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Alter Your DNA With Yogic Sex

Well hello grasshoppers! How's your path movin along these days to TRUTH people? Are you re-calibrating the guidelines with it? Well you BETTER BE or you're just staying tied up in the systems F***IN straight jacket like 85% of the people on this Gypsy's garden of ours! Our ancient tribal ancestors NEW BETTER by practicing a SPECIFIC Yogic discipline DURING SEX! Yeppers peppers! This self mastery which evolved BTW from Eastern (particularly India) countries, HAS long been associated with a remodeled sex life, AND, metamorphosing our DNA to its embryonic form! NOW Loveaaaass! The breeze HAS blown in, that Yoga WILL alter our DNA, accelerated BY SEX! Those suckers ARE the molecules that carry OUR genetic information and instructions; with trusted confidence, in positive ways. AND, the added bonus here? DO IT WHILE YOU'RE DOIN IT!!! So, why the hell do WE wanna mess around with our genes anyway? I don't know about you guys, BUT, my immediate family elders keep gettin older lookin with one Goddess damn health problem after another EVERY YEAR! The REAL down to the dirt data IS out there for us ALL these days, AND to adopt gettin older as AN EXCUSE IS BULLSHIT! Listen up you Lovely ones! DNA contains THE fundamental life code for ALL living organisms, AND, IT IS the time to convert the crypto my soon to be (if not already) horny hummingbirds! Recent studies show that Yoga during breaks in between THE SACRED UNION OF SEX, not only imparts the benefits that I mouthed my movie with above, BUT, (like clockwork) also alters the function of genes in ways that range from intriguing to PROFOUND! This my friends IS known as an epigenetic effect, arising from non-genetic influences. Ya, diet, sleep, AND, shit loads of other life parts and parcels are believed to produce epigenetic effects too, both positive and negative. BUT, (tee hee) in the cases of investigating into how Yogic Sex affects genes; the epigenetic effects appear cock sure, AND, also what MY zenful doctoring orders it to be! Blended physical dispositions, breathing calisthenics, AND, deep introspection's HAVE been studied in modern settings, exhibiting perks for the cardiovascular conformity, conquest for stress, bolstering up your Einstein and more! There's this one study published in the journal Cancer showing that Yogic Sex practices CAN help to extend the length of the telomere, to the degree that of possibly increasing substantially the lifespan of cancer survivors! Think about that the next time you hurdle through the doorway to the sak with your Love, Love, Loveaaaaaa! What the hell are telomeres you ask? Well, they're those little filamentous protective extensions at the ends of chromosomes and their length IS directly related to cell life. As our cells divide, telomeres convert to progressively shorter versions of their story. At a certain point, they become too condensed for cells to even divide. Sooooo, when that presents itself, those sorry ass spores give up the ghost! There WAS yet another inquiry conducted by some probing pioneers at this hall of knowledge in Calgary (gotta Love, Love, Love our fellow Canadians!), with breast cancer survivors who participated in weekly Yogic, AND, Meditation classes. AND WHAT ELSE DID THEY DO? Well of course, the Incorporation of THE SACRED SEXUAL UNION was sprinkled into the equation to fix their attitude towards, when they were at home; along with those who DID NOT count in any Sexual stimulation into their diets. I'm not mentioning any F***IN names here of who engaged in this debate (so do your own research), BUT, (consistently) before the musing homework, AND, after the twelve week endurance, blood samples were taken from these partakers. At the end of it all? Those who integrated Meditative Yoga DURING SEX showed longer telomere lengths than those who DID NOT! In the thick of it all with our sexy scholastic sages? They proudly proclaim that longer telomere lengths IS associated with better post cancer survival. Ha, could of told ya that! Sooooo, Meditative Yogic Sex IS a valuable tool for cancer recovery, OR, cancer period, end of F****IN Herstory! There's yet another intriguing bit of insightful shit into how this utility of longevity affects our DNA! A previous blah blah that was ordained at that savvy educational institution in Massachusetts splashed an array of broad genetic modifications with Sexual Yogic practices; prominently with mindful concentration. In that instigated investigation, one batch of Sister's, and brother's were given disciplined exercises for directing their reflections, AND? The other clan had no guidance at all; lettin them loose to F*** whatever way they Goddess damn well pleased! After an eight week stint? Blood samples were also taken from both cartels. The Sexual Meditation bunch showed sexy shifts in 2209 genes! The other gang bangers? Zilch!! Many of the genetic changes prompted by The Yogic Sex ritual involved cellular metabolism. This my grasshoppers IS the capacity of cells to utilize nutrients and oxygen, AND, to generate energy. Look Lovelies! I'm here to tell ya that those Loveaaasss who rejoice with the Yogic Sex methods showed improved cellular metabolism, AND, better cell function overall! Additionally, many of the genetic turnovers in the Yogic Pushy Pushy group related to improved resistance to oxidative STRESS. No, imagine that!!!! Oxidative body, mind, AND, spirit beatings IS lumped together with a shit load of degenerative rat's nests, including cardiovascular feebleness neurological messy shambles, AND a wider range of human mishaps! It's like this people! In the ancient texts on Yogic Sex, there IS established references to the salutary influences of what Yogic Love, Love, Love making can do to alter your DNA! This IS THE denominator for emphasizing improvement of ALL various body systems! Some of this may be explained in the recent findings on the epigenetic activity of Yogic Sex Sacraments. Oh just pay attention! Yogic Yum Yum Yummy in the greatest extent HAS the capacity to modify THE genetic hustle; which IS one more demonstration of the benefits for this age old prescription that I AM by all means WILLING to write one requisition after another, to support the CLAIM that it WILL extend both your health span, AND, your lifespan for that matter!

Yogic Sex Class 101 with Dakini starts here!

Enjoy the journey Loveaaaassss!


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