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The Masculine Shakti

Happy belated March 8th International Women's Day grasshoppers! How the hell are ya this week anyway? I just wanna say people, that more times than not lately; I'm always being told that I'm a Goddess. Yepper, it IS true for sure; BUT, (just to get things started) if I am gonna act like a Goddess, I want a man who ACTS like a god dammit! All this talk lately of the Goddess, AND, The Divine Feminine insinuates a new age wishful thinking wouldn't you say? It's kinda like an air castle paradigm with as much to do with real life as Superwoman, OR, the Fairy Goddess Mother. While in the meantime? Divinity propagandists promote the unilateral concept of a Spiritually elevated Womanhood; unyielding BUT, (always comin at ya) sensually supple, deliberately decisive, NON STOP nurturing, AND, wickedly wild yet wistfully wise! So, what the hell IS glaringly absent from this masterpiece people? The call to the Sacred Masculine counterpoint of the matter! Look lovelies, we Sister's CAN rally around each other FOREVER, cheer leading with our power pom poms, new heights of intuitive, AND, open hearted virtues. BUT, (yet again) without the COOPERATION of menfolk honing their own fire from within; we're basically preachin to the Sistah choir loveaaaasss! Bottom line here my horny hummingbirds? Organizing a spiritual revolution as Glorified Girlfriends WITHOUT inviting men to the front lines with us meansssssss? We're orchestrating a collective re-frame with only half the available dynamism that's what! REAL change means, BOTH Duchess's, AND, dudes opts for the cosmic upgrade to The Divine Class TOGETHER! Soooooo, on behalf of the X chromosome?? Here's my prompting proposition for you mortal brother's who wish to dance with US Goddesses. Show us your heroic F***IN heart guys! We know you wanna save what's worth saving, am I right? AND, you indeed wanna rescue this wandering gypsy star from the pitfalls of peril, true? Am I safe to say that your throbbing rosette Love, Love, Love muscle (and I'm NOT talkin about the one between your legs either) WILL wage a hero’s battle against poverty, needless strife, environmental ruin or whatever the hell stirs your courageous handsome disposition? Did YOU ever THINK that it might be a plan Stan, to increase your neighbourhood safety, improve your kid's education, plant a vegetable garden in your backyard, OR, to stop prejudice wherever you F***IN see it? THE world needs your brave Feminine heart to take bold action brothaaasss!!! It's time to unsheathe your sexy ass sword of truth that CAN cut through cultural distractions to what really friggin matters. The faster car, the better sports team, the bigger salary are all fine and dandy Randy, BUT, (til your deathbed) what unfulfilled vision will YOU anguish the most? What risk did you chicken shit out of? Did you refuse to take a chance? Before you F***IN die, BE man enough to discover, AND, live your truth. What enticing scheme WILL YOU thirst and famine for, to beget US from the chaos of this Goddess forsaken existence? Do you have an implausible dream you wanna manifest for the greater good of us all? All we Queen Bee's care about ISSSSSS that something wakes you the hell up with intoxicating passion! PERHAPS OUR STING WILL DO IT??? Steer that ship of yours guys, AND, aim your life for an IMPERIAL horizon. Get to the helm of your lifeblood and navigate by your own pole star; that true North of your heart’s burnin damn desire! Work for more than your sentenced mortgage, OR, your 4 wheeled premium. Muscle it bro's, because YOU find some measure of amusement in your gig. AND, if that racket is just to make ends meet for now? Well then, meet that rats ass race with gratitude, AND a call to service. Just know that it’s not what you do, BUT, (as a weekly grind) what you bring to what you do IS what matters. Woe deeply like a Mother. Maybe some of you guys might have been taught to feel causally; hardened by holdin your emotions back that CAN build a Goddess blasted millpond against what naturally MUST flow. BUT ( I SAY) your masculine caring (believe it or not) IS what the world IS cryin for right now! When you weep, you give The Female Sovereign PERMISSION to be strong. Listen up here! The tender hearted masculine IS both well informed, AND, lenient. Pay attention to me! When your BOO HOO breaks, we wanna know it so we CAN heal it together! Show us the way by STANDING FIRM when we're in a Gorgeous Hysterical Rampage. Don’t run like a dog with your tail between its' legs from our FURY. After all, it DOES contain magical wisdom don't you know. In the gale force of The Feminine Hissy Fit fellas, your calm IS a powerful reminder that we ARE met, AND, accepted. Ravish your Lady Lust every now and then by takin Her wholeheartedly, without apology. Claim Her against a wall, binding Her with your kisses. Polarity IS a potent nectar, AND, the current runs both ways you know. Why can't you just leave a mark on the world? What do YOU want your children to say about ya? Your great grandchildren? The greatest legacy is NOT the wealth you leave behind, BUT, (as you must know) your heartfelt message that echoes forward to future generations. When, AND, if men ARE willing to meet The Supreme Specie's heart first, AND, to live from that Divine place of kingly wisdom, warrior courage and boy like (biggy here) vulnerability; we Lovely Satin Laces are given the gift of receiving ALL OF YOU! AND, we are given the endorsement to reveal ALL of WHO WE ARE in return! The Nurturing Immortal, The Juicy Seductress, AND, yes, even the nasty F***IN BITCH! The dark primordial river of the wild masculine Shakti has NOTHIN to do with the distorted masculine we see at large on our Heavenly Body today. TRUE male Shakti has escaped the lock downs of status quo, AND, IS regaining Feminine Virtues. It serves ONLY Love, Love, Love, AND, that's it! The keys have been hanging inside your dungeon all along guys! You just never gave yourselves approval to leave the confinements of BULLSHIT! BUT, (Goodness Goddess) the world of men seems to be TERRIFIED of this transformational energy that's upon them right now. It IS the warrior energies of BOTH breeds that WILL inspire (your new term) The Homo Luminous to rise up off its complaining knees and incite change in critical radical ways. The ONLY WAY that this SOON TO BE prevalent male Shakti can ever come into being ISSSSSS through an OPEN heart, AND, full connection with the Genuine Feminine. Look, that's why right NOW, we see the world AT THIS MOMENT in a negative shadowy energy. That power is STILL manifesting creations that are ultimately destructive, AND, disharmonious. It's NOT so much that men are SCARED SHITLESS to embody this Shakti energy, they just don’t know how the F**** to do it! Men have been DELIBERATELY guided away from this energy since the beginning of time, AND, its secrets have been hidden from them. In the very depth of their beings, they’ve always desired and searched for it, BUT, (til I'm blue again in the face) have been led in the WRONG direction. Men's paths HAVE been misleading due to structured so called society, AND separated them from the Feminine, putting a segregation in front of LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!

Like I've said my Love, Love, Loveaassss; IT IS time to absorb the Shakti energy; be a sponge people! oxoxoxoxo

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