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The Glorious Gamut

Hey Lovelies! Come, let's climb the story of Jacob's Ladder shall we. This IS THE ancient allegorical prophetic tale, describing the alchemical process of reaching complete Gnosis, OR, what some may call, Buddhahood, OR, enlightenment. It's a symbolic ladder that WE ALL have a prerequisite for to mount up, that is, IF, we wish to reach the spiritual heights of the Divine. In the land of Nirvana, while we're encased in physical matter here on this prison planet; WE ALL must sign the contract to broader insights! This IS our obligation people as we ASCEND through life with our chosen flesh. We committally HAVE to purify ourselves, our wondering reflections, hap hazard habits, AND, karmic actions, so that we masterfully reach that seventh, AND, final step of our awakened emergence, in order to activate ALL of our seven senses, AND? Daaaaaa, our DNA! Jacob's Ladder IS Jupiter's chain, reaching from The Promised Home Front to our Gypsy's Garden, as it relates to the Divine Providence. Homer's (that Greek poet dude) description of Jupiter's circling crew IS the KEY to the mysteries surrounding Jacob's Ladder, AND? Well, I feel IT deserves MUCH MORE delving into than it has received, AND what's more? IT needs to be expanded upon, to truly grasp the REALITY of this ancient perplexity which I hope to accomplish with you all today. When I personally take a look at DNA grasshoppers? I see a twisted ladder. Sexy little steps that reminds me of that story from Sunday School (yes, I was hauled off to the house of Goddesses as a young Goddess) Jacob's Ladder in the greatest book ever written!!! In his dreams, there's this escalating passageway from Her Oasis that stretches to Her Divine Eternity where the messengers of Goddess were hangin out trying to reach the summit, BUT, (to put it bluntly) backsliding at times (as we all have done)! Sister's, brother's! Do ya think Homer was alluding the fact, that the planet Jupiter MAY be where WE humans originated from, AND? Perchance (which I doubt) that these linked rows ARE our connection to the Spirit world in the Zion via our DNA Double Helix that the ancients had concealed in the apologue of Jacob's Ladder, OR, Jupiter's chain? Hmmmmm, this MAY be EXACTLY what Homer, the Chapel chaps and Doctors of the prayer sanctuaries were referring to, in the allegorical tale of brother Jacob. Listen Lovelies! The sequence of DNA contains THE light of the Goddess/God, via the chemical ENERGY RIVER of past life memories that flows through our bodily organs like our scholarly intellect into our Ammon's Horn, in order to access the inner Gnosis encoded in our very own DNA collaboration. The chromatic spectrum rests on your spinal column, AND, pulsates through the faculties on your mind here on our Terrestrial Terran that extends Her spirit to the Upstairs Sky! It's IMPERATIVE to scale this hierarchy step by step people, to lift off to the brilliant clearing, AND? Never miss a crucial crosspiece of initiation on our upward route! Just to explain the process here VIA the planetary energies of importance; so hopefully you WILL wrap you heads around what I'm trying to clarify for ya's. The first step of Jacob's ladder IS the personal purification process of your BETTER BE alluring body, uncluttered mind, AND, sexy ass soul that IS BTW, represented by Her moon. The second rung on the way to the ruling crown IS educated intelligence, managed by the planet Mercury. Three folded IS beauty represented by your one and only, Venus. The fourth shift IS the sun, which IS the life giver. Fifth in line IS good ol' competition; given to us by mars to help ALL of us fight the healthy battle royals in life. You know, those tiffs against darkness, BUT, (La, La, La) with light which ultimately lines the lies with truth! Raising the bar to six on the ladder IS Jupiter; the badge of intellectual maturity, AND, judgement. Taking your last seventh stride up the Gamut IS Saturn, which holds office for the TRUE Sage, chop chop proficiency, AND, the crackerjack of Wisdom people!! This my friends IS what we call impeccable balance of spiritual, AND, material laws. All greatness in the world IS only service, AND, we MUST obey the decree of this leadership! With my Dakini messenger hands on my hips, AND, my toe tappin up and down; pay attention here to the information that I'm about to tell ya!!! Since the dawn of thinking minds, THAT ladder HAS been THE symbol of human progressive evolution, rising above and beyond, reaching skyward in many mystery schools, far off faiths, BUT, (final say in the matter) leaving religion as our clue buster which is all it's good for!!! In Herstory IT depicts steps, Pink Floyd's stairway, sometimes even a succession of gates, OR, more modernly magnified? Life's Divine Degrees! BUT, (to send you all off on a Gamut) the whole Goddess damn idea of towering from delusional darkness to the ablaze without deception? From the idiocy of ignorance to grasping the principles of TRUE knowledge AND, fundamentally from materially to spiritually? IS to unravel humanity OUT of this F***IN straight jacket of 3rd dimensional BULLSHIT!!!

Ok you wizened up followers. Be sexy, savvy, AND, spirited!!!

I send you tons of Love, Love, Love for your weekend.


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