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!!! Good Riddance 2018 !!!

Hey hey!! THIS IS MY FINAL SAY OF THE YEAR GRASSHOPPERS!!! Things are comin to a close Love, Love, Lovelies! I find that winding up on an old year, AND, navigating into a new one ACCELERATING!!! Why? Well, a New Year IS like a blank book, AND, the pen IS in our paws people! Sister's, brother's, this IS your chance to spawn an awesome story for yourself. As 2019 approaches us with hopes from scratch; here's wishing you, AND, your family a FANTASTIC year ahead! Oh, it's gonna be a doozy let me tell ya!! Every butt end marks a new point of departure; SOOOO keep your spirits, AND, determination unshaken, and I GUARANTEE you'll ALWAYS walk the glory road; I CERTAINLY DO! With adventurous courage, ceaseless faith, AND, enormous discipline, you WILL achieve everything that your BIG HEART desires! I'm serious here my friends!!! On this next road in front of us, the GOLDEN rule ISSSS? To always look ahead with GENUINE, HUMAN COMPASSION, AND? MINDFUL LOVING INTENT! You CAN'T go back in time to change what the F*** just happened, SOOOOO work on whatever it is that you're dynamically labouring on, AND, make yourself a wonderful future please!!! This IS the time of the year that you’re supposed to let go of the past poop, AND, send it down shits creek with no F***IN paddles!!! Look, you gotta forgive all those assholes who've hurt you, AND, be OPEN to NEW relationships, WITH AN OPEN HEART!!! That's why it's called the ‘New’ Year for Goddess sake! This IS the span of time that we end with a few, (Ha, more like a gazillion) capital lessons, AND, start the brand new one by showing that you've learnt your F***IN lectures that you apprenticed for! This coming 2019 IS yet just another chance for ALL OF US to set things right on our planet! Unlike what most Sister's and brother's think, it's NEVER too late to be what ever the hell you wanna be. If you feel that you've failed in any way this past year; it DOES NOT influence your inner resilience, it just simply means that you’ve discovered another way to prance around on your life's path forward. I say cash in on it!!!! Just remember this my tribe! At ANY precise moment that you feel like giving up ISSSS EXACTLY when you better be grabbin victory by the testicles Loveaaass! Pay attention, AND, remember this movin into to 2019 will ya's! According to the ancient Chinese star stamping, 2019 IS gonna be a great year to make the loot, AND, it's gonna be a shielding cycle to invest (my kinda topic!) It's the inauguration of a virgin 7 year stretch as well; just stick your Einstein ball into the past, didn't you feel that 2012 to 2018 was the shaping, shifting, sifting, planting, propagating period to put strategies into place? On a cosmic platform, 2019 IS gonna be ravished with rapture, a year loaded with friendship, AND, Love, Love, Love for EVERYONE!! This IS the year of prosperous behaviour, WHY? Because the Chinese symbol of THE Pig COMMANDS all year long, attracting success in ALL THE SEXY spheres that life has to offer! You did it! You survived the passage of time, AND, made it to THE STELLAR stairway to a fortunate future, beginning with 2019! I'm tellin ya people; it's time to bask in the fleeting enthusiasm that comes with fresh plans, AND, a slate wiped (well, kinda) clean of all of 2018's garbage! Savour that feeling, because before you know it? 2019 will be here, AND, GONE! BUT, (Tee Hee) there ARE some pretty fascinating, slightly significant, humorously entertaining, AND, pleasingly promising things coming down the pike that are FOR SURE gonna to be bright spots in 2019. Listen up Loveaaaas! Please start off 2019 with clear intentions, AND, affirmations to focus your brainy beaner, garden body, sensual spirit, AND, hone in on what (key word) YOU want! An objective purpose IS all about applying your thoughts towards that destination. Clarifying your motives, AND, putting an edge on them of how you want your life to be this coming calendar turn, sharpens your mind to focus, AND? WILL, support you throughout the whole of next year. Articulating your sexy scheme of things IS gonna be CRUCIAL! This my horny bunch, WILL create space to disclose your ideal state of being to the universal energies. THOSE ENERGIES ARE PAYING ATTENTION PEOPLE!!! In closing today; I'm SINCERELY wishing you ALL from the deepest depths of my BIG ASS HEART 12 months of abundant success; whatever form that comes in for you. 52 weeks of hilarious laughter; which you can ALL experience at amateur night at Yuks Yuks Comedy Club in Toronto when I get the BALLS again to do my stand up routine on Tuesday nights! 365 days of F***IN SEX along with 8760 hours of cheering ecstasy. 525600 minutes of outstanding triumph, AND, 31536000 seconds of WORLD HAPPINESS. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!! oxoxoxo

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