; feather brushing the thighs at first, AND then? PAY ATTENTION HERE! Slowwwwwwwly starting to move down, gaining intensity and speed. Listen up you soon to be Champion down towners! One of the MOST imperative things you can do at this point SSSSSS? READ HER BODY! Specific nuts and bolts here? Monitor Her breathing, AND, keep your eyes peeled to how She’s moving Her hips. If you’re doing something She likes, you’ll notice that She’s getting more turned on. Sooooo, with that said my sexy male grasshoppers? You really need to learn how to listen to the FEMALE body! If you’re NOT listening to how She’s responding, you may as well just be chockin your chicken's neck in the corner! Embrace the Feminine sexual vibration fellas! Don’t be afraid of it; because it IS the valuable prerequisite to the sacred sexual union with Her Divine Den. And you know that's precisely where you wanna go, isn't it? No fibbin now, I KNOW THIS TO BE THE GODDESS GOSPEL TRUTH! You spent 9 months of your life treading water in there; wanting to come out into this Goddess damn planet; AND, you spend the rest of your entire life tryin to get the hell back in there! Look dudes, the average Woman takes 20 - 30 minutes to climax from your articulation, SOOOOOOO, you’re gonna be hangin out there for a while. There’s no shame in implementing the help of a tried and true toy either. BUT, (biggy here) use something REALLY small and EASILY handled so you can still feel like you’re the boss of beaks! Put your chosen deputy (that you BOTH selected) on the clitoral hood, then spend some time with your lovely lingo loot on the Lavished Land of Lips! This advent to the Female orgasmic awakening SHOULD be like a crescendo my sexy male dynasty. You need to start increasing pressure then increasing the speed. Some of our Captivating Queen's like a side to side sort of motion on Her Treasure Bonnet, while others proudly promote a South to North pattern. Part of our Goddess's WILL be more into HER heavenly veil, AND, others WILL be more into Her Luxurious Little Girls. Just remember, honour your movement based on Her response ONLY! EASY PEASY! BUT, (to be frank) whatever you do, DO NOT JAB at Her like a machine gun, mimic eating an ice cream cone, pretending that you’re writing the Goddess damn alphabet with your tongue, OR, thinking She needs a Yoniectomy!!!!! ( I hope you ALL know better than that, RIGHT?). And the crowning glory IS? When you feel like She’s gettin close to her zenful zenith moment, DON'T STOP what you’re doing! BUT, (here’s the disclaimer) She MAY NOT always cum lovelies. Look bro's! Put your good for shit ego aside, AND, don’t be so goal oriented; caught up in your own pride. She's as likely as not, of advanced Refinement; sublimating, internalizing, AND, transporting Her sexual essence to that 5th dimensional spiritual plateau to evolved enlightenment (as you men should be also)! Yes lovelies, She's in all probability been trained BY ME! Your ONLY goal should be to make Her feel super eminent! And you know what? One of THE sexiest things about a sacred stud IS when he DOES NOT ACT like being between a Woman’s legs IS his favorite place in the whole wide wizardess world! What makes great oral sex ISSSSSS, YOUR F***IN ATTITUDE!

Get down gentleman and do THE JOB you were born to excel at!

Love, Love, Love your weekend!


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