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Flash Your Genitals

Hey you Sexually healthy happy, horny people! Say, any of you's out there consider yourselves exhibitionists? Well, if so, then you're much more connected than you know, to your ancient tribes shielding practices. Say what you say? The dusty 'ol term Apotropaic Genitals refers to occasions in which makin a spectacle outta your Love, Love, Love bits, OR, havin a pageantry of Female, OR, male crotches ARE deployed to fend off evil! The Greek tongue once again helps us dissect the English language on this one. The adjective Apotropaic comes from their lineage lips, Greek Apotrope, meaning to turn away. Go figure!! Exploring Ladies first shall we? As we already know, FEMALE Genitalia in many cultures around the wonders of the world have used the Sacred Sexual parts of the body in ritual practices to DODGE THE DEVIL! Not only that, BUT, (hello) inclement weather, AND, in wars as a defensive strategy. Are they kiddin me???? In ancient Greece, a Sister exposing Her Knowledge WAS believed to drive away the prince of darkness, corrupt spirits, AND, ill willed deities. Scarin the shit outta attacking troops, keep the threatening animals at bay; AND, calming the elements, including whirlwinds, AND, lightning IS this activities forte!!! Both Pliny and Plutarch ( those army commanders of the early Roman empire) described instances of soldierly flight in the face of lettin the Female Kitty outta the bag! Plutarch wrote countless accounts of Girlfriend's calming storms, AND, defeating massed enemy combatants. If you take a look at the references in the folklore of Catalonia, they describe ways in which the Lady Queen's Love Snatch can pacify the sea. Well, I'd say no shit; look at how you brother's are when your under the spell of a passionate pussy!!! The Fishermen's Wives made a tradition of bringing their Flowers into the light of the waves before each trolling voyage. The Italians, AND, Sister's and brother's from India also believed in Apotropaic powers. Russian folklore constitutes legends about how those earlier Dew Drops Flashin their Yummy ones caused terror stricken bears! Lol, I'll have to remember that the next time I go camping in Northern Ontario! The Lu Lu shapes of Ladies also adorn, OR, align with the structure of buildings as a way to ward off the loathsome. In the Micronesian Island nation of Palau, the gables of village meeting houses display wooden sculptures of Doll Faces Flaunting their Gift. Over in Ireland, England, and Switzerland; the steeple do good builders placed stone statues of Squatting Sovereigns in the keystone spot of the arch for the door, OR, an important window in the HOUSE OF GODDESS!! Possibly left over from previous practices of Goddess Worship I bet; those statues more than often, illustrated our Sister's with their Lovely legs apart, holding their Butterfly Wings open with their Maiden mitts. Instances of Apotropaic Hey Girlfriend Genitals also make an appearance in literature. You bet!! François Rabelais dropped a notable apologue about how the Devil WAS routed by an old Dame's Carnival of Herself. Also, a fable of La Fontaine unloads how a young Little Missy masters the common enemy Lucifer, AND, saves Her town by liftin up Her petticoat! Ya, I guess I can't leave you guys out. Symbols, AND, figures of those male packages also serve as Apotropiac functions. In ancient Greece phalli were carved above doorways to protect homes, AND, they appeared all over the land of Sensuality. The Island of Delos, IS the well known birthplace of Apollo and Artemis; statutes of the superior male private investigator flood the place. From one end to the other, the Mediterranean regions used phallic figures to chaperon profitable resources like grain cisterns. The nature of that male beast (literally) derive from the ways in which it resumes the role of strength, AND, of course manliness, summon to safeguard communities as well as their assets. Ancient Japan looked to a group of gods called the Sahe no Kami, (preventive gods), to bulwark devotees against beings from the underworld. The preventive gods were granted as monumental manhood's that were ERECT along the highways, at the ends of bridges, AND, at crossroads to impede the passage of the malignant beings on a shit show journey! The liberal lingam became the shields for travelers who'd get on their knees to recite to them for an unscathed transition, AND, offer them rice and hemp. Recently though, as you must know, the sacred shafts were taken down to sidestep antagonizing Western travelers who identified them with impurity! Oh come on now; closed minded globe trotters? They shouldn't be adventuring throughout our Glorious Garden of wonder then if they're that stiff! Yepper, peppers, even the city of Amsterdam IS bedecked with thousands of roadside dick art that mark turnpikes. AND, protect the pedestrians. Get this grasshoppers! The MOST frequently used contemporary Apotropaic phallic symbol ISSSS? Well, it's the gesture popularly referred to as THE FINGER! Yep, the next time you tell someone to read between the F***In lines, you're doing yourself a favour! In spite of the fact that it's often used as a signal of bein passionately pissed off, sneeringly scorned AND, even hatred, the almighty FINGER, AND, its many variations IS an Apotropiac. You got it; it's warding off writings on the walls, reciprocating to aggression, AND, serving as a F***IN warning people! There's even a more complicated version of THE FINGER. The sign of the horns originating position IS by extending the pointer claw, AND, the pinky. It's an Apotropaic figuration of the phallus, BUT, (took long enough right?) in a less directly evident manner. It then evolved, AND, became to signify the rock on rebel spirit of bikers, rock fans, AND, extreme sports enthusiasts. Other versions of the horny horn also ornament the necks of young dudes who wear them to trumpet their virility, AND, to pull the trigger on wrath! Even though today we really couldn't get away with Flashin Our Genitals because the fuzz would be on are asses in a heart beat; BUT, (my take) contemporary Apotropaic accessories like ear rings, pendants, AND, necklaces, CAN be a little less demonstrative. Gem stones of your choice CAN be carved out as replicas by your Sacred Gem setter Loveaaaasss!

Here's my fav in Toronto. I recently had him make a dangle Yoni set for ear charms outta Jade. You gotta make an appointment to see him; BUT, (tee hee) he will design any shape you want.

Ok my tribe; protect yourselves from the nasty's out there!!!


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