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Dakini Buddhism For Male Vampires

What's goin on enlightened ones! Still puttin one foot in front of the other on your path to transformation? This BETTER be nothin else BUT, (Ta Da) the truth! What about your direction? Are you REALLY headin towards the light, OR, have you come to a snag; tangling you up into confused crossroads with all this Tantra stuff circulating out there? Sister's, brother's (in particular), let me guide you onward, AND, upward to the understanding that you need to be released from the ugly snares that drag you into THE BULLS SHIT of delusional beliefs! What fascinates me as a Dakini ISSSS? How I totally understand the ORIGINS, AND, OBLIGATIONS of my Lady lineage cultural system; which helps me make sense of who I HAVE become, even after a GAZILLION of my own personal metamorphoses. According to the Ancient Sexy Scriptures, Tantra WAS given to Buddhists by???? Ta Da again, Dakinis! That's a pretty ambiguous word because Dakinis CAN be supernatural, OR? Female Humans! They can ALSO be awfully alarming, Seductively alluring, lethally malignant, OR, productively supportive; whether She's a Buddhist or NOT. BUT, (for sure) one thing that's VERY clear ISSSS? They're always FEMALE!! Witch IS probably the BEST translation, since it umbrellas many of the same enigmas dontcha know! The title Dakini (which IS a ranking) IS now being OBSCURELY referred to as ANY Female Sexy Spirit, BUT, (listen up) NOT all Women are Dakinis! Western scholars have only A GUESS about the original Brilliant Butterflies, based on early Tantric texts, HERstory, AND, anthropology. Herstorians’ guesses, whether right, OR, wrong, ARE irrelevant to the SPIRITUAL significance of THE Sexy Sky Dancer. HERstory can NOT tell us what these Elusive Beings really are, BUT, (I CAN)!!! The reality of The Female Messenger of Wisdom, for any particular Tantric philosophy IS defined by THEIR FUNCTION within that LIFESTYLE!!! BUT, (yet again) I CAN loosely base the fictional Female Force in The Vetali’s Gift (look that up people) on the HERstorical theory, BECAUSE???? Parts of it ARE deeply emotionally compelling to me! It relates to the Esoteric tradition of the FEMININE principle in Tantra, which the genuine intuitive wisdom of Tantric teachings IS ALWAYS considered TENDERLY EFFEMINATE, and IS guarded by Cabalistic Tantric Goddesses called???? Dakinis!! They are light voyagers, vastly visionary oriented, AND? Actual matters of THE FACTS OF LIFE, who embody intrinsic awareness, PROMOTE IT, when auspicious circumstances prevail, AND? PROTECT IT when obstacles present themselves! The Tantric language IS also called THE DAKINI CODE, because of this protection people! Sooooo, Love, Love, Lovelies! According to this theory, THE Dakinis were Shamanic Priestesses of a NON Buddhist, NON Hindu tribal people of Bengal; that's the region just east of Magadha, where Surya was born. They belonged to an ethnic group with darker skin than the Buddhists and Hindus of the time. These RADICALLY WITTED Women WERE the ones that ESTABLISHED SEX magic. Daaaaa of course they did, AND, also eternal rest rituals. Those METHODS gave them the POWER of flight, among other disciplines obviously. Flying, OR, a much better understanding for you all (MINDFUL accession capabilities) WAS a common sequence of Shamanic ceremonies everywhere (and of course European Witches fly too, right?). Grasshoppers! Our Gifted Girlfriends ARE closely associated with the feathered creatures of our World, HENCE, appearing as bird headed Sister's in our Archaic Art work! The vague uncertain nature of HER beast (which BTW is an understatement) of THE Supreme Intellect comes from THE traditional rule of Shamanic spirit possession. Dakinis only allowed a few Buddhists and Hindus into their rituals. Motive? Cause, the Shamanic tribes seem to have had strict prescriptions against granting access to outsider participation. Their social structure WAS based on kulas, OR clans in other words, AND, only members of a Sacred Stock could come into the light! This my grasshoppers, WAS because the tribes ONLY allowed SEX between members of the same ring of folks, AND, group Sex WAS part of this convenance. Yes, Dakini Yoginis; by hook, OR, crook ADOPTED some Buddhists, AND, Hindus into their kinship structure, as inside members, which sanctioned their involvement in those SEX rituals! According to this theory? These cultural hybrids, practitioners of both Buddhism, AND, the Dakini rites, created an inner Tantra Lifestyle, by importing some Dakini Style practices into Buddhism, modifying them to better suit the then current Buddhist provisions. The Inner Tantra circle often included sections of THE SIGN LANGUAGE that men HAD TO LEARN, to communicate with THE CLEVERLY CROWNED ONES. Usually this WAS explained by the need for secrecy. It gave a way for male tantrikas (yes people, male) to communicate with The Primordial Guru's in public without anyone else understanding what F*** was goin on! Hmmmm, that MAY be, BUT, (as you must know) I suspect the rudimentary reason WAS? THE languages they spoke were DIALECT GESTURES mainly permitting the brother's to network; lettin them know they were ADOPTED affiliates

f a kula, AND, for Dakinis to TRANSLATE when, AND, where there would be an ordinance. BUT, of course! Sister's, brother's, ISSSSS it possible that THE Dakinis of the day WERE the Little Dickens that inaugurated those rumors of SEX customs that LURED men in; who BTW, were mainly attracted ONLY by the prospect of EASY WOMEN? Hmmmmm, NO surprise to me, because from my side of reality? The male specie is STILL flappin around like UNTRAINED nocturnal placental mouse like mammals!! Yes, as usual, just leavin a ponderer's path with ya's all. The word soon got out that male SEX tourists were likely to be slaughtered, AND, gobbled up BECAME a useful deterrent! What? Like what the hell am I suppose to do; toss out taste and standards, AND, only whisper my word of WHO I AM, AND, what I represent? Not! Love, Love, Love your weekend! oxooox

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