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Intelligent Outercourse

What's goin on followers!!! Tell me, when you Sister's, and brother's are up to your little listeners with a full plate of life's buffet; you must surely hunger to find the time for Tantric Sex right? Well guess what Love, Love, Lovelies? You DON'T have to corner a physical connection to thrill Sex up a little, with your intimate Loveaaaaa! Those INTENSE spiritually evolved couples WILL feel like two halves of one Goddess damn whole already. Sooooo, they don't need to always share their emotions of ALL levels, because they TELEPATHICALLY know deep into their bones, what the other is sensing. These RARE connections are SOOOOOO F***IN strong that intimate infatuates DON'T have the urgency to be close to know their partners are in daunting distress, discontent struggle, AND? Even Sexually aroused! BUT, (Tee Hee) it doesn't have to be a scarcity for human behaviour; you ALL can master this Sexy scientific knowledge. This my followers IS a phenomenon called Sexual Telepathy, OR, what I prefer to call, INTELLIGENT OUTERCOURSE, AND, it IS starting to become more common than we give it credit for, because of the human ascension process that IS unfolding on our big blue and green marble right now! Telepathic Sex has to be one of MY favourite things to do. Why? BECAUSE, it’s easy (once you get the hang of it), you can do it anytime, anywhere without any specialized equipment, LOL! You, of course HAVE to know how to establish a Telepathic connection though. AND, if you don’t? The SEX part IS a bloody waste of moments in the future, AND, your beaner power. Being Sexually clairvoyant IS the transfer of Sexual energy, speculated anticipations, AND, gut sympathies from one person's mind to another. Using your Sexy sixth sense, a Sister, OR, brother CAN communicate Sexually with Her, OR, his flaming wooer without ever touching them or saying a Goddess damn word! As with any form of extrasensory perception, anyone CAN potentially practice Erotic Telesthesia. BUT, (Ta Da!) for some, this type of channeling IS easier to show the ace up their sleeve than others find it to be. Some Sexy twosomes have a natural ability for Sexual Telepathy; while others HAVE to work harder to transmit Telepathically on that Sexual level; BUT, (of course) it IS obtainable. Key word here? BELIEVING you can broadcast subliminally with your partner IS a pivotal part of the process here. If you're skeptical, you'll put up subconscious barriers that make this kind of INTELLIGENT OUTERCOURSE virtually up shits creek with NO F***IN paddles! Meditating clears your Einstein, AND, primes it to assign, AND, redeem Sexual messages Telepathically. Using earplugs, OR, headphones while playing white tones of music WILL also benefit as a remedy for you to shut out the external world; which BTW, IS the ultimate HUMAN DISTRACTION for accessing This Universal Sexual Intelligence! Now, while you're practicing, you might like to try to read one another's thoughts throughout the time you're at home, OR, wherever your life situates you. Try asking questions or saying Sexy ass things to your cozy consort in your mind, AND, getting them to reciprocate. If you can master this technique while you're together; Sexual ESP if you will, while you're apart IS the next logical step. If you're still tackling with it, there ARE gifted mediums that WILL help facilitate this blissful bonus. They'll aid in honing your own psychic sensitivities, which, BTW, we ALL possess. This UNIVERSAL TECHNOLOGY (which is what it is) IS a wonderful way to add spice to your relationship people, AND, stay connected while you're afar. Think of it like the mental equivalent of the good ol' fashion phone Sex, OR, a saucy text message, which BTW again, ARE becoming obsolete! You CAN engage in APPLIED KNOWLEDGE while you're each at work, OR, traveling separately, AND, believe me, you'll be desperate to come home! Connected companions are NOT just sending Sexy sentences Telepathically. DISCIPLINED practitioners say this kinda Sex happens just like physical La, La, except that it occurs when you're apart. Without tangible touch to rely on, people who have SCIENTIFIC PUSHY must use those Sexy sanity marbles they were born with; AND, that IS the challenge!! So, here's your method grasshoppers; follow instructions! Chillax, sit comfortably, AND, send your peepers fishing. Shift your focus upward, beyond your tuners, AND, sense the temporal lobe sections of your Goddess gift of awareness. THEN? Put on edge on the target of who you wish to interface with. Now, visualize a white radiance emitting from your sublunary section, of what you think is your ball of smarts wrapping around the intended person’s supreme stellar. Alright people, you gotta be open to whatever evidence presents itself from here on. DON'T try too hard; OR, force your deliberation with this. Just sense how a multitude of impressions, words of wisdom, AND, sounds that strike you as appearing vivid in your mind. Notice the sensation of heightened attunement that opens up in your Sexy solar plexus; FEEL the communications. Grant permission for your remaining SEXUAL senses to mesh into the equation. Light headedness, AND/OR your stomach may do some flip flopping, BUT, (don't worry) this IS completely normal Loveaaaaas! Carry on the exchange for as long as you can hold your attention onto that favourite admirer. When you're perfectly pleasured in orgasmic pulsations? Imagine the white light coming loose from your suitors scholarly sage, AND, draw it back into yourself. This IS all imaging meditation people, SOOOOO, it helps to envision double doors shutting once you bring the white light back to you. Look, before no time, THAT IS IF YOU PRACTICE DAILY; your Outercourse Orgasms WILL last for 30 minutes, just like farm pigs do, lucky shits!!!! Okki dokki Lovelies; enjoy your weekend!


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