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The Intricate Swastika

Hey Love, Love, Lovelies! Let's go further down that rabbit hole shall we, AND, channel through the darkness together so we can get to the bottom of all this covered up BULLSHIT! When we dig DEEP over 14,000 endless lifespans to The Sexy Swastika symbol we find that it HAS a worldwide Herstory. The curved Labyrinth HAS a unique (of course) Feminine quality about Her before the stringent, solid, black ruler lines were invented by THE SQUARE HEADED ASSHOLE! She USE to have a softer, more elegant debut, AND, WAS often used by Women, for their collective ownership's of sovereign domination! Now yes, their is a vertical masculine border, BUT, (to start things off) the horizontal Feminine Frontier connected that mannish outskirt in THE TANTRIC UNION! In order to reclaim, AND, utilize the power of the Swastika it IS necessary to understand its underlying symbolism. The key element here; seeing that we are all about OPENING UP THE GODDESS DAMN TRUTH? In the art, AND, mythology of our old lineage; it's first, AND, foremost mission WAS to represent The Effeminate! BUT, (you knew that right?) Throughout the ancient cultures of Europe, AND, the Mediterranean, The Feminine Formation was widely used as a cypher to represent The Great Goddess, with the Feminine deities Astarte, Athene, AND, Artemis, ALL being associated with this sexy stamp of definite approval! One of the primeval original Goddess images unearthed WAS a lead figurine from Troy dating back to the 3rd millennium BCE HAS a Swastika inscribed over its SEXUAL (Ha, no doubt!) triangle! Not only that, BUT, (La, La, La) it IS found to be extensively in ITS square form. The sure as shit Feminine Blueprint IS also widely depicted as a four armed swirling spiral (REMEMBER? THE FEMININE VORTEX PEOPLE!), conveying the idea of a whirlpool like tourbillion whose function ISSSSSSSS to draw one's consciousness from the outer world to the inner realm of the psyche. In our Shamanic cultures, The Scrolled Ladylike Logo tunnel WAS an insignia of the bridge between the worlds which had to be traversed by the THE Medicine Woman at the beginning of a trance state. SOOOOOOO grasshoppers, in essence? The Divine Emblem represented BOTH the doorway, AND, the lobby through to this spiritual realm. This depiction association WITH THE FEMININE TIDE, OR, passageway if you will, WILL transcend the huMAN (which F***IN Hitler tried to destroy, FUCKER) race into other realms of consciousness! Essentially Loveasssss, the TRUTH of this Treasured Tracery IS a simple, geometric cypher that WAS used as a symbolic shorthand for the image of the Labyrinth. What's with all this elapsed terminology? Like Daaaaa again! We MUST ALL interpret the Ancient Bulletins that were misplaced in order to grasp the twisted falsehood of these modern day screwed up convictions! It IS our Ancient Butterflies Brand that expresses Loving Wholeness with a universal spiritual meaning; representing the journey of life, through ALL the difficulties, AND, ILLUSIONS of this BIG blue and green map of ours, right down to the center where a spiritual fortune, enchanted enlightenment, AND, Her heaven IS seized! The attributes of Her Perplex Icon ARE generally regarded as being BOTH a Womb in which something new IS brought to Birth, AND, a Grand Entrance Gallery that HAS to be traversed with ALL its Serpentine Twists and turns before the paragon at the center can emerge. The Swastika Labyrinth IS both the portal (WHICH US DEW DROPS ARE) leading the huMAN specie to a Sacred Spiritual realm, AND, The Feminine Figure who guides everyone to it! Sister's, brother's! Just take a look at Her Vast Character; She IS made up of a doubled sorcery configuration. On one contour She IS an Amazon Figure who protects, AND, gives courage to Her Warrioress on the battlefields of life! THEN? She dashes into a Muse who inspires Her Shaman, poet, OR, artist in their endeavours of life. In Indian thought? The Labyrinth represents Maya, The Goddess of desire, AND, illusion; who conceals the Sacred Center occupied by? Who ever knew (male) Shiva. Before its CROOKED FRAUDULENCY by the F***IN Nazis, our Coat Of Arms WAS a powerful Lady Bug Badge for the four fold measures of this Goddess damn dirt, just like we see in the cross. The ONLY difference between the Swastika, AND, the "X" ISSSSSS that the Swanky Swastika represents the Wheel of Fire, OR energy in motion. To the Hindus? The good ol' Gammodion IS the sign of Pisces (common sense to me). The sign later WAS adopted by Christianity (which they always seems to do) for Jesus, who was put to death on the crucifix. This my followers, IS but ONE of the scad full of examples where world allegiances damn well BORROWED (I prefer to call it stealing), one from the other because they couldn't, AND, STILL CAN'T F***IN think for themselves!!!! So, to the soothsayer? The Intricate Swastika holds office for two principle energies that act on our Gypsy's Garden; electrical, AND, (Feminine) magnetic. These enduring forces, like ALL steamy spirits ARE dynamic, AND, represented as being in CONSTANT wavering. Look, to those of you out there on the path of truth, you understand the attributes associated with what's going on right now with the male energy linear thinking, rationality, AND understanding through logic. BUT, (my final jolt) our Female moxie governs emotions, AND, the ability to be compassionate, to give a rat's ass, AND??? To bloody well Love, Love Love in the 360 degree of transit damn it! If, AND, when WE ALL can balance the mind and heart on the evolving voyage, we WILL have more control over our musings and melancholy's. Sister's, brother's! It is NOT the symbol for execration, as our BLOCKHEAD enemies proclaimed, BUT (tee hee) the velocity of Love, Love, Love! Worship this green pea of ours, give devotedness for our Herstory and Her people FOR LIFE!

Alrighty then; homework!!!! Get out your paints and brushes, AND, craft your own individual perspective of what you think She should behold, THEN? Frame, AND, mount Her over your front door of your home!!! Be well Loveaaasss! oxoxo

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