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The Occultist Orgasm

Hello Grasshoppers!!!! While I continue on my tour of duty this week; I wanna reintroduce the magnetism for all this sexually alluring actualizing that WILL transmute your lives!!! There IS still a lot of people who DO NOT know this, BUT, (my wand declares) that sex, AND, magic conjointly relate to each other. Casting spells, AND, the charismatic realm of divination may NOT be a turn on to some, BUT, (to keep the blessed ball rollin) for others, it IS a way for them to take control of their lives; SOOOOOO, you may wanna deem in on it! Sexy wizardry IS practiced by boxcars of Sister's, AND, believe it OR NOT, brother's too, around our roaming stompin Goddess grounds. AND? There ARE even blackboard disciplines (tee hee) you CAN take that WILL expand your mind on how to do IT! This Loveaaasss IS a way for you ALL to magically manifest into your life your inmost profound thirsty yearnings using your sexual energy. AND? Orchestrating an orgasm concert with your Loveaaaaaa of course!!! La, La Occultism HAS been practiced for eons, AND, involves using your chia energy to channel ALL your hungry appetites, AND, make them palpable to ingeniousness! What it requires iSSSSSSS??? A lot of yielding fortitude, centering concentration, AND? One on one time with oneself, OR, your one and only. You MUST have an objective intent when you're using those sexy spasms, OR, sex as a weapon to achieve a particular motive. Horny hocuspocus HAS been loitering its persistence since the beginnin of our lineage people! It's pretty much USELESS to even try to trace back just where the hell it started. BUT, (as usual) some WILL lock horns with ya, sayin that it’s derivation comes from Central Asia. Ya think? Lol, no shit!!! It WAS a powerful place on center stage, when we're talkin about the Hundi Chronicles, where The Carnal Knowledge WAS regarded as not only for pro creative ventures, BUT, (stampin my mark) for the redemption of magical moxie!!!!! Today's evolutionary practices for makin magic in the chamber cave IS more common and IS even identified in sex workshops which teaches open minded grasshoppers how to incorporate the essential essence into their sacred ritual. Occult orgasms these days, draws from inspiration in cultural customs that were consummated ages ago. Now? Evolutionary occultist's ARE using them during THIS human dimensional shift, to make their ground zero's irrefutable. Sister's, brother's, you wanna do this? Of course you F***IN do! Takin the natural gift we're born with, AND, transforming it into whatever life you want STARTS by having a clear mission, an impulsion of what the hell you CRAVE in life, AND, HOW THIS WORLD SHOULD DAMN WELL BE LIKE! For me (and I know you didn't ask, BUT, too bad!) the art of alchemy works best when my trickery tactics have to do with (most critical) sex, genuine LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, self reliance, endless endowment, AND, personal potency. What I do during my ordained sacred ceremony ISSSSSS? Repeat my Mantras of what I demand from myself, AND THIS PLANET to accomplish BEFORE, AND, if I choose (and it IS a choice), during my Queen's crowning point. Also, I even choose to summon Goddesses like Aphrodite and Hathor to help me core the bull's eye. BUT, (remember!) your rituals are still your own, AND, you can customize them however the hell you want. ALL of you Loveaaass out there (yes, including men) WILL relate to something different SOOOOO, your unique Sacrament CAN be rather exclusive. Everybody MUST find idol immortals, legendary convictions, OR, prime paradigms that relate to them. SOOOOOO, for some Lovelies, that just means stickin around within their own legacy, OR, enlightenment. Personally? I Love, Love, Love, workin with Venus; because i vacation under Taurus! Occult Orgasms CAN be learned, BUT, (to no end) for others? It IS more of an intuitive thingy. I dissected them after reading Napoleon Hills OLD book "Think and Grow Rich". Artlessly, my life instituted manifestations BEYOND my wildest dreams! Somehow, (and I know NOW how) I made the connection between that, AND, all the self pleasure I was engaging in. AND? Well, simply I realized it CAN be used in a more compelling, AND, profitable way. Listen Lovelies! Mystical connotations ARE usually done solo, BUT, (as my rule) it IS something that WILL, AND MUST BE mastered with a Loveaaaaaa! In order for US to ace, AND, thrive with the results; it's imperative to make sure we have a sterling sponsorship with this mortal soul, OR, it won’t Goddess damn well work! They either have the wisdom, AND, are on the same page with all of this, OR, they shouldn't know jack shit! Why? BECAUSE, any Gal, OR guy who kinda knows, AND, is NOT really intentionally meditated with a course of action WILL F*** up the whole Goddess damn flow of fiery fortitude! It's like this you horny hornets; either keep them oblivious altogether, which does SHIT for the evolution of humanity, OR? They're gonna headquarter on that designated disposition WE wish to concrete onto this trekking terrain of OURS!

Followers! This IS a collective craft that WILL alter consciousness. The next time you're in orgasmic pleasure; scream out for planetary Love, Love, Love. Joyfully howl for human compassion; send out those sexy squeals for universal truth. AND, MOST OF ALL? Deliberately in cold blood, curse the F****IN fed's and corrupt corporations! oxoxoxoxoxo

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