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The Feminine Bouquet

Hello all you sexy, sensational, savoury ambrosial followers! Brother's! How sharpened are your beak buds this week for trackin down that Female Pheromone? For all the Sister's out there? Let’s take an observant eye at your Queeny redolence shall we? Today you Lovely Lu Lu's, you're gonna find out how you CAN use your own DISTINCT persuasive tang to attract your potential intimate playmate, AND? Train that bloodhound to acquaint his snout to your beaten path! When we take a closer look at the natural incense In Women; it's actually gonna be easier peasier than you might think. Because of my brass tracks of being a Greek Goddess; I'm constantly dissecting words, for the sake of aiding in the comprehension of most English terminologies. Pheromone IS a Greek form of the word pheran, which transposes to transmit, AND, horman which renders to taunt, AND, fuel the sexual fire! For animals (which we certainly are), the discharge of that whiffty trail IS their form of communication. For US humans, IT IS a form of inducing a HORNY BAIT for the opposite sexy loveaaaaaa!

For ALL you Delicate Daisy Dew's out there, the best way to skillfully liberate your organic spice IS through sweat. Please, trust me on this Girlfriends, DON'T be dismayed that this is not a good way to meet the one and only to romp in the hay with! In all actual appearances, doin the drench forks out the bulkiest batch of THE androstenol pheromone. AND? Believe it or NOT, this intrinsic type of Feminine Fragrance increases your sexual instigation, AND, invites men, in an unconscious way, to be at your disposal like SITTING DRAKES! Also, in reserve from this Wooing Waterloo? Your Goddess Garden innocently unshackles copulin; which IS a type of Petty Coat Perfume that IS a natural aromatic acid HAVING tranquilizing effects on our male species out there. Copulin IS at its most robust stage when you're Fertile, BUT, (til hell freezes over) even if our Lady Loves are past Menopause; our Busy Bonnet's still have Bouquets for Blossoming! BUT, (per usual) ANY hormonal imbalances chaperoned by poppin those armoured beans (shame on you Girls) OR, your confrontation with your Midlife Mood Swings (meditation, yoga, AND the exercise WILL correct that Ladies) CAN mess up this type of essence. Sooooooo, do the F***IN homework my Dears! Keep in mind that the Sexual Scent of a Woman IS invisible and odorless. BUT (as my trademark), the sniffer CAN detect a Balmy Trace through the vomeronasal organ, which IS in your schnawz. Once that (short form) VNO detects the Butterfly Expansion, those chemicals WILL send little green winks to our bro's prodigy. This intuitively, in the most pleasant way of course, provokes the biological sexual sassiness that WILL galvanize sexual allurement. Given that our Glorious Gal's auras CAN be tracked down, the next question to ask ISSSSS? Are there ANY clear logical sexy studies to damn well prove it!? Hell ya, of course there are! Slews of fishing expeditions anchor revelations to the Female Formula! Musings have been goin on for F ***IN years on this thesis! Goddess Guru's ARE uncovering the mystery behind the suspicions that a Woman HAS been present, AND, ITS effect on the male mintage; which BTW, gives rise to this dirty T-shirt experiment I'm about to tribute. The FIRST study WAS conducted at the University of Texas, surveying 18 Lady La La halls of knowledge disciples. The inquisitive sexy Sherlock's asked them to wear laundered blouses throughout, AND, subsequently through their Budding Spawn Sequel. A total of 52 brother's had to take a snort of the odour on those threads. What they discovered WAS??? These particular garments worn on our Sister's during the Cackling Cervix Ceremony WERE preferred by over 75 percent of them! Yepper peppers, they detected the drugs. just like police dogs people! IS it possible to increase the HERS Sexy Sachet on this Gypsy Garden of ours? These Horny Fragrances ARE used to attract that potential manly meat. BUT, (undoubtedly) the amount of Sensual Seasoning that IS set free, shilly shally's from Empress to Empress. So, what this means ISSSSSS, you Classy Chica's MAY have a noticeable Pungency Producing Power compared to the other Lass's in your Court. The question now IS people? Can the Nectar in our Queen's still be expanded here? You better believe it CAN!!! Spring IS just around the corner grasshoppers, SO, here are my Dakini whispers on how to tap your tree to get that Sexy Sap of slinky, sugary syrup brimming! Get your gym/jogging garb on lovelies! DID YOU KNOW that your Temple dispenses the toxins inside through sweat? I sure hope you do; AND, there IS no better way of lettin off those beads than by good ol' fashion exercise. Once those Tantalizing Venom's inside your Goddess Garden are evicted; the SOON TO BE Sexy Stench alters to an Outstanding Premium! AND, (as I've mention before) that daily dozen WILL hike your testosterone levels, which BTW, naturally increases those Girly Garlands! In conjunction with all this pursuit of training? Take baths in soapless hot water, BECAUSE, natural Corsages ARE blooming from your skin Ladies! For eons, the over emphasized urgency of sexy sanitation has been HUMONGOUSLY over rated. Unnecessary scented products WERE introduced to prevent THE BAD SMELL, AND, other chemical BULLSHIT health controlling mechanisms. Well, if you want my opinion, AND, i know you damn well DID NOT ask for IT, BUT, (as usual) too bad, I'm givin it to ya's anyway. Rejoice I say, in your personalized Sultry Stench Sister's!

It's time to arrange your Bouquets loveaaasss!!!!


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