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The SCRIPTURES of Kama Sutra

Hey hey hey! Just like clock work grasshoppers, I MUST continue to led you all down the path of my Sacred mecca's SOOOO, clear comprehension clicks in your beaner with THE terminology for understanding this lifestyle of Tantra. You may have an inkling of Kama Sutra, right? Most Sister's and brother's THINK that it has something to do with 365 funky F***ING positions to blow your minds up into the Cosmos, ya? NOT EVEN!!! THE Kama Sutra WAS a written Manual of Ancient Sanskrit thesis in India, dated to 400 BCE–200 CE, AND, attributed to an Indian philosopher, by the name of Vatsyayana. In Sanskrit, SUTRA literally means thread, BUT, (to clear things up) also refers to written text. KAMA variously means havin an appetite for desire, gratifying pleasure, Love, Love, Love, OR, even SEX for that matter, and IS the name of the god of Erotic Love. Yepper, my studious peppers; join them together, Kama Sutra precisely translates to? Puttin it to ya's simply; teachings on those hungry passions! The SACRED SCROLL was FIRST translated into English way back in 1883, typically credited to the British polymath Richard Burton; an original copy of which fetched over £11,000 at an auction in 2012. Holy Bajesus! Initially they were somewhat obscure, BUT, (once again) gained attention in the early 20th century in academic disciplines, including psychology, ethnology, AND, even F***IN medicine if you can believe that! Later on in the 1900's, probably boosted by the increasing interest for Indian theorizaton, AND, practice during the horny hipster's era of the 60's, THE Manuscript began developing a more popular reputation for the Exotic seeming Sexual positions the contents describes, BUT, (note) it was ONLY in one portion of the Goddess damn document, COMPLETELY OVERLOOKING THE MAIN MEAT OF THE SCRIPTURES! For instance, the 1977 novel (which BTW, read it!) The Kama Sutra Tango featured dance routines based on those SEX calisthenics. The SCRIPTURES of Kama Sutra, which BTW WAS compiled in the 2nd century CE, AND, HAS an entire 527 page section dedicated to matters of attraction. Ya people; it's F***IN extensive! This Sexy tome provides INSTRUCTIONS on Seduction, AND, making Love, Love, Love that are SOOOOOOO detailed, it can’t help BUT read like Erotica. According to THE DUSTY ROLLED UP WORDS, there WERE three aims of life which ARE ethics, EROTICISM, AND, material success; IN THAT ORDER! The translation of the title reflects its purpose; Kama means Erotic practice, AND, Sutra means holds life together. LIKE DAAAAAA! Of course MOST North Americans, ignorantly perceive THE FOSSIL FUNDAMENTALS as contortionist Sex positions, BUT, (blatantly) a significant portion of the book ISSSSS actually knucklin down with moral social graces outside of the sanctuary for Sex. A bulky portion IS single heartedly committed to THE skills of allurement, AND, might I add that physical beauty seems to be emphasized much less than the ability to CREATE blooming delicacy. There WERE actually schools that trained devotees a wide ranging set of charms that included everything from tall tales of stories, enriched adornment, right down to woodworking; hmmmmm, sounds like my kinda education establishment! I gotta also hand over this opinion to ya's, that this ritual by itself probably wouldn’t make one feel turned on to just anybody, right? They did first match people according to what was important for their gettin along. Temperament, astrology, AND, the size of Sex organs played a substantial part in all this. The Scriptures of Kama Sutra states that the true Erotic satisfaction IS established by ROUTINE Sexual practices with an intimate bosom buddy of whom they have an ORDINARY attraction to. Ha, SOOOO, what the hell is an ORDINARY attraction all about? Well, there only needs to be compatibility; having a perfectly congenial who IS on the same wave length, except for ONE thing. CHEMISTRY! Now, for people living in 2nd century India? This wasn’t a tragedy at all, BUT, (of course) just a NATURAL foundation for expansion grasshoppers! In 1995, Anglo Indian author Indra Sinha published a new English translation of THE Kama Sutra. It WAS the FIRST English transcription since Burton’s, which BTW, in addition advanced awareness, AND, keen interest of THE work to the Western part of the globe? As you must know, FIXATED attention continued to remain on its' SEXUAL twister game as opposed to its' discussions of Love, Love, Love, AND, relationship rapport. No shit; just goes to show ya the mentality of this ass backward part of the planet! In Her 2016 book on the Kama Sutra, (which you should all buy, AND, read) our Sexy scholar Wendy Doniger ATTEMPTED to SHIFT the focus of the Kama Sutra back to the HERstoric sophistication of the ACTUAL text, AND, the rendition of the insights on Indian enlightened sciences, jungle legislature, devotional sanctification's, AND, of course flirtatious affairs of the Heart at the time. It didn’t F***IN work; which BTW summons the pot of beans to me of how stuck minded this Continent is in!!!!!! Sister's, brother's! Who uses Kama Sutra anyway? Well, despite the strife of Doniger, many STILL shallowly ASSUME that THE Kama Sutra is a kinda illustrated manual for maneuvering movements for gettin it on; totally overlooking its' sections on the whimsical parts of Love, Love Love, pledging alliances, AND, living Lovelies!! Listen up people! When there's colloquial speech, AND, writing goin on about this OHHHH SOOOO misconceived practice, MOST people reference THE Kama Sutra as a shorthand for intricate, kinky Sexual intercourse that achieves untold pleasure, OR, enlightenment! As well? Labeling The Sacred Union by saying that it REQUIRES physical contortion, OR, even F***IN extortion! Be a F***IN Scholar, AND, in the meanwhile, start comparing PROPER notes that THE ANCIENT COMPOSITION HAS in its' context of The Sanskrit literature, AND, in the Ancient Indian culture itself. Pay no mind to what your taught about the convenance here (except BY ME) in this stupid Western land; THEY HAVE COMMERCIALIZED THE SHIT OUTTA IT! Don't let people walk across your mind with dirty feet Loveaaaassss!

Love you all!


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