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Queen of the Night

Greetings grasshoppers! Are you all gettin ready to celebrate the Tricks, AND, Treats for the night of the Witches, OR, shall I say, the Eve of Goddesses? Let's get down to business shall we, AND, reacquaint ourselves with Goddess Hecate. Most of us view Halloween as a secular holiday, right? It's a twilight time that's recognizable with all those ghouls and goblins going one gate to the next hatchway with their never ending extortion scheme called "Trick, OR, Treating". To me, it's unyielding to imagine that this folklore rose from a conglomeration of The True Pagan Gospel, AND, the stench of the christian religious practices that reach wayyyyy back into antiquity. Listen up people! Trick, OR, Treating HAS its roots in the myths of Hecate, the Greek Goddess of the crossroads! SHE WAS a quiet, AND, compassionate Mermaid of the midnight, responsible for guiding travelers to find their way to their eventual destinations. HER nocturnal wanderings on Autumn nights stirred spooks to say the least. One of Hecate's duties WAS to ease the transition of the dying, AND, after their deaths? SHE helped them become adjusted to their new homes in the underworld. In HER role as "Queen of the Night", SHE sometimes took those who were restless, AND, finding it difficult to settle in, on abrupt voyages back to the land of the living; you know, just to help 'em gradually adjust to the change of it all. Mid Equinox WAS the time of year when the veil between the worlds WAS thought to be the thinnest, AND, effortlessly penetrable. That juncture when the laws of space, AND, time WERE temporarily suspended, allowed the spirit world to intermingle with the living. Our heritage Feminine Force of the night WAS often seen traipsin around the countryside with HER trailing entourage of ghosts, who both honoured, AND, feared the shit outta HER!!! Now, understandably, these stories of roamin around stimulated phobias about becoming possessed by one of the spirits who just might 'av been searchin for a physical vehicle to occupy! On a more sheltered note here; grub and gulps were left on the doorstep at night to nourish the jaunting forces, AND? Prevented them from comin into the house looking for food!!! Presumably vagrants, the destitute, those liberated at large, AND, roving dogs WERE the actual beneficiaries of this practice. Could it be that this fashionable habit accounts for WHY Goddess Hecate WAS considered The PROTECTRESS of the outcast, AND, the oppressed? Yes, my followers!!! It WAS Thus, that the tradition of TREATING began. Sooooo, when we see the presence of haunting demon like images, hair raising skeletons, AND, goblin monsters on our front porches on October 31st; we should hardly be surprise, right?! It WAS in ancient Ireland when that eve fell, that marked THE OFFICIAL end of summer. This WAS the time for THE Pagan Festival of Samhain; a chance to get together, AND, chillax after the curtains closed on the final harvest of the year. Any crops that hadn't yet been stowed away WERE left in the pastures as a banquet for the spirits, WHY? To keep them at bay of course! The good 'ol Jack O' Lanterns, according to legend, WERE carved by Irish farmers into little lanterns. Furrowed outta turnips, AND, other candle lit gourdes carried their new flame of assurance from the Samhain bonfire back to their homes. Yepper, peppers, that subtle flare would flicker to cry wolf when a moody disposition was present! This Love, Love, Loveaaasss led to the tradition of engraving faces into them to help scare the undertones away. Ages later, during the great potato famine in Ireland, Irish immigrants brought their custom with them, BUT (Ta Da!) it WAS like chop chop, changed to etch a sketchin disguises into pumpkins since they were more plentiful of course, AND, unquestionably easier to scalped; that is if you've ever carved a turnip you'd know this! Soooo, where the hell does the crooked cross play in all this? Well, during the Roman occupation of the Celtic regions in the first century A.D, a new christian holiday called All Hallows Day, WAS imported by the Roman Catholic F****ING Church! It incorporated (as they always do) to no end, legions of The Pagan Samhain customs, BECAUSE? Well, it had longggggg been the practice of the Roman church to homogenize some of the religious practices of local doctrines in order to EASE the practitioners into the christian religion by making IT SEEM more familiar. LOSERS, buncha lying, cheatin, stealing F***IN thieves!!!! Sister's, brother's, our modern word Halloween actually came from the contraction of the words, All Hallows Eve obviously, which occurred on the same date as Samhain. Also known as All Souls, OR, All Saints Day. It WAS a holiday celebrated in remembrance of the Saints, AND, all the other beloved departed ones on the first of November. Look Lovelies; Trick, OR, Treating IN THE TRUE SPIRIT of Halloween asks US to be more understanding of those who in some way seem different from US; for all one knows even rebarbative! Given the meaning of this ancient matter of modes, Halloween BETTER remind YOU ALL to SHARE your bountiful gifts, AND, to take a moment to recall, AND, honour those who have gone on before us, just as Goddess Hecate did!

Leave it up to my narrative saga again, to reveal the truth behind the lies. IT WAS THE FEMININE AFTER ALL THAT STARTED EVERYTHING, AS SHE SHOULD! Then? It never fails; it's always masculinized by the F***IN church, twisting the tracks to BULLSHIT!

Happy Queen of the Night!


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