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Free Your Sexual Egregores

Hey Love, Love, Lovelies! How's your Sexual power houses these days? You know, that creative juicy flow that you're FRESHLY born out of!! Sexual energy ISSSS the overruling gifted moxie muscle that this Goddess damn planet has to offer us! BUT, (as usual) when you've absorbed too much of it from various others? It's gonna transform into the opposite; a destructive force that causes relationship problems, which BTW, WILL freeze up spiritual development dontcha know! Yepper, you passionate peppers, each one of those Sexual connections that you've ever had in our life (even short term) forms a powerful egregore, bracketed to your endurance body. It's IMPERATIVE to be aware of ANY Sexual egregores you feel adhesive to. Why? Because they're NOT gonna dispute the can of worms from comin out in the future that's why! So, what the hell ISSSS an Egregore anywho? They ARE sustainable energies, AND, informational structures, engendered by the thoughts, AND emotions of ALL the people you have encountered SEXUALLY! By itself? It's formed on an energetic level, BUT, (just as you Love, Love, Love it) takes up backbone off of your physical plane. The existence WILL prevail, AS LONG AS, it has adherents capable of maintaining the necessary levels of get up and go for its journey, until its idea becomes alive! Sister's, brother's; THEY'RE HERE TO F*** WITH YOU!! THEY ARE ZOETIC people, AND, they HAVE the ability to transmit, AND, receive fortitude at their OWN frequencies. Sooooo, that's why NOT everyone can catch the signals of a particular conduit. Those SOS'S ARE able to catch only those Lovelies who are ALIGNED with these intrinsic (Sexual) egregore. Good news ISSSS? There ARE marvelous egregore watchers that provide a person with the necessary reservoir, AND, can implement the mandatory brute force to solve HER, his tasks. BUT, (pay attention) it MUST be understood that the resources, AND, pizzazz contributed by the little light personalities are ONLY given for solving specific problems for the dark Sexual entity itself. If a person, instead of deciphering the pickle squeezer of the egregore, fires off ammunition supplies on something/one else, then those iron torpedoes are taken away from Her or him. The presence itself IS a neutral form. BUT, (to change all this) when you create a new inhabitant, an old resident of similar quality HAS to be destroyed. Otherwise, the old occupant WILL put all its forces to destroy the new one, OR, at least slow down its development. The Sexual Egregores connection arises initially, AND, PRECISELY at the time of any thoughts, OR emotions during a Sexual encounter. First, there's a Sexual desire right? Then, that eager appetite turns into satisfying it, AND THEN? Only after that, it gets contented on your physical level. That’s the algorithm in which a Sexual egregore IS CONCEIVED Loveaaaaas! So grasshoppers! You have as many Sexual predators lurking within you as to the amount of Sexual liaisons you’ve had in your adventurous life. Since most, if not ALL, WERE built on the energy of the same quality, THAT BEING SEXUAL ENERGY, they ALL have the ability to influence each other. It's like a big F****IN party goin on! The enterprising gig of each one ISSSSS to keep you in a relationship with a Sexual partner, on the grounds that it was formed from. You may have idlers of diversity in the confrontation to such a degree that they suck up, AND take away your clarity of mind, body stamina, AND, definitely spiritual strength! Loveaaaaaass! This FIGHT for your liveliness WILL carry forward until you extinguish ALL of them, based on your past relationships. The danger here? They're tryin to shatter ANY Love, Love, Love affair you ever wanna have; taking the energy away from it, AS WELL AS, takin dashy desires away from your cozy companion. A lack of Sexy Scorch WILL lead to relationship problems my friends! They'll act like parasites that WILL engulf your natural zing, your Love, Love, Loveaaaas potency, AND? Eventually break down the whole alliance; ya man, THEY'RE NASTY F***ERS!!! They'll even keep you away from bonding with someone. So, how do WE ALL clobber them? Well, the process of liberation from destructive saps consists of the following steps. First off, make a list of ALL your Sexual partners. It gives you a clear idea of what you're working with; make sure you have a large enough piece of paper (if that applies to you)! BURN THE F****IN LIST!! Get rid of any material connections from any Sexual losers! Just a remember you horny honey's; they're all losers if they're not with you anymore! I'm talkin Love, Love, Love letters, tokens of appreciation, stupid garments, pathetic pictures, pissy ass poems, EVERYTHING! I'm tellin ya's; delete their phone numbers from your phone memory NOT just off your contact list! Bonfire all the pictures, AND, stay away from any discussions of of them with friends, OR, family members. AVOID THEM ALL TOGETHER IF YOU LIVE IN A SMALL COMMUNITY! In order to destroy power cords with every single Sexual ally you’ve had in life; you SHOULD consider doing a karmic relationship healing. Take that list of past comrade's with you to your chosen Sage so you won’t forget anyone! This is HUGE people, because if you don’t restore your karmic Sexual crap? You're gonna transfer your previous un-raptured rapport to the next incarnation in the form of a karmic bond, which let me tell ya's, WILL be an ENORMOUS obstacle to your full development in next life! Once you're free from your past you’ll step into a new stage of your life. Nothing will pull you back anymore, you’ll stop experiencing the same bullshit hookup problems again, again, AND again. You'll be on the cuff to enter a new set of rules, based on YOU as THE denominator, AND, what you TRULY desire for YOU! What’s more important here ISSSSS? You’ll be able not just to receive Love, Love, Love, BUT, (alas!) give it! Most people don't know what the hell's wrong with them, when their lives are topsy lopsy in this department. This my tribe IS the ONLY reason for what's goin haywire!

Spring Equinox is right around the corners grasshoppers. That's the sign of cleaning out those cobwebs people; SOOO, make damn certain you add this clearing to your list of bouncin forward!

Enjoy your longer days ahead!!


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