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A Musing Mermaid

Hiya grasshoppers! You gotta LOVE, LOVE, LOVE legacy lore, AND, all the superstitions that go along with it, agreed? And just why's that? Because, these ARE the clues to understanding the truths of life Lovelies!!! Sooooo, I'm gonna dissect the literature legend of the Mermaid because of the FEMININE principals SHE represents for men's ONLY SURVIVAL mechanism in this Goddess damn world of course! Just where does the actuality of this Muse (which BTW, SHE is) come from in the first place? From ancient deities to corporate lackeys, the HERstory of our Aquatic Cousins IS certainly a strange ASS BACKWARD one indeed. Even though the Spirited Water Goddess emblemitizes the idea of FEMALE SEXUAL FREEDOM? LISTEN UP!! HER Vivacious Vagina IS obscured by a F***IN tail! We can only speculate about how they can actually do IT, RIGHT? In the epic "The Shape of Water", AND, "The Pisces", aquatic males have a phallic penis, correct? Seems to me that nobody can, OR, even F***IN wants to imagine the (biologically) Female equivalent; suggesting TO ME a society’s DEEP uncertainty, AND, EN-GRAINED DISINTEREST in what the hell Women want! TWISTED, Fabled mythology tells us that our Fairies Swimming in Tears want men’s lives, AND, their blood; IN THE EXCHANGE for trading promises of beauty, Sexual fulfillment, OR, ancient knowledge as tactful Sexy schemes. Look people, ever since the beginning of time when a young Woman Love, Love, Loved, it's pegged to be the pure, chaste, christian (no capital required) kind, no? Even then, She MUST be restrained; how F***ED up is that? In our wisdom literature's, The Mermaid's lose their voices, refrain from killing any potential prince's, AND THEN? Settles for 300 years, OR more, PROVING (BULLSHIT) that She's GOOD ENOUGH to one day receive a soul. WHAT THE "F" BOMB IS UP WITH THAT!!! ALWAYS depicted as young Ladies, this makes perfect sense to me why they crop up in teen movies; which ARE already about adult LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, AND? The obsession of finding that Goddess Damn thing! While adult Mermaid scriptures tend to sway into dramatic romances, children’s literature authors USUALLY pursue other kinds of ocean narratives instead of forcing The Seaway Sister's to change their bodies, AND, minds to fit on land STRUCTURED, PATRIARCHAL BULLSHIT SYSTEM BELIEFS! Still, most Blue Water Beauty potboilers settle on Love, Love, Love because that’s what Wave Women must want, right? Soooooo people; this tells me what? A Water Queen in Love, Love, Love damn it, seem to have no other desires, AND, has an easily digestible concept of life? What would you say IS more common than the fear of a Girls' desire to experience the world? NOTHING!!!! The alternative IS SEX, AND, as a by product? REPRODUCTION ONLY!!! It’s a terrifying, BUT, (as you must know) SIGNALLING concept of MERMAID HORROR! Even though SOME new Salt Water Swimming media communities ARE attempting to reevaluate these timidity's about young Women’s Sexuality, they STILL fall into the same similar F***ING traps. Let's take a again a the "The Shape of Water" for instance. Gender swappin the Sea Spirit IS NOT enough to eliminate the pop culture sequential that our Sister's are not quite human, AND, therefore must be made complete only through the Love of a man!!! Holy shit WTF; it's the other way around people! The protagonist, Elisa in that story, feels less than whole because She's mute, which BTW, implies that ONLY a monster is capable of Love, Love, Loving a disabled Girlfriend!! Elisa STILL embodies the struggles of the typical Mermaid saga; She must navigate a point of change in Her life, AND, only Love, Love, Love from a man again, can save Her F***IN ass! BULL F***IN SHIT; IT'S THE TOTAL OPPOSITE AS I F***IN SAID!!! Listen up Sister's, and brother's! The ocean HAS longgggggg been associated with THE FEMALE, BUT, (pay attention to the truth here). What is it about an attractive, OR, intriguing FEMALE that turns an ordinary man into a creative whirlwind? What MAGICAL process enables him to intelligently invent, sire a sculpture, produce a painting, to write, OR, compassionately compose a masterpiece outta F***IN thin air simply by concentrating on the object of his passionate desires (THE FEMALE)? YOU GOT IT GRASSHOPPERS!!! Ya sure, Women MAY fantasize about attractive men, AND, perhaps (slim chance) become inspired by them, BUT, (Ta Da!) men ARE more than often likely to abandon all sense of propriety while losing themselves in creativity (as they damn well better). This outlet HAS BEEN generated by THE GODDESS DAMN WOMAN! On my other hand of things? We SUPREME SPECIES have the GOOD SENSE to put this tendency of men to worthier use. Look grasshoppers! Because our Water Gals left the Ocean with all its abundant potential for adventure to sustain A SOVEREIGN LIFE WITHOUT MEN; they EXCHANGED all of that for a heteronormative Love, Love, Love, yes LOVE of man. BUT, (REALLY?) DO THEY ACTUALLY LOVE US AT ALL??? Those romantic white lies tell us that as a society, our Lady Love Bugs Lives are STILL not able to be CONCEPTUALIZE. Alright, maybe Apollo was a rarity. He had as many as nine Muses from whom he drew incredible GENUINE ENERGY from, AND, each and everyone of them were intensely LOVED back, EQUALLY BY HIM! What a F***IN trooper, AND, with that said? You F***IN guys have it in ya's; so dig deep for it for F*** sake! This guy was a prodigious, lionhearted, AND, an innovative artist producing as many as 50,000 wide ranging pieces. When he was questioned about his non stop rat pace, his translated reply was? INSPIRATION EXISTS BUT, (AS A MAN) THAT ENCOURAGEMENT (THE FEMININE MUSE) HAS TO FIND US (MEN) ONLY WORKING TOWARDS VIRTUOUS INGENUITY, WORLDLY PEACE; BASICALLY EMOTIONALLY DOGGING IT UNTIL REFINEMENT BECOMES INDIGENOUS FOR THE NEXT GENERATION TO COME! Ha, my final say? This dude better be your idol guys, AND, you better start doin what you're suppose to be doin on this green and blue planet; otherwise we (Delicate Dew Drops) are better off where we started; AT SEA!

Leaving you with that Loveaaassss!


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