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The Imbecile Incels

Hey you believers that all the BULLSHIT needs to F***IN disappear! Let's review today with what the hell F****IN happened in Toronto this past while, shall we? Seems to (ME) that the masculine baggage IS only getting heavier when it comes to the ascendancy of the Feminine wire pullin! What the hell am I talkin about? My eching is about the Imbecile Incels! What the F*** are incels? They're TORMENTED TERRORIST MEN who swallow, then choke on Women; swearing that we Girlfriends are withholding sex from them! AND? Sayin they're celibate NOT by choice, BUT, (for Goddess sake) because of societal structures, OR, because of Feminism, OR, because of the Witchery Wickedness of US Queens! Are you kiddin me; cheese 'n' rice people! It fits right into the ecosystem of the character assignation of our Sisterhood as dumb Doll Faces, sneaky tricksters, OR, horrible people that these DICKHEADS supposedly are the victims of! Incel idiots range from self pitying (boo F***IN hoo) to misogynistic, (that's male chauvinism) to onslaught foul play! Most of them feel lonely, (poor feeble souls) AND, their aura is lurkish, convinced that no one wants to look at them, OR, become bosom buddies with them, by attending to THEM, THEM, THEM!!!!! No one's attracted to their scum ball demeanor at all; AND, that damn well hurts! And listen up here grasshoppers! The ones at the bottom of the barrel take it to another level, they talk about killin US Butterflies!!!! Hell ya; they discourse about having sex with dead Females! HORRIFYING!!!! The imbecile incels THINK they're entitled to sex, AND, a common theme with them ISSSSS? They're convinced that our Sister's, are shallow hypocrites for havin sex with men full of muscles, OR, money, instead of ostensibly nice guys (who they are NOT) who have the urgency, AND, deserve sex. Incels, OR, to clearly define who these morons ARE, ARE involuntarily celibate, SO THEY SAY THEY ARE. BUT, (my trademark) this IS NOT so much of a movement as it IS a label used by a group of F*** HEADS drawn together by the same TOO BAD, SO SAD frustration! They seem to have an issue with the ability to attract sexual partners, AND, who blame their lack of cockamamie conquests on our Girlfriends who deny them La, La, AND, the men supposedly cornering the market. Look people! Most of you Lovelies out there never even heard of the term before the Toronto dirty deed, BUT, (to keep things goin here) it HAS been used for years in online forums. AND? It flags a culture WE BETTER take indubitably serious, BECAUSE, of its lurking likelihood for raging rampages! That stewing resentment, after all, may NOT only be behind that asshole Minassian’s actions either. He certainly would NOT be the first NON BROTHER to slur a murderous rampage on sexual failure. AND, get this BULLSHIT! He IS now held in high regard in the dark F***IN corners of incel forums, where imbecile incels describe the violent rage that they WILL unleash on a society that HAS supposedly made sex TOO difficult to attain. One of the directors at the Toronto Sexuality Centre says incel IS NOT some organization that is joined by some common principles, BUT, ( my voice will never cease) a group of YIN YANG'S who usually lack sufficient social skills, AND, they usually find themselves stonewalled, defeated by the Feminine Power, AND, basically pissed off because of it! This embitterment IS voiced on online forums, such as 4Chan and, where sulky, maddened (I can't find the appropriate replacement word for men) ______________ convince other angry dim-witted moronic's that their collective inability to land dates IS an all inclusive, unjust conspiracy, LMFAO!!!!! AND, to top that shit off? When these insane idiotic's are surrounded by like minded jerk offs with kindred vexations? Well, they kinda lose track of what a typical discourse even F***IN is! Bottom line here grasshoppers! They drive themselves into more and more extreme beliefs, which BTW include encouraging acid attacks, forcible violations, AND, even passin out one way Goddess damn tickets in retribution for society’s RUPTURED STUPID ASS SCHEME to make sex easy for them! People, take a look at There, you WILL find many users fled to continue floundering around in their doom and gloom; gives you a slanted squint into their loathing envy towards our Compelling Sovereign Sisterhood! Honestly, have a gander at the posts testifying that Gamer Girls (those are those Chicas who like video games) lay claim to being sexually assaulted, calling our Sweet Sister Bugs selfish, AND, petition that the blood of victims from TORMENTED TERROR attacks IS on the hands of US Lady Dew Drops!!! F*** OFF!!! Comments not only AGREE with the original pathetic posters, BUT, ( til I die naturally, OR, they take me out!) often try to one up the riotous rant! Listen lovelies! NOT, all self described incels remit a wink to brutality. SOME of the more agitated ones CAN be helped with a prescribed supporter (Sacred Feminine Tantra Coach For Healing?). BUT, (to put my 2 coconuts worth in) I'd probably be puttin myself at risk; since I DON'T THROW OUT THE PUSSY EITHER!!! That, my friends, WILL reinforce a pissy fit leadin ME into a NOT so pleasant session!! Incels HAVE an inability to connect with others that seems to stem from a lack of social skills. BUT, ( La, La, La) when they abandon the pursuit of relationships in favour of long winded posts about their indignation toward Femoids, one’s sympathy tends to dwindle and draw to a close. These boneheads build castles in the air about themselves; pledging as victims because they weren’t blessed with attributes they affirm Ladies prefer over, let's say, a worthy personality (which I’m sure they could offer if only they could stop calling US selfish whores on all male forums). The flowery language on incel forums IS F***IN perilous, NOT ONLY because it IS ­the ammunition for venomous discuss, AND, self pity, BUT, ( as my face turns blue) BECAUSE it often glamorizes, AND, apologizes for savagery, AND, sustains the judgement that life without sex is nugatory!!!! Ha! Whatever happened to Sacred Spirituality? ARE YOU KIDDIN ME? Most, if not ALL Sacred Practices of Unearthliness ARE discipline by celibacy? Look Lovely ones; I'm just scatterin the seeds to let ya know that the incels WILL continue stoking antipathy online. Ya, they'll maintain outside blame in their stupid ass world by creating the monsters they feel they need to become. They know not what they do!

Be well my Love, Love, Loveaaass! oxooxo

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