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Tantric Lobotomy

Happy Friday the 13th people!!! Did ya miss me? Come on, I know ya did! I just wanna start by sayin that in my 9 years of practice in Toronto, (that long already, holy crap!) I have never experienced so many men wanting to find out how to please their Lady Love with surpassing quality during the grand climacteric of Her life. As Queen Bee's, we live so closely to the body through our moon out of towner Aunt Flow, lying in the lap of labour, mothership, AND THEN? The Midlife Miracle! Each of these transitions changes for our earth's Empress's in a multitude of ways, which BTW should be celebrated! Yet, Menopause often causes our Sister's to feel despondent, as if our bodies are broken or deficient, especially when it comes to SEX AND INTIMACY! BUT, (Ta Da!) I'm here to tell you all that The Celebration of Hormones HAS many cloaked goodies to offer, that is, if we become versed, AND, embrace rather than suppress this Fiesta of the Female body! Have any of you thought about that scene in Sucker Punch (watch it will ya's) where this Doc gave lobotomies with an ice pick was an artistic exaggeration? Well, it Goddess damn well wasn't! That's exactly how Walter Freeman, a popularized brain drainer in the 1940s, performed thousands of these so called workmanship's! In the mid 20th century, the beaner beater was such a popular CURE; (ARE YOU F***IN KIDDIN ME AGAIN) for mental illness (PARTICULARLY FOR MENOPAUSAL WOMEN) that DICKHEAD'S research partnered with another DICKHEAD António Egas Moniz WAS awarded the 1949 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his role of perfecting this enterprise. GASP! Perfecting? Give me a F***IN break. Two F*** Head men once again trying to figure out how to help us Doll Faces through The Celebration of the Revelation of Creative Transformation!!!!! These 2 dudes had a falling out after Freeman started using an ice cube chizzle shaped instrument to execute up to 25 Einstein trenches a day (Yikes!), without anesthesia (Double Yikes!). Freeman's lunatic antics DID NOT scare off lurking victims either. John F. Kennedy's Sister Rosemary got an eyebrow squeeze from Freeman, basically leaving Her a boiled vegetable noodle for the rest of Her un-sparkling sentence. AND? She WAS one of our many Girlfriends whose so called healing agent WAS more like ZOMBIFICATION than freedom from Menopausal mental wretchedness!!! So, how the hell did the lobotomy ever become accepted medical praxis? AND, why are people (Women in particular) STILL getting them to this day, under the less disturbing name lobectomy? These 2 losers were credited with inventing the lobotomy in the 1930s, though in truth? Their work WAS based on many other people's fishing expeditions going back to the mid 19th century. They read about the work of a European bone expert who in the 1880s delivered the goods for the first psychosurgeries on so called Menopausal suffering Women. Their frontal lobes, AS WELL, as other parts of their veering brain hormones were interrogated to say the least! The very first surgery, WAS on an (APPARENTLY) mentally ill Winged Dove. So it's like, two vents were drilled into Her skull, AND, alcohol WAS pumped into Her frontal cortex. Later, undertakings involved coring several regions in the frontal cortex with hollow needles; literally suckin out parts of the F****IN brain!!! All these UNNECESSARY abscission's were done blind, meaning? They rarely opened up the supreme stellar to see where the hell they were even cutting. Christ!!!! F*** Head, AND, his accomplice just licked into shape the genius ball and GUESSTIMATED where they should core or dissect! There's this 1937 article on the agendum, which describes remedying a Lovely Lass from Lisbon, whose shit head husband dragged Her off to the Congo, where She was dis-spirited and allegedly incapable of running Her domiciliary. Soooooo, Her big daddy compelled Her to go back to Lisbon alone, against Her wishes of course. By installments, She became deeply torn because She was always expecting horrible events, AND, believed people were out to dispatch Her off the planet! In retrospect, it's clear TO ME anyway, why She felt that way, BUT, (to no end) Moniz blows the broadcast that after a frontal engulfment, She was anchored, BUT, (are you kiddin me) a tad reserved!!! Look grasshoppers the Magic of Menopause WILL affect a Lady Bug's lustiness, steamy sexuality, AND, vitality in a whole slew of ways. The lifestyle practices of Tantra WILL keep you juicy, AND, sexually vivacious throughout that dawning of the diversity development, AND, thereafter. What I HAVE found that responds positively to your better be Tantra style of living includes: The bent blues, Yoni drought, withered wonder lust, straining (Goddess forbid) with the Sacred Union, AND? Big one here; a predicament for reaching the sexy ass summit! The Glory Days ARE in so many ways a time of coming home to ourselves. The accumulation of lived experience opens us to COMPLETE genuine wisdom. The sexy shift of our Sister's Hormonal landscape, while challenging, brings us to a new place of equanimity. And many of us are beginning to stand in sovereignty in our relationships, maybe for the first time grasshoppers! To put it simply here? We like ourselves a lot more, AND, could give a shit of what anyone else thinks about it! Listen up guys! This IS what the mature REIGNING WOMAN will be looking for during the amazing alteration of The Feminine life? Her desire WILL be to have a man who will meet Her at the threshold of refinement emotionally, through nurturing compassion for gentle intimacy. Learn to bring your heart into your sexuality brother's! Penetrate Her heart/head with a Tantric Lobotomy just as much as her Yoni. There IS as much for you in this as there is for Her you know! It will take your pleasure to a whole new level as you LEARN to make LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Tantric style as a man, INSTEAD of getting off easy with excuses as to what you think She needs to do to correct Her condition! Refuse the status quo Loveaaassss!

Alright! I've had my say once again!

Be kind people!


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