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Feminine Breath

To all you grasshoppers out there! When was the last time you thought about how and when you breathe? Biologically speaking, gasping for air IS a rhythmic, involuntary performance supervised by the body right? Most of us do IT about 12 to 20 times per minute. It’s a kinda requirement on the standard "STAY ALIVE" checklist no? Like daaaaa yaaaaaa! BUT (to get my crystal ball rollin) spiritually speaking? Your ventilation system IS far more than that; particularity WHILE HAVING SEX WITH A WOMAN of course! There IS a power of using THE FEMININE BREATH (which you men NEED TO LEARN) to access higher realms of awareness during La, La. It's SOOOOOO underrated that I'm about to write the Goddess Damn book on it! Lately, I've been leading couples through some deeply transformative panting exercises that combined both Amazonian and Tibetan mystic traditions, BASED ON the Ancient Female side of things undoubtedly! Before their session even starts, they're reminded BY ME, that we ALL begin our lives in a primordial state of peaceful LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, AND, patience. As an agreeable consequence through Effeminate breath work, it IS possible to return to that very place grasshoppers! In Roman’s words? Sister's, brother's, within many archaic languages, that's including the Andean Quechua, Amazonian Quechua, Tibetan, Aramaic, Latin, Greek, Hawaiian, AND others; the word for breath IS the same confab that is used to describe life, spirit, AND, the soul Lovelies. ALL OF WHICH ARE FEMALE TRAITS LOVEAAASSSS!!!! This has gotta beg that infamous question; what did our Antiquated Sister's lineage know that we’ve somehow forgotten? For THOUSANDS of ages, right up to this very day, we Queen Bee's HAVE used conscious breath pursuits for a myriad of reasons; one of which IS the birthing bridge of life that men have no F***IN clue about! Here are just a few other enlightening reasons to use that SAME competent eupnea you horny hummingbirds, while having PUSHY PUSHY with your Loveaaaaaaa! To access immense healing and visionary wisdom enabling US to expand OUR consciousness. Releasing the beast of stress, OR, misery which WILL allow our bodies to re-energize. Giving US the clarity, AND, vision to connect with higher forces within the realms of spirituality! Look Lovelies! Awakening the Rudimentary Feminine with The Lady Like Shamanic winds of wonder; CAN access the fundamental energy meridians, AS WELL AS, breathe LIFE back into our DRIED UP gardens! This catalyzing revival, curing, AND, journeying into our deepest centers of our being brings US back to US; where we ALL Goddess damn well belong! It IS a customary virtue to activate, INCLUDING, provoking the Primitive Dragon out of its' Lair, in both Madame Butterflies AND our brother's! In ALL ancient traditions, it WAS known that The Feminine Serpent, OR, Dragon WAS the birther, ALONG WITH, dissolver of all worlds. AND? She Herself had directly been birthed from the Great Womb as an emanation of the infinite radical power of Creation. The whirlwinds of our disciplined drafts activates The Feminine Crown which BTW, IS THE KEY OF ALL KEYS my friends! It WAS one of THE CORE traditional propensities for initiates into the Grail Mystery Schools of Europe, AND, the near east, INCLUDING also the PRE-patriarchal alchemical schools of the east. Feminine Breath Tonic, which IS also known as archaic techniques of ecstasy, HAVE basically been consigned to oblivion, crucified, sent to the guillotine of denial in the last 1,000 year cycle! Other than in the secret confines of the underground mystery schools who have sought to keep this Sexy Sphinx alive, you MAY witness the passing down of this HERSTORIC RULE to new generations of Dragons Duchess's, IF YOU SEEK IT OUT! The Softer side of drawin in the breeze, often known as Pranayama in the east obviously, focuses on the top half of the body, which IS the Masculine Crown. When we breathe exclusively through our snuffer, we switch on our Masculine Crown centers, AND? The cosmic eye in the brow busts open people! We can bring ourselves out of any uncomfortable or negative emotions that camps out in the Feminine Crown, THEN? Arise into an expanded masculine consciousness of light! Shamanic (Feminine) fusions of the ozone IS a Sexy Ass Scheme to invoke the natural breathing patterns of THE Womanlike gateways of initiation; like havin visits from the stork as I mentioned previously, Sexual Union, AND, by all means, ORGASMS!!!!!! It's a non-stop circular inhalation that takes us out of our conscious mind, AND, into the Feminine soul, AND, Her Primal Dragon body, which unlocks ALL that lives within ALL OF US! It IS our Maternal Christ light that HAS been hidden, AND, bloody well asks RIGHT F****IN NOW, to be discovered again underneath all the F***IN ways we've been barricaded, humiliated, tyrannized, TOGETHER WITH, given a jail sentence! PAY CLOSE ATTENTION HERE! In Tibet, it WAS told that the ancient Primordial Dragon Mother Srinmo, WAS tamed, AND, trapped by the incoming Tibetan monks (losers!), who pinned Her body down by building temples on ALL Her key Tarragon Sanctuaries, AND NOT ONLY THAT, BUT, (to no end) stealing Her moxie, debilitating Her, ambushing Her, shackling Her up, AND, burying Her Primordial creative ecstasy! Now? The Dragon Mothers return people! Gaia pants with Her persistent encore, AND, Her Womb arouses, reclaiming the full force of Her Love, Love, Loving primitive potential! Sister's, brothers! This tonic elixir kindles our very own Sexy Serpent virtues; inaugurating the Feminine Summit center, delivering bliss, creative competency, rapture, euphoria, embodiment, fierce and wild LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, AND, tender intentions, right back to our blue and green map! Finding your NO, THEN? Diving into your SAVAGED YES! Just remember, that during the process, it’s common for you to experience a wide spectrum of feelings; possibly even the release of past traumas. Reliving the birth process, OR, past life experiences HAVE been reported as the case may be. SOOOOO, with this in mind, it IS strongly endorsed that you have someone with you who IS aware of what the hell you're doin (my guidance) AS WELL AS willing to have your back if you need anything along the way.

You Girlfriends out there; it's now DUE TIME to indoctrinate the male breath with what we HAVE been innately born with, so the atmospheric cosmos has double hope for healing this sorry ass planet Lovelies!



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