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Ancient Feminine Tongue

Hey all you outstanding beings! Today I have the most mystifying Sex FACT ever, AND, as you very well must know by now; I possess quite a collection after YEARS of burying myself into human Sexuality, Spiritual platforms, AND, my constant dissection of the grey church cults. BUT, (just to roll out the red carpet) nothin like the one I'm about to unravel today! Yepper, my peppers; it remarkably supports my DEVOTION to DEFEND the intimacy of FEMININE desires that men have during La, La Love making. During cherished Sexual pleasure with THE SUPREME SPECIE; it's much easier for men to reach THE Effeminate Divine (which you know is THE LAW) by MEDITATING WITH CHANTS on that primrose path they're on, AND NOTHIN ELSE! I'm gonna pull out my UN-sharpened edge, AND, get precisely to the point by spewin out the harpoons here! BROTHER'S, THE ONLY WAY TO THE GODDESS ISSSSS TO CHANNEL HER TONGUE DURING SEXUAL MEDITATION!!! What's the concept here really? Well, if you must know; Sex, IF routed properly through the throat chakra between a Butterfly, AND, a male twig, somehow, SCIENTIFICALLY that is, HAS the potential to parallel the passion of the Sexual Union vibration, AND, the Universal Creator (Goddess). Yee-ouch! I never said it quite like that before, have I? Stay with me on this my Sexually refined friends! Interesting enough, we have NEW Science about Eastern Sexual Meditation practices, the brain, AND? Sex!!! There's this nueroscientist at the University of Pennsylvania who HAS studied what IS happening in the brain when someone experiences a sense of closeness to the Divine Creator, (Goddess of course) during the most Sacred Act that exists in the Cosmic Channels. The nutshell layman’s version? Well, when men experience a DEEP meditative connection to the Spiritual realm through Sexual Meditation, chanting prayers through the throat chakra, OR, your own version of Worship activity DURING SEX people? Ha, get ready Loveaaasss! Frequencies increase in the front right (FEMININE) part of our brain (that's the pre-frontal cortex) AND, an area in the top rear of the brain (the posterior superior parietal lobe) shows a decrease in pulsations. Don't mean shit to ya? Read on! Ok Lovelies, here’s where it gets even more intriguing. Seasoned Eastern analyzers in Newberg found an even STRONGER case where two things happen in your little beaner when your having Meditative Sex. Let's go back to what I mentioned before. Ironically, the frontal lobe IS one of the significant parts that controls our English, OR, whatever gibberish your yappidy yap spits out, BUT, (to stick it to ya's) it does NOT function when someone CHANTS during La, La! What happens? Your vocabulary EXPANDS, AND, is translated into the ANCIENT FEMININE TONGUE! HOLY HORSE SHIT!!!!! I know, I know; too much to absorb right? Nope, not if your diggin down the rabbit hole as far as I am! This IS where the church BTW, HAS exploited the antiquated articulation with lies, about what's REALLY happening when people of their congregation start speaking in Religious tongue! What does all this mean? Simply this! You men out there are gonna be channeling the FEMININE, that is? IF YOU CHANT DURING PUSHY!! It's the OLDEST (BETTER YET) FIRST FEMALE language on this planet; only to be obtained when the Feminine partner you're with downloads the information from Her Cosmic Lineage Maker! DO NOT FORGET brother's, that when you plug your USB into the Divine source? Your uploading THE MOST knowledgeable library that HER Universe has to offer you! This IS what connecting with Goddess looks like to Sexy Science grasshoppers! The connection between THE ANCIENT FEMININE TONGUE, which the church likes to call, speaking in tongue, AND orgasmic pleasure HAS been made by a guy who, as far as the research can tell, is NOT religiously active in any way, shape, OR, form. He’s just intellectually curious that's all (AS HE SHOULD BE) about all this dialect goin on! And he admits that the overlap ISN'T total. The hypothalamus seems to play a larger role in all of this, AND, the brains frontal right lobes (remember, that's the Creative Feminine side of your Einstein people) strikes one to be more significant during Spiritual SEXUAL practices. None the less, there’s definitely something goin on here that links the depths of the Spiritual world, AND, Sex to how we relate to the original Sexy Sin! Now, I DO realize that channeling the Feminine tongue IS a highly controversial topic, which of course I'm all about, BUT, (If you believe in this gift), which IS the greatest reward you can receive; this experience for men in particular IS something OF RARE VALUE!! If you don’t, it's your F***IN loss, AND, you lose your medal! Either way, I plead with you to simple look at this FACT: there’s a physiological similarity between how we rank and file with the prime essence on an intimate level, AND, therefore, how we commune with Feminine Sexual Energy in the cozy chamber of Love, Love, Love! Spirit shoots the shit to Spirit people! In our deepest junctures of physical Sexual Union; could it be that The Universal Spark IS musing on an Atomic Level? Your Goddess damn right it is! Intriguingly enough, Newberg's acclaimed debate HAS found some similarities between the neural activity of self transcendence, AND? Daaaaa, Sexual pleasure! What I'm trying to say ISSSSS? When you’re looking at a Genius ball functioning while nookie is in play, it’s hard to tell the difference between speaking the Ancient Feminine Tongue, AND, orgasm! They (no shit of a lie) actually appear to be the F***IN same, if you can believe that! That may be why mystics such as St. Teresa so often employed romantic, AND, Sexual language to describe rapturous Soul journeys. Or? In my words, it may be that the Goddess created the Female Sexual Language to help men understand US Queen's, AND? Why, AND, how they are drawn to HER Essence! Brother's, do yourselves a favour, AND, learn THE language!

I Love my hands people, BUT, (it hurts to keep praying for positive change in this world).

Enjoy your research!


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