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The Spiritual Flu

Well hello there Lovelies! How was your week? Filled with booming frequencies I hope! Just the other day I came down with something called the "Vibrational Flu". It only lasted a few hours though, BUT, (just to get my crystal ball rollin) for some? This wavering impairment CAN be a bewilderment, because it shows up right out of the WILD BLUE YONDER! More appropriately? The Spiritual Flu, which IS also known as The Flukey Flu, OR, Vibrational Flu, IS a result of what can happen when WE go through an energy shift, which increases the CHI (Sexual energy) resulting in a clearing of toxins which have been held in our cells, AND, our steam engine channels. The best way for me to throw light on this Spiritual situation ISSSS? Well, it's similar to when it rains like meows and barks, AND, the current of a river upsurges. The emergent rush of water WILL clear debris in its path. Soooooo, when an addition of (you know) those juicy juices occur in our bodies? The rush of zipity zing WILL unclog any blocks being held ransom in the deepest part of the cells, AND, the frequencies of our meridians. These glade gaps backwash in detoxification, which our mortal parts ARE naturally designed for. On a day to daylight basis, several of our internal systems work to neutralize, AND, slam the door on intrusive contamination, which IS matter that does NOT serve any constitution in our buildings! For instance, our lungs expel carbon dioxide, right? Our digestive system releases junky waste products, no? The kidneys secrete and filter toxins out of the blood; AND, that Lovely liver transforms the chemical nature pretty much of most toxins, agreed? I've always known you'd get it! Toxiods immigrate their sneaky shit into our anatomical acme by two crossings here people. One IS the external environment like the air we open our flood gates to. The shit we put onto our skin, the grub; AND, quenchers we consume, ANY chemical products we use impacts us like asteroids! Not only that grasshoppers; what we read, OR, watch, AND, via toxic actions like smoking, working too much, AND, not getting outside enough. On the other side of the coin we have our Internal environment. You know, those negative assumptions, stagnant speculations, AND, altercations we say to, OR, about our self. This my friends IS stressful, antagonistic emotions Loveaaaass! Sister's, brother's, you must know that it does NOT F****IN stop there! Toxic behaviours in the form of false perceptions, getting caught up in a bad Broadway show, AND, speaking BULLSHIT of others behind their backsides reeks rancid to YOURS (not theirs) health. All I have to say about that ISSS? Ha!! If anyone does any of these behind my rear IS IN THE PERFECT PLACE TO KISS MY F***IN ASS! So, in order for our vibration to shift, that's either consciously, OR, unconsciously? There HAS to be this TSUNAMI of energy that needs to enter OUR system to cause toxic matter to move on over and get the hell out! The greater the backlog of corruption, the more intense the discharge, AND, it is THIS which WILL induce The Spiritual Flu. This extra mundane Flu HAS very congruent symptoms to the normal nuisance nausea. How it differs ISSSSS in that its index indications are superficial. SOOOOO generally? Despite their physical manifestations a person feels pretty well overall. BUT, (just to share) in my experience? The Vibrational Flu usually leaves me feeling quite overtaxed being left to process my emotions, AND, memories. Sister's, brother's; during a Spiritual Flu, it IS important to support your physical, AND, vibrant bodies, else ways the revelational symptoms WILL worsen, AND, ripen into something more severe down the line. Here are only a few things that I do. Nourish myself on ALL levels when I'm experiencing ailments. Eat ONLY healthy whole foods; vital vittles that are alive with nutrients. Breath fresh air, hug my Goddess damn tree, get down the hatch a slew of blessed water WITH LEMON. Say (imperative here) Love, Love, Love, AND, thank you! Sleep when my fantastic figure damn well wants to. Take a walk by a basin of water, briny deep, OR, in the wild scrubland, AND, (kicker) MEDITATE! Just taking concern for MYSELF for a change IS critical! Supplements should specifically be vitamin C (which I haul in about 8000 mg daily) and B. Use ONLY natural products outside, AND, inside my garden. Sit in the sunshine, AND, journal. HUGE ONE HERE! Stimulate my lymphatic system with any type of massage, AND, bloody well exercise people!!!! What's also important IS? Give yourself time out to process (which IS what this IS all about), AND, appreciate the esoteric endowment in your Spiritual Flu. It's THE transition to a more ALIGNED you Loveaaaaasss! In most instances? Marking evidence WILL last for about three to five days, BUT, (sad to say) sometimes due to an abounding number of blocks FROM YEARS OF SLUDGE, there CAN be a damming effect. If the warning signs are NOT shifting after three days Lovlies? I persuade you ALL with me preaching's by undertaking additional energy work clearing WITH A SEXUAL HEALER for this type of green light endorsement. Cause why? Like Daaaaaa! Until I go turquoise in the F***IN face with ALL this enlightening shit; SEXUAL ENERGY GENERATED PROPERLY has the MAGICAL capacity to transform our DNA, veer off ANY garbage lookin for a place to dump its crap, re-alter your mindset, AND, elevate you ALL to THE prosperous promise land of optimum HEALTH!!

Okki dokki you believers in truth!

See you next week.


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