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Orgasm Whisperer

Hello my Lovelies! Tell me, you must ALL know about the skillful practice of horse whispering right? Well, you CAN bridle just about anything that you feel has the urgency to be trained and tamed; EVEN THE BIG O'S! Orgasm whispering, as I prefer to call it, IS about PAYING ATTENTION to your friendly Love, Love, Love bits sexy steam, AND, re-establish a connection of, calm composure, confidence, AND, trust in order to take back the reins to drive that racing galloper so to speak! Those who practice this craft understand how to read the body language of their Loveaaaaaa AND, are fully aware of the psychology to do so.

A lot of the time we Sista's and kin, develop changed sexual behaviours after separating from a previous Love, Love, Love playmate. Sometimes those expressive ethics are confusing, AND, rigid to deal with when you enter into a new relationship. You might even find yourself labeling your Lovely one with terms, OR, dangerous titles based on their sexual habits. Sooooo, at this stage of the sexy game, a pleasure professor (could be ME) may need to be called upon to help with a situation like this, BUT, (my weekly habit) grasshoppers around the world ARE learning more about this alternative holistic approach to Lovemaking earlier in their relationships, which BTW (in my text book) IS instrumental in avoiding serious sexual unhorny hindrances that could arise later on down the oxitocine trail! I've spend years burying myself into THE fascinating topic of human orgasms, AND, its etiquette in natural surroundings. We MUST learn to read the silent, BUT, (as a matter of course) incredibly powerful communication that I call sexual body language, during your partners sexy solace!. From the most subtle changes in facial expressions, mouth movements, hand roaming, hip, head, AND, legs; the entire bodies sexy speech of articulation IS expressed in clear terms here, sooooooo PAY ATTENTION! That is, for those of you who WANT to learn to interpret it with this disciplined practice! Young adults (BUT, of legal age of course) that have received less traumatic sexual experiences from relationships, ARE destined to be placed by the universe, to go through some sexual evolutionary realities, riding the adult boulevard to sexual sophisticated wisdom. As an orgasm whisperer in Sacred Sessions, I WILL sit by in Sacred Space with an individual, OR, coupled clients, AND, retrain what they've known about sex, sexuality, AND, sexual orgasms. What I find ISSSSSS, EVERYONE has THE natural propensity to fight the gentleness of this foreign secret whispering. I AM the herd Woman, the safe place to be, by handling comprehensible (for some!) language, AND, tranquil touch. When my soon to be scholar has invited me (by consent) to move in closer from their barrier towards my intimate whispering; they've indicated their readiness to tune into to their orgasmic body currents. During this initial assessment, OR, training period if you will, my apprentice starts to understand immediately the transmutation of their orgasmic spurts. For my younger pupils who have only just embarked on this walkway to gently train themselves to a more robust lifestyle with orgasms are easier to condition with the orgasm whispering advice, AND, exercises I employ. My seasoned seekers who have had their way with orgasmic experiences usually display stubbornness, AND, habitual problems. I usual assess the elements of difficulty and work with my soon to be disciplined disciple, with workable goals to achieve an organic, BUT, (to keep in track) ecstatically internal orgasmic understanding. AND, as disappointing (at times) as it has always been the case in my work; there ARE those who quietly go off about their sexual business afterwards and view the coaching as light hearted as possible. BUT, (on a positive note) perhaps the true mystique of whispering the orgasm (to me) ISSSSSS that through my mentor ship with my apostles: they're able to rediscover that precious connection between us and WHERE WE'RE CREATED! We were concoct people out of the most powerful energy invented, that's NOT bought, OR, sold! The (key word) INTENTION of working WITH THE ORGASMIC ENERGY in order to obtain ENLIGHTENMENT is NOT a F***IN new concept people! I've unearthed TONS of documented instances as far back as 430 – 354 BCE, EMPHASIZING the SUPREME health conditions one undergoes by internalizing those BIG O'S with gentle techniques for recycling that marvelous moxie. All in all, those intoxicating nuts 'n' bolts have ALWAYS had to compete with societies standards for blowin a load! BUT, (tee hee) habits MUST be broken Lovelies! Shattering the useless pattern of driving sexual energy to full blown genital spasms IS harsh on your energy level as you get older, SPECIFICALLY FOR MEN!

Sister's, brothers! Yes, let the beast out of the gate, BUT, with retrained discipline!

Love, Love, Love, your weekend!


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