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!!! No Way Jose !!!

Hello my frisky friendly followers; how the hell are ya's this week? Pissed cause you're not gettin any La La lately? Awwwww!!! Sayin F*** off, (in a nice way), to Sex IS actually valuable for your luminous liaisons grasshoppers! I know, I know, a tad contradictory to all my thirsty theorems, BUT, (read on) sayin "No Way Jose" HAS finally got some Tantric research that reduces guilt, for Butterflies in particular. Look people, regardless of whether you’re a Doll face, OR, dude with a dick, ball AND chained, OR not; we've ALL said "go to hell" to our partner at some point or another when it comes to SEX, AND? Well, DAAAAA, felt pretty shitty about it, right?! When the smoke streams in we quickly run through our options; like forcing our mood to swing into gear, say “No”, OR, submit (heaven forbid) to Sex even though we could care less! Desire discrepancies between cozy companions HAVE become statically standard in relationships just like the schnoz on your face. Check out the stats people; studies show that couples reported some degree of libido discordance on 5 out of 7 days a week! Holy crapola; THAT'S A PATHETIC PERCENTAGE in my portfolio! For today I'm gonna IGNORE the tactic of realigning your disposition. Why? Well, it’s a great strategy, BUT, (as you must know) that needs to be saved for another article at another day. Soooooo, let's consider the 2nd take of taking it, OR, leaving it by sayin “buzz off”! We instantly think about the negative shit that can happen if we scoff our Loveaaaaaa, right? Will they be composing a masterpiece of complaints on the violin for your ears? What about their iddy biddy feelings? Is the relationship gonna be affected overall? Just how many times per day, OR, week are we ALL supposed to be having Sex anyways?? LISTEN UP; IT'S NO ONES DUTY DAMN IT!!! Then, subconscious fears start creepin in that we're givin our Sexy other a reason to double cross us. So, on that occasion? We start comparing our Sexual frequency with others, AND, 100 other random, oftentimes irrational thoughts because the bottom line ISSSSS? We really wanna meet our Sexy significant others needs by fueling their horny happy desires! Am I right here? You must know that the truth has been drafted here people! AND, on top of all this bulls pile of shit? We (usual Daisy Bells) also think about how we’re gonna have to make it up to them (sulky men) A.S.A.P. (like probably the next day) to dodge the delinquency we've been manipulated to perceive! Wow, I'm feeling pretty shitty just thinkin about saying “Screw off”. The Female habitual judgement ISSSS? We just do IT anyway, even if we don’t wanna in order to avoid any of those pessimistic thoughts, OR, potentially DESTRUCTIVE consequences. F*** that people! Ya, I , AND, countless other Queen Bee's use to be at that level of demoralizing their Crowning choices; NOT ANYMORE grasshoppers! Look, for those of you (including the weirder specie) who have SUCCEEDED with this? You're NOT standing beside your shadow! Romantic ravishers more often than not, experience differing levels of Sexual interest. Research shows that these situations, where Sister's and brother's are engaging in Sex for avoidance goals IS F***IN WRONG; period end of Goddess damn story! Having Pushy to avoid THE GRIM REAPER is associated with adverse relational outcomes. BUT, (Ta Da!) NEW findings, yepper dearest peppers, delicious decree's which appear in the Journal of Social, AND, Personal Sexual Relationships, suggest that sending regrets to your dog with its' tail between its' legs helped sustain relationship satisfaction; THAT ISSS? If you do it in a INARGUABLE way! Contrarily? Chronically pursuing Sex for the ambitions of avoidance had DETRIMENTAL consequences on your placebo effect over time! PAY ATTENTION GALS AND GUYS! This has gotta makes a lot of sense to ya's, no? If you're jumpin on the Merry Go Round ONLY to avoid the gloominess from arriving under your bed sheets, then you're likely NOT havin the best Love, Love, Love making are ya? IN FACT? Sex probably sucks big time because of this!!!! Listen, I'm NOT sayin that you shouldn’t strive to make a crack at it to get in the F***IN mood. BUT, (my 2 cents worth) if you know you’re just NOT feeling it, AND, that vibration isn’t gonna change, then you should absolutely 100% say "buzz off" in a gentle peachy way. Sooooo, with that all said you Sexy charmers; I know you’re all imagining what the hell is THE PLAN for how you're gonna say "take a hike" in the most GENUINE way? At the same time as you’re having a billion different thoughts about the FREE WILL choices I mentioned above? The “I don’t feel well”, OR, “I’m tired” defense tricks WILL NOT work here; SO DON'T EVEN TRY THEM! Your tribal tip for the day, 7 moon spans, OR, the mileage of 365? Sayin “Go Fly That Kite Will Ya” IS wayyyyy easier peasier to communicate to your Loveaaaaa in a nurturing way when you, the "No sayer" makes it a PRIORITY at the same time to give your special someone an alternate date, time, AND, place! It takes the pressure off your wheepin willow to make another move, AND, risk gettin jilted again. Your Sexy sweet suitor WILL Love, Love, Love the anticipation of an up and coming Sexy date invitation. They can either accept, OR, use the "how about" suggestion for a different rendezvous event, OR, even a (my fav) mischievously proposed idea. Flirting back and forth with new suggestions until you both agree IS a great way to even bend the attitude in a totally different direction. There’s NO in the moment REJECTION. It’s playful dangerous in an extensive way, body hair raising, AND? DAAAAA, WHETHER YOU KNOW IT OR NOT; THIS IS SHIFTING YOU BACK ON TRACK WITH THE ORGANIC TANTRIC PLATFORM YOU NEED TO BE PERFORMING ON PEOPLE!!!!

Welcome back spring Lovelies!


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