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!!! The Science of Splendorous Sex !!!

Hola Hola grasshoppers! How goes your horny journey this week? Today I wanna set you ALL on an activating adventure of hopefully a lifetime! Within our miraculous bodies we have loads of mobilizing frames of reference. Let's first take a look at our RAS shall we. What's the long version of the story? It's your Reticular Activating System people! So, what the hell does it do anyway? Well, ON SEX, it takes what you FOCUS on DURING LA LA, AND, creates a filter for it. It then sifts through that data. THEN? Presents only the pieces that are important to ya. So, who gives a rats ass you say? Well, it's all about being SMACK DAB MINDFUL during pushy pushy to get EXACTLY what your genius ball intentions want, that's what! All of this happens without you even noticing, of course, because you're too busy F***IN! The RAS programs itself to work in YOUR favour without you actively doing SHIT! Pretty awesome, right? The same way that this trigger set up seeks information, IT WILL also validate your beliefs. It purifies the world through the parameters YOU give it during SEXUAL ACTIVITY, AND, your beliefs (what you deliberately meditate on) to shape those limitations. If you think you're the SEXIEST piece of ass your partner has ever had, YOU WILL BE! It works outside of the bed chamber as well. If you RESUME TO BE TRUE that you work efficiently in ALL areas of your life, you most likely do. This profound propeller helps you see what you wanna see, AND, in doing so, influences your ENTIRE LIFE! Think about that for a bit will ya's! Get this Loveaaaasss! You CAN train your scheming switch (yep, just like a dog) by taking your subconscious thoughts, AND, marrying them to your conscious thoughts. IT'S CALLED, setting your intent grasshoppers! So, what does this basically mean? Well, open your minds Lovelies; if you target your bull's eye intellect hard enough on your goals, your sexy logical order WILL reveal the people, information, AND, opportunities that WILL help you actualize them. If you care about positivity, for example, you WILL become more aware of, AND, seek positivity. If you really wanna have the best SEX, ALL THE TIME; set your hell bent eagerness on having it ALL THE TIME! Your bodies appetite craves EXACTLY what you're contemplating on during the Sacred Sacrament! When you look at it this way, the law of attraction doesn’t seem so mystical, right? Focus on gimpy limpy, you'll invite precisely that into your Temple of Love, Love, Love! By shifting the limelight on the premeditated juices? They'll come to ya, because what's inside your beaner IS seeking them out. It’s not F***IN rocket magic here Loveaaaas! Your spark valve HAS been with you all along, waiting for you to influence the world you observe, AND, all the interesting shit across it!! There's tons of articles, AND, sketchy YouTube videos pluggin in offers for countless ways to discipline your RAS, AND? Get what the hell you want outta life of course, BUT, (took me long enough) I find this sexy shortcut to be THE BEST WAY, so here it goes. First off people, this HAS to be done during SEX obviously. Why? BECAUSE, you're already generating oxytocin, AND, using the skills of THE TAO, right?! You damn well better be! Think of ANY goal, OR, situation that you wanna leverage. Now, envision about the experience, OR, outcropping that you wanna set in your horizon, with regards to that ambition of whereabouts. Create a mental movie of how you picture IT ideally turning out in the future. Take note of the sounds, conversations, visuals, AND, finer specifics of that brainy screenplay. Press replay MORE than often in your knoggin. Sure, definitely in reality, these things aren’t as easy as they sound, BUT, (Ta Da!) I DO believe that our Reticular Activating System CAN be disciplined IN THE MIDST OF SEXUAL PASSION! Sister's, brother's, the Sex, Sex Sexy scheme of it all here? If I can hear my own name in a crowd of thousands, can I also tune my Erotic Einstein to focus, AND, attract the things that matter to me? Yepper peppers! This IS why I keep my BIG list with me wherever I go, AND? Reread it before havin nooky just in case! THE HARD PART? There IS doubtlessly a hardening of the part people. I personally HAVE to continually refocus, AND, remind my sexy scholar ball what I'm suppose to be pondering while in orgasmic bliss! No one said this was gonna be F***IN easy that's for sure! Ya, you can have a smooth sail by quitting the practice, AND, let your Goddess damn EGO set in BUT, (to end and get outta here) IF we set our commitment, AND, retarget though; our complex power poker WILL help us out, GUARANTEED! Pay close attention grasshoppers! Our brains look out for our best interests dontcha know, AND, it seeks higher dimensions of technology! Let your RAS filter through billions of pieces of data so you can catch a glimpse, give an audience to, AND, be what you wanna be in life! Sounds kinda like SPLENDOROUS SEX to me!

Ok Lovelies! Be healthy, happy, AND, horny; BUT, (not necessarily in that order either!)


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