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School of Fish

Hello inquisitive ones! How was your week? Filled with sexy splendor, endless mystery, AND ongoing Fishing expeditions I hope! Let's dive into the Waters of the World shall we? The Feminine liquid of life represents that which IS present, BUT, (Ta Da) cannot be seen. The PURE ale IS also taken to be a Womb symbol. SOOOOOO Loveaaaasss, it IS associated to Creation, Fertility, and overall Woman-ness, induced from several ancient flood myths, AND, the Water Springs life concept. Even though there are several trolling opportunities in our Flows of wonder, AND, each contain different symbolic meaning; there ARE some prime characteristics that the Water Warrioress in general holds. For instance? Well, here I go again Loveaaassss! Nurturing Fertility, Effeminateness, unquestionable immortality, ingrained ingenuity, enchanted ecstasy, streaks of luck, innate knowledge/wisdom, AND? Human Transformation!! Depending on the culture and era, diverse kinsfolk HAVE had various views on the sexy symbolic meanings, for the Fish who populate there!! Shit, the other day, I saw a emblem for a Yoni on the back of a car. Yep, that's right Lovelies; I also saw one on a business card, necklace, heavens bulletin, AND, even the Goddess damn Bible! Yoni's are everywhere! People on this Gypsy Plant house must really Love, Love, Love, Female Sexuality, right? They F****IN well better!! Tell me somethin Sister's, what the hell did our brother Jesus, Fish, AND, your Yoni have in common anyway? Don't worry, this isn't a drill. BUT, (like no tomorrow) if you live on Gaia, AND, you've seen a car, then you've probably witnessed what is colloquially known as the Jesus Fish. This relatively rudimentary denotation of a Fish IS of course, ancient in origin, AND? It's meant to suggest, BUT, (not always the case) that the person inside of that car (or otherwise in possession of the Fish) IS a practicing Christian. BAHAHAAH!! You've probably also heard people crackin up the wise ones against the holy dignitaries with their own Darwin Fish, a modified version of the Jesus Fish with a pair of sexy legs! Even if we (excluding me) call it the Christ Fish, it actually HAS a much more legit ancient Greek name, which ISSSSS? Ichthy's, the Greek word for Fish. AND? Well, by the middle of the 2nd century, it WAS already in use by THE BOOK PUMPER'S at large!!! Back in the day, IF, you were a Christian, you could have been taken into custody, even sent to the guillotine for dress rehearsing your denomination. SOOOOO, some evangelical's marked districts where they would congregate to celebrate, AND, commune with the Ichthy's. It's like The DaVinci Code, only with a shorter interest span!

The thing MOST Sister's and brother's DO NOT know about the Ichthy's is that, while our Sacred relative WAS known to have been a Fisher of men, he WAS NOT the first dude to earn that tagged label! In scriptured truth here? The legendary mythical Greek poet Orpheus WAS also called the Fisher of men, AND, the Syrian Goddess Atargatis WAS/IS associated with Fish! It's not exactly shocking to nose out that a representation used by the cathedral clan WAS originally hand me down by our WISE precursors. What IS a little bit scandalizing for some, BUT, (not for me of course) about the Ichthy ISSSSSSS? IF you dig further down the hares hole, this insignia in the FIRST place represented a Vagina! No shit Sherlock's, imagine that!!!!

Yepper pepper! You did read that free from error Lovelies! One of the earliest names of the Ichthy's IS Vesica Piscis, a phrase which translates literally into plain English? Vessel of Fish. In somewhat obsolete Greek and Syrian cultures the words for Fish, AND, Womb WERE basically synonyms. It goes to follow that an interpretation of a Vagina as a Fish would be a lace coat of arms used to represent the POWER of the Female Goddesses, AND? Women in general, BUT, (Tee Hee) there's nothin general about us Doll Faces people!!!!!

Up until the nonsense of Christianity adopting this badge, AS THEIR OWN; the Vesica Pisces WAS associated STRICTLY with Goddesses associated with (yet again) SEX, AND, Fertility. The sexiness of this pattern WAS used to steward the POTENCY of our lineage Sister's Vulva's. Maybe this will help you visualize it a little better, ya? The fact that the Vesica Pisces WAS a GINORMOUS deal back in ancient times, that's a GARGANTUAN part of why the pew campers selected it AS THEIR SO CALLED OWN stamped logo to begin with!! People just started to recognize that there were religious connotations to the whole Goddess damn deal of it all!!!

Pay attention here my tribe! The Pagans prevailed the first use of the Fish regalia. They viewed THE FISH as a Feminine motif of Generative Puissance (which is where the word pussy comes from), AND, an attribute of THE GODDESS!!!! The large gathering of tears across our land assumes the role of the flow of the Divine Mother, SOOOOOO? ALL Water creatures ARE part of Virility, AND, the influence of the (realize it people) Mermaid Spirit!!! It's pretty much common sense here grasshoppers!! The Agnostic Fish totem WAS definitely a simplified image of a Mortal Queen's Womb, or Vagina, for those speaking the old dialect!!! Take a clear look at the overlapping two thin crescent Moons (yet again, Feminine lunar essence) signifying our Sister's cyclical rhythms! Look Lovelies! Most Modern day steeple congregators DO NOT even know about the F***IN origins of their favourite Fish, BUT, (to tie this up) there ARE thankfully SOME Sacred "C" scholars who are quick to state that the Fish's inceptions are DEFINITELY ALL about the Virtue of a Woman's body, AND, the endowed dynamism of HER originating existence!!!

Bait your hooks shrewdly people!


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