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Prehistoric Sex

Hey my lovely ones! Do ya ever wonder why as a kid you Love, Love, Loved the swing set, OR, monkey bars in the school yard, AND, parks? Well, I sure remember distinctly horsin around, AND, havin a Schoolgirl (without stockings) of a time with all those dynamic activities! We (MAY) have come down from the trees people, BUT (routinely) primordial humans DID NOT stop swingin from there grasshoppers, AND, we STILL have that inherent birthmark of the original sexy sin! Probing analysis again show that our stone age flesh and blood DID NOT have La La simply to import the next generation onto this big blue and green land mass of ours, OR, for virtuous measures either. They had pushy pushy for amusing entertainment! Practices ranging from thrilling thralls, shooting matches, transvestism, AND, the use of sexual knickknacks, WERE widespread in primitive societies as a way of building up cultural ties (ha!) so to speak. There's this 30,000 year old statue of a naked Woman (Venus of Willendorf), AND, an equally ancient stone phallus that was found in a German cave; which declares the earliest matter of fact confirmation that sex WAS about farrrrrrr more than polarizing the Feminine/masculine energy of LOVE, LOVE, SPIRITUAL LOVE for healing this sorry ass planet, OR, planting seeds for that matter. The consequences of that chain reaction HAS left this sensual soil of ours, with one hell of a sexual mess let me tell ya! Soooo grasshoppers; wanna imagine what the prehistoric sacred union would have been like? Tee hee, of course you do! Well, according to most shrinks; a lion's share of us would conjure the hackneyed image of the caveman, draggin a dazed Dame by Her split ends with one paw, AND, a persuading mallet in the other. Ohhhh contrare to what that depiction looks like NOWADAYS in my mind, AND, in my Sister tribes genius balls as well! A much more likely sexy sketch of HOW IT WENT DOWN in antiquated times WAS LIKE THIS loveassss! Brother chest beater, as mute as a mouse, would grab a rock to squat on in the corner of his rubble quarry shelter, AND, kept watch over his fellow tribesman having nookie with another Female cave dweller (sorry ass soul), enduringly on standby! Apparently, BUT, (not surprisingly) Primeval Den Queen's WERE extraordinarily unbridled. AND, just like our primate ancestor Sister's? We girlfriends ARE hard wired to behave like Chica Chimps in the sexy chamber. You gotta read this book, Sex at Dawn people! It's all about the antediluvian influential roots towards modern sexuality, offering a biological explanation for WHY WE at the best of times, find monogamy SOOOOOOO F***IN difficult. Our brother's ARE only interested in YUM YUM with one Horny Hummingbird UP UNTIL the point of orgasm, by which point they WILL in a New York minute, lose their enthusiasm, line up the flock of sheep for counting, OR, for all one Doll Face knows, stoke their curiosity elsewhere to find more stupid shortsighted ideas! SOOOOOO, IN OTHER WORDS my lovelies? Mortal males ARE in GRAVE ways sexually MARCHING TO A DIFFERENT DRUM with the human Feminine Sexual Energy, which BTW, ARE capable of Assorted Sexy Spasms. Those sexy eruptions demand THE imperative exchange with ONE partner ONLY, for the universal healing on this planet RIGHT NOW to clean up the SHIT from our past! Sooooooo, what has evolutionary society taken advantage of with all this Prehistoric Sex? Well for one, monogamy HAS been taken the hell out of the equation, AND NOW what's happening? Our transmutative logic HAS became more evident that's what! In the primordial days, a Little Missy had multiple sexual partners. WHY? Because this increased Her chances of reproducing. Compared to other animals, Human Female Live Wires have an incredibly low rate of conception, based on the number of sexual acts that we savour in. Sooooo, just what does it mean to make La, La, Love like a Cave Woman? Does it mean to start being primordially promiscuous, like our ancestry Sister's did seven million years ago? Yes it does, BUT (we're not doing that anymore)! IT MEANS Goddess Grasshoppers, to HEARTILY embrace a ONE and ONLY mate at that time of intimate pleasure, BECAUSE WE DO NOT NEED TO BE REPRODUCING ON A MASS SCALE ANYMORE!!!! AND? If you spread yourselves thin Girlfriends, this WILL deplete the Feminine Universal Remedial Fortitude! Open up your Taoist manual and start using that brow chakra. Pretend he's many different handsome's to change up whenever the hell you want! Sling that masculine energy around in your horny hollow; drag his ass to the nest and BANG him all night long if you wish! And guys? Tap into that third eye efficiency by masquerading yourselves, AND, metamorphosis your manliness! So, back to my initial question of WHY is monogamy so Goddess damn difficult? BECAUSE PEOPLE! We're biologically programmed against it. It was NOT until the advent of agriculture that upright man developed a twisted wrinkle with private property, AND, had a thick headed F***IN reason to feel green eyed of a promiscuous Lady complement. Culture INVENTED monogamy, AND, with it came? Well ok then, if you must know, the ball and chain, deception, AND, a sense of simpleminded shame HAS surrounded our sexual selves from blossoming. Basically, from what I see in my profession, it HAS F****ED most people up! I'm NOT offering a prescription for curing our disconnection, BUT, (like no tomorrow) what I do recommend ISSSSS? Listen up! If we take an HONEST look at our dysfunctional sexual lives today; this loveaaasss, IS what we'd find. We're ALL victims of a well intentioned inquisition. Society HAS responded to this crisis by inventing a marital industrial complex of couples therapy, pharmaceutical hard ons, sex advice columnists, AND, creepy fantasy father/Daughter purity cults. The big blue stiffly pill breaks sales records every year. The sexually stifling smut of pornography worldwide is a $100 billion business. We as a society (excluding myself from this, AND HOPEFULLY YOU TOO) spend all of this hard earned money of ours; to compensate for a fundamental detachment we have with our deep seated inherent sexual nature. This disciplined lifestyle of Taoist practices that I beat the pavement on, advisedly demonstrates to US, the CLEAR essence for RECAPTURING the FREE gift that the universe has, AND, has always had to share, with the ONE within our tribe; NOT THE WHOLE DAMN TRIBE! Yes people, our DNA CAN be remodeled with this practice, AND, that is what we are striving for!

As usual my horny handful; I'm leavin you all with this today to reevaluate. Love, Love, Love your weekend! oxoxoxoxox

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