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Sexy Shrooms

What's up Lovelies! Gimme your input on this will ya's! Dontcha think that Scientists SHOULD have access to illegal psychedelic drugs LIKE SHROOMS to aid them in mind exploration? Well, according to a government's former drug Dutch Uncle Professor (zippin my lips of who pray tell that was). He said that methodical delving into the deepest mysteries of the human noggin, including consciousness and mental illness, HAVE been ON PURPOSE curtailed from US of course, by the F***IN prohibition of those budding bursts of bliss! Are you F***IN kiddin me! Like no shit Sherlock's! The feds HAVE been keeping the dissection of dope under wraps from US with hallucinogenic since the beginning of time people! Those ass holes know all about how the multicoloured substances WILL expand our consciousness TO THE TRUTH! Heaven forbid that happenin because it would give US control over our lives; COMPLETE CLOUT for that matter! To be honest with you all (FOREVER and EVER), Neuroscience SHOULD DAMN WELL be trying to understand how our F***IN marbles roll around, right!? Hell ya!!! Psyche bending Shrooms definitely transform the prodigy that's a for sure (cause I've been there), in the most ESOTERIC way of any other drug; at least in terms of understanding our cognizance, AND, connectivity with LIFE ITSELF! Soooooo, once again to spread the glazing on the cake? We ALL NEED to be devouring those morsels during? SEX of course!!!!! It IS phenomenal, to me anyway, that 40 years of advances in egghead imaging technology, AND, there has NEVER been a study about this before. Well, I'm tellin ya this; I think it IS BACKBITING BULLSHIT! I also conclude that IT IS criminal, the fact that these fishing expedition platforms have NOT been executed! Oh ya, they HAVE been carried out underground by the ministry of regime, BUT, (to say the least) only to gain knowledge into how our highbrows tick so they can manipulate US! Sister's, brother's; look at the earliest records of religious ceremonies involving Magic Mushrooms. They date back from 7000 to 9000 years ago in tons of different locations in our home. The oldest representations for the Flourishing Voodoo IS in pre-Herstoric rock art in the Sexy Sahara Desert. These artistic truths REPEATEDLY represent scenes of harvest, adoration, AND, offerings of those little mouthfuls. Their significant details led experts to believe in the existence of ancient hallucinogenic mushroom cults. BUT, (as a matter of fact) there IS a case where we CAN be more specific. The most famous, AND frequently debated conjunction of fungi, psychedelia, AND, fairy lore IS the array of bumbershoots and hallucinatory potions, mind arching, AND, shape shifting motifs with Alice’s adventures in wonderland. What a trip She went on, NO!? WOULD YOU THINK that our half grown school Girlfriend's CAUSE OF ALARM represents first hand knowledge of the hallucinogenic effects of cushy mushy's? The Goddess Gospel lowdown in this case IS notorious people! Little Miss blossom, toots down the rabbit hole, meets a caterpillar sittin on a Shroom, and precedes to tell Her in a languid, sleepy voice that the Toad Stool IS the key to navigating through Her sexy safari. One side will make you grow taller, the other side will make you grow shorter. So, our WELL KNOWN Missy takes a chunk from each side of the sexy umbrella shaped succulent, AND, begins a series of vertiginous transformations of size, shooting up into the clouds before learning to maintain Her normal size by eating alternate bites. I don't have to tell ya, BUT, (like it or not) the rest of the saga She continues to take the edible; entering the house of the Duchess, approaching the domain of the march hare, AND, climactically, entering the hidden garden with the golden key! Wow!!! I feel like I just lived that one out loud for all to see, LOL!!!

Listen up Loveaaaass! Since the 1960's, ALL this HAS frequently been read as an initiatic work of narcotic literature, an esoteric guide to the other worlds opened up by Sexy Shrooms, AND, other psychedelics. THE most memorable if you horny hippies recall, WAS Jefferson Airplane’s kaleidoscope anthem White Rabbit (1967), which conjures our blue and white dressed up Doll Face's journey as A PATH of SELF DISCOVERY where the STALE ADVISE of parents, AND, the systematic BULLSHIT IS transcended by the guidance received from within, by FEEDING YOUR F***IN HEAD! You must know, that this provoked outrage and disgust among the so called scholars who seem to regard accusations of paedophilia as inoffensive by comparison.

Let's burrow down the rabbit hole even further shall we? The effects of the magnificent magic stool on THE SEXUAL experience, AND, human evolution ARE longer lasting, AND, can be credited for the way society IS the way it IS today! First off Loveaaasss, 40 to 50 thousand years ago, African hominids The Homo Erectus WERE forced to leave their canopy dwelling lifestyle as the African continent was turning into a desert. These early humans were FORCED by nature to look for new food sources; SOOOOOO, they followed herds of wild cattle, in whose piles of manure they found insects that became part of their dietary regime. Abracadabra!!!! Behold, the bovid mammal's hocuspocus caps were discovered! So, when they started snackin on these delicacy's in low doses, our early Sister's and brother's improved their eagle eyes, AND, became worthier warriors with exceeding survival prospects than those who didn't take that trip! The next stage of this STONED APE THEORY refers to how this alkaloid voyage impacted the Einstein ball 10 to even 20 thousand years ago when archaic tribes happened upon the aphrodisiac properties of ingesting these fascinating canopy shaped head trippers. Higher doses increased the male juice kickers (Ta Da!) AND, what does this mean grasshoppers? Leading the way to group Sexual activities of course! These F***IN orgies are credited for genetic diversification which made early mortal souls more resistant to diseases. AND? Because of these orgiastic acquaintances, males were unable to trace the paternity of their children, Sooooooo, the offspring were raised as a community, hence? Our first societies people! The third and eventual aspect of how Psilocybin affected the gibberish forming region of the beaner block of knowledge above our necks, causing speech that became raw material for the evolution of our jargon Lovelies!!! Look, the SO CALLED illicit Genie's hothouse growths WILL take Sexual intimacy to outstanding pinnacles of pleasure. Can you Imagine having ALL the innate intelligence in the universe just from your animalistic rendezvous, BUT, (my final note) having EVERY Sexual performance feel like a virgin savior-faire! Venturous undertakings with a Love, Love, Loveaaaaaa of your preferred gender IS truly incredible. On an emotional level, the bonding IS on the deepest cherished realm. It IS a great way to divvy up those intense, personal familiarity's, embraced nuzzles, claiming your openness, AND, vulnerabilities; which IS what we are tryin to BUST OPEN HERE PEOPLE! Safety Note: When you've deemed you're willingness to take leverage of natures own Sexy substances to enhance the Sacred wisdom; start with a low nip grasshoppers, preferably around 0.5g of dried ones. If it doesn’t do shit for ya? Don't be a coward I say, ADD MORE! Enjoy the enlightened trip; it's F***IN awesome!

BTW, I have a source if you're enticed (tee hee)


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