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The Full Womb

Hey there lovely ones! Tell me something you MALE followers; why is it that you all (and don't deny it either) yearn to be inside of Woman's body? Think about it will ya! The Womb WAS home for ALL of you guys in the first 9 months of your lives; AND YOU'RE ALL GODDESS DAMN HOME SICK!!!!! It IS time Worldwide, for ALL Wombs to be Blessed for ALL of our Doll Faces, even those who don't have a physical Belly Heart, OR, a moon cycle for that matter. There IS still a Lotus Soul energy center for these Goddesses, AND, this inner most territory contains creative energies for US Dew Drops (as well as men, that is, when they're inside of us). OUR SEASONED Feminine Spirit, AND, the ability to connect through INWARD Wanderlust affection, AND, nurturing passions allows US Queen's to be addressed as? The Womb Mothers of course! What are Full Womb Blessings anyway? Well, first off, they're customized (if you're coming to see me; by me!) guided meditations on EVERY FULL MOON (for couples, OR, solo Sister's) by lounging in comfy pillow corners as our Sister's receive THE Energetic Symphony to awaken, reconnect, strengthen, invigorate, AND, clear that F***IN brick wall of dormant aspects with Her Feminine energy centers that the straight jackets of the patriarchal society has clocked us in!!!! THEN? Drawing it to a close by sippin blessed water, a grounding organic snack, AND, MY copies WITH instructions for what the Womb Blessing Meditation IS for continued self integration individually, OR, with your consenting comrade! Dedications to our Girlfriend's Lily Lounge CAN be lone wolf style, OR, crafty cartels. IT IS THE WAY to raise a Woman's sexual vibration, deepen Her connection to Her Divine Feminine, AND? Bring healing and sacredness to Her Femininity, AND, the F***IN Planet! The Ceremony empowers our Lovelies to go through the defiance's of life WITH outstanding wisdom, innate knowledge, Love, Love, Love, leniency, thriving growth for self acceptance, self Love, Love, Love, AND, empowerment to walk THE path of Her souls purpose! The spirited strength of this Divine Sanction gradually heals the Womb center ON ALL LEVELS; tangibly, introspectively, fervidly, AND mystically; bringing harmony and balance in a Butterflies life! And get this; young Ladies receiving The Goddess Grace from a Moon Mother creates THE rite of passage RETURNING them to who they TRULY are towards personal growth, independent spiritual development, AND, earnestness! What's groovy about this communion ISSSSSSSS? Seein such an enormous amount of universal eagerness among our Sister's to INCLUDE our brother's in the whole Goddess damn event of things! AND, not only that; to also see the growin number of fella's who WANT to be included in the adventure as partners, OR, Moon Brothers! Look grasshoppers, we STILL live in a world that IS laced with masculine biased BULLSHIT! Its broken masculinity IS based on patterns of cowardliness, hierarchy, AND restraint. It IS a jungled situation where men ARE just as disconnected from authentically being masculine as our Lady Bugs are from their legitimate Femininity. AND??? Together we HAVE lost that kindred agent with what it means to have a partnership relationship based on pure original Delicacy! THE AWAKENING of the sexes WON'T happen on its own people! It's only gonna supervene when Sister's in arms START teachin men about authoritative Feminineness! AND, what the hell is that gonna do? Come on here; I'll be the time of validation for men's masculinity! That awakening of the twenty-four carat Female/male relationships. Ones that create legitimate, harmonious, balanced alliances that ARE rooted with conjoined dignity, understanding, endorsement, freedom of expression, AND? WALKIN TOGETHER ON THE PATH OF LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! Those relic men from Herstory that took part in these Worldwide Womanhood Blessing events of ancient beliefs were seen as sons of the Universal Effeminate, AND, their energies WERE given the Goddess stamp of approval, cherished, AND, cared for by The Female Lineage. AND? In return (AS THEY SHOULD) the male specie supported their Lovely Lass's as they danced the cycle of their nature; being the guardians of Female space and grounding their changing energies. Today? Brother's who wish to take an active role in the Global Goddess Heart Center Blessing help support NOT just their partners or family members and friends, BUT (you didn't think it was comin did ya?) to help all Blessed Beauties in their arousing activation. The Full Womb Blessing Mediation, for guys, ISSSSSS a personal gift of The Anointed Divine Daintiness of LOVE, LOVE, LOVE for any sexy stud In response to our world's Matrons' desire to wanna share those ambrosial Ladylike energies with the masculine. Evolved FULL WOMB BLESSINGS become THE channel for the opposite sex as THE Gift of THE highest vibration IN THE UNIVERSE which IS now spreading globally, AND, it IS sensationally startling to see couples (finally) incorporating personal Womanhood Blessings TOGETHER as part of their spiritual/sexual relationship with THE expression of LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! Tuesday May the 29th at 10:30 EST is OUR next Celestial Body; you know what to do!!


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