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Universal Womb Wisdom

Hey Love, Love, Lovely ones!I Let me share a sitting that I had with my Girlfriend recently in my Sacred Sanctuary. We were chit chattin about (yes) human umbilical cords with all things connected, AND, what they actually symbolize. Then, it hit me like a thick brick! Our Cosmos IS literally a Womb for an Ascendant Universe? Now, this IS definitely out there, BUT, (as you must know) I started mulling things over about how the Soul Heart actually works, AND, made some luminous associations! The belly button bond IS essentially the lifeline to an unborn Fetus right? Thus, allowing them (unknown entities with the little pig bite) to survive in the Wonder Zone (Womb Universe) by moving oxygenated blood in, AND, oxygen depleted red nippers out. Well, that's how it works with humans anyways.

BUT, (Tee Hee) could the GOAL of unborn entities be to collect enough nutrition to birth the Embryo (Hive Mind) into a higher dimension? Hmmmm, if WE could somehow manage to just step outside of the Spiral Staircase, what would it look like grasshoppers? Scientists have had their noses to the grindstone with this query, taking several different measurements in order to determine the geometry of the Goddess Galaxy, AND, whether or not it will even come to an end at all! Stay with me people; because you WILL soon come to understand where all this is rollin to! So, how do those Cosmic connoisseurs measure the shape of our Indefinite Star Cluster anyway? AND, what have they found? Well, our sexy science probers say that 94 % of the Universe is dark light; a light reachable ONLY beyond the senses, AND, the magnitude beyond those sensitivities. Within this 94%, lies what they call, subspace. This alternate arena which IS actually liquid space IS accessed through the light body, AND, is felt as a Visceral Fluid Motion. It's pretty much like the Cerebral Spinal Fluid, vibrating in the very center of the spine that bathes our brain Lovelies! When it comes to this avenue? All obstructions in this pathway MUST be dissolved to allow the flow of light all the way from the base of the spinal column right up to the peak of our beaks! Let's expand on this when it comes to Women shall we; because this IS the direction where I'm obviously headin for, customarily that is! It is IMPERATIVE that The Womb is healed, based on the grounds that IMMENSE sufferings of humanity lie within that Belly of Bliss, for ALL BUTTERFLY BEAUTIES!! Tell me, what the hell compels my eyes to well up in tears every Glorified time, when I compliment a Sister on the street on how EXQUISITE Her figure is????? I'll tell ya why! Because I'm being reminded, AND, overwhelmed with SINCERE Love, Love, Love that I have for my Spirited Kin's innate natural nurturing curvatures!! Symbolically speaking here? The Sacred Center of our Sister's IS a micro version of the Goddess damn Universe! She IS vast, expansive, AND, a void. Her infinite creative life force, AND, endowment IS the Great Barren, the black hole from which creation IS birthed people!!! It IS the home that nurtures, AND, grows the seed to be released into the physical world for it to fulfill its potential, HERE ON THIS PLANET LOVEAAASSS!! The shape of the Myriad depends on its density, JUST LIKE A WOMAN! If the Feminine Frequency is more than the critical consistency, the Universe is closed and curves like a sphere, IF LESS? She'll curve like a sexy saddle. BUT, (without a doubt) IF the actual prevalence of the Expansive Infinity is equal to the critical compactness, as our evolved examiners think it is, THEN? She definitely WILL extend forever like a flat piece of paper! Sister's, brother's, broaden your scope here will ya's; the Universe IS shaped, AND acts just like The Womb!!!! The resulting contour IS arched like the surface of a pillion. This IS known as an open Universe. Our Sister's DO USE the power of their Sacred Center not just to grow baby humans, BUT, (Ta Da!) to tune into the creative potential of the Galaxy World, AND, deliver big league brainstorms, busy body businesses, crafty projects, cultivated art, AND, so much more! The Interior Soul of our Queen's IS a Lady's unique connection to a primal source of inventiveness, AND, can be used NOT just for engenderment, BUT, (to the bitter end) conscious co-creation with instinctive nature, AND, ascending spirit! Listen up brother's! When, AND, IF ANY of you men create anything with a stupendous impact, or huge significance that truly taps into Universal forces and outstanding power, THEN, you HAVE to enter the Black Light to bear this (HER WOMB ENERGY). If you don't enter the Radiant Raven, then the creation you're labouring DOES NOT have full impact! It may be useful for some of you guys; maybe even authorize you to generate awareness amongst your masses, BUT, (til I'm blue in the face) it WILL NOT F***IN change anything fundamental in consciousness AT ALL unless you're meandering MIND, busy BODY, AND deep rooted SOUL connects to Her Core! My final mark? Let's honour, THEN, proclaim that The Universal Womb Wisdom IS the ONLY source of REAL ENERGY, AND, carries with Her, AUTHENTIC DISCLOSURES to life's daunting confusions! Ok, Lovelies! It's been a pleasure once again. oxoxoxo

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