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The Royal Feminine

Shalom people! Tell me; have ya ever heard someone say to a new Mom's baby, "Oh what a cute little boy", because tinnie winnie was swaddled in blue? Well, any sexy stork transporting the goods to a soon to be Ma or pa these days, IS, (doubtless), aware that items designed for little Queen's are commonly pink, AND, those meant for baby bro's are blue. BUT, (to start things off) it WAS NOT always this way people! It may not seem recent, BUT, (tee hee) as the early 1900's, the flushy blush WAS pored over by many as a horny hue that took a rise above the veil with boy bambinos, AND, Indigo as a colour that correlated with iddy biddy Goddesses. Think about it grasshoppers! Pink IS a teasing tinge that came from the sexy scarlet, which in the colour code IS alkaline. AND? Daaaaaaaa, makes it a masculine tint of course! Blue on the other hand, IS, a FEMININE luminosity. Why? Because lovelies, it's sensually soft, flows like the ocean water, AND, vastly displays Her Cosmic Haven above our beaners! HOWEVER, over time our Gypsy's Garden full of Sister's and brother's HAS flipped this metaphor over like a Goddess damn pancake! Sooooooo, the next time you decide to dress your little shaver in blue; well, he IS wearin The Royal Feminine dontcha know! Pink and blue arrived on the schemed scene as colours for infants in the mid 19th century; BUT, (for keeps) the paint by genders were NOT promoted as Feminine/masculine signifiers until just before World War 1. Nooooo, who would 'ave ever thought that? In the early part of the 20th Century, AND, (PARTICULARLY) the late part of the 19th Century, there WERE regular comments that were puttin a bug in our Feminine Makers ears, that IF you desired your lad to grow up bold, AND, brave; toga him in a two fisted colour like pink. AND? If you asked the universe for your Dainty Daughter to grow up Feminine, well, dress Her in The Tender Colour Blue. This WAS encouragement that persisted very widely, AND, there were some discernment's for this. Blue in parts of Europe, at least, had long been associated as a Lady Like blossom BECAUSE of the supposed colour of the Virgin Mary’s ensemble. Pink WAS seen as a kinda boyish version of the masculine colour red. Then? It gradually started to about face. BUT, (this ain't all) in the mid 20th Century, AND, eventually by about 1950, there WAS a monumental hard sale campaign by diverse advertising agencies pushin pink as an exclusively Feminine colour. Then what the hell happened? Well, the reversal came full tilt at that point. This IS where the annexed diversity of opinion crept in on this contingent, BUT, (as my rule) the generally accepted dictated demand before this shit hit the fan WAS? Rosette for the baby bro and Sweet Sapphire for the Luminescent Lass. So, what was the sound mind on this witty reasoning? Well grasshoppers, pink being a more decided and stronger colour IS more suitable for a tadpole squirt, while blue, IS more Delicate and Dainty; much Prettier for Little Chicas. It IS also declared that pink IS closer to red, SOOOOOOOO, it's more appropriate for young lads because the raging ruby IS a fierce pigmentation. Take a look wayyyyyyyy back at blue my tribe; it WAS associated with Mademoiselles because the Virgin Mary WAS customarily draped in it. Listen up here loveasssss! According to my research, AND, that F***IN shovel digs deep dontcha know! The Royal Feminine has ALWAYS been The Effeminate colour. Sister's, brother's, water IS Feminine, AND, She's blue! Mother Earth IS Tender, AND, Shes got a lot of cobalt goin on underneath that skirt of Hers. Blue IS also a calming colour which is Yin ( Feminine lovelies!!!). SOOOOOO, in our present day times here? Yepper, peppers, all those peanut dudes out there ARE in ignorant essence, wearing The Feminine colour (as they should!). Ya, pink IS a bright flamboyant glowing complexion, BUT, (PAY ATTENTION) it IS masculine no F***IN doubt. ACCEPT IT OR BE SHAMED BY ME!!! It IS yang (masculine) as it should be! It's a bright, AND, an energetic watered down red which is a bloody thirsty colour. Soooooo, with that said; our ancestors WERE right in the days of yore by Saluting Navy to Girls, AND, tying up ribbons of pink on boys! We must be mindful here lovelies; WE ARE, ARE WE NOT, trying to correct this shit?! This association of pink with Femininity today WILL backfire if it’s NOT used in the greatest of importance. We see pink more than not, used for breast cancer campaigns, BUT, (likely as any) what does my researcher show when our Doll Faces were shown adverts DOMINATED by the colour pink? Haa! They were IN FACT less likely to think they’d contract breast cancer themselves, OR, to even donate money to a cancer charity. I don’t believe this was because they hated the colour pink, BUT, (to the end of time) BECAUSE, when they were reminded of their gender SO OVERTLY, that the adverts felt so PERSONALLY THREATENING that it set off Goddess damn denial mechanisms! Are you F***IN kiddin me? No Shit!!!

Love, Love, Love sending you the teasin tidbits of our STILL confused conditioning; I'm here to HELP you fix it! Enjoy the spring that has finally sensually sprung Loveaaassss!! oxoxoxo

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