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!!! Sex Starved Sister's !!!

Hey there you enlightened people; caught any good chuckles lately? I heard a quirky Ha Ha the other day that goes something like this. A couple seeks intimacy therapy, OK. The Wife gripes that Her main squeeze IS NOT interested in havin Sex what so ever. At some point in the middle of the session, the therapist grabs the Butterfly Beauty, AND, delivers a Sexy Smooch to Her passionately while She oohs, AND, aahs with content. Then? The Sex shrink turns to the husband and says, " Ya see brotha, your Sweet Sultana needs this every Goddess Damn Monday, Wednesday, AND, Friday. The hubby buttons up for a moment and then breaks his silence. "Alright smart ass", he discloses, Monday, AND, Wednesday will work, BUT, (honestly?) I won't be able to get Her here on Friday because I've got a golf game." Seriously! Are you F***IN kiddin me? As you must know, this shits and giggler caught my attention because it had an unexpected rare ring to it; the other half of the equation DID NOT want Sex. Look, we’re ALL pretty use to the standard stomach cruncher about DESIRE LESS Girlfriends right? You know, the ones who prefer doin just about anything else; like cleaning out the freezer, paying bills, OR, takin out the garbage over havin nooky with their mattress mates. BUT, (Ta Da) this WAS a new twist, a wrench I might add, which BTW, HAS quite a bit of Goddess Damn Gospel to it that I'm just about to preach!!! Listen up grasshoppers! I'm someone who IS in the front lines with people seeking Sexual intimacy help, AND, I have been made INCREASINGLY AWARE by my male seekers that our Doll Faces lately have no corner on the low libido market, AND? It's snow balling! IN FACT? Based on my researched observations, AND, casual conversations I've had with others; I’d say that LOW DESIRE in men IS North America's best kept secret. After all, in a culture where virility IS inextricably connected with masculinity is concerned? Why the hell would any man wanna broadcast the dilemma about his dirt diggin dick? Most of the evidence available on the incidence of sleepy pricks with men IS based on self reports, AND, estimates vary quite widely. So, do we really know what goes on behind bedroom doors? After listening to the violins playin in my hears over the years? I SURE AS HELL DO!! Although it isn’t hard core research by any stretch of the imagination; here's a Lovely Lasses survey about their views on their husbands’ Sexual appetites. A stunning 70% of our Sister's gave the once over sayin they wanted Pushy just as much, IF NOT MORE, than their significant other. AND WHAT ELSE? The majority of the depressed danglers ARE UNWILLING to discuss this ISSUE (which it is BTW) with their cozy consort, AND, struggle against seeking A LIFT UP from any outside sources either. They don't even wanna talk to their buddies about it. Give that some thought Loveaaaass! It’s hard to imagine a guy walkin into a locker room, tellin his pal that he really wished his Wild Wife didn’t wanna F*** all the time! He feels like a Sex object, (sound familiar?) He's thinkin, why can’t they just hug without Her Highness's' Horniness assuming we have to have SEX? That's just havin a foot mark mentality. Men’s UNWILLINGNESS to openly discuss this matter leaves our Girlfriend's feeling peeved off, lamely alone, AND? Hopelessly horny!!!! Ha, welcome to the other side of the turned F***IN table guys!!!!! How does it feel? Another interesting point here ISSSSS? The person with a lower Love, Love, Love locomotion (in this case, HIM) controls the frequency of Sex. He has the veto power. Not only that, BUT, (read this!) he EXPECTS his Feminine Fury to accept it, NOT whine about it, AND, to remain F***IN monogamous, an expectation that WILL backfire over F***IN time! The survey also advocates that there IS less Sex in marriages when the husband has low desire than in marriages where SHE IS the one who says, NO! Daaaaa, well that’s because, in our STILL patriarchal culture, men are taught, AND, expected to be the initiators, HENCE, SHE MUST SUBMIT! BUT, (for fact sake) when it's the Dew Drops who initiate, BUT, (AGAIN) get turned down frequently, more than likely She'll give up, AND, go elsewhere! Let me give ya's another revelation from the survey. Guys said that the modern liberated Queen Bee's of the Hives WERE the CAUSES for their limp limbs between their drum sticks. Contrary to popular belief that the only reason a man would turn down a F*** ISSSSSS because his machinery isn’t working properly, OR, the Love, Love Love of their lives are extremely unattractive, WTF, come on! The male specie, soooooo it seems, turn off to La La for many of the same reasons that their counterparts do. Emotional disconnection, underlying resentment, OR, unresolved disputing cans of worms, miserable qualms, OMG urgencies, AND, so on an on and on damn it! In the matter of facts here? Sister's, brother's, one of the MOST COMMON reasons the masculine beings embargo their Empresses' advances ISSSS? Well ok, if I must give out clues; they feel their Horny Hummingbirds are critical, OR, just down right F***IN tyrannical!!! Vexatious behaviour simply is NOT an aphrodisiac Gals!!! EL PROBLEMA ES? What the hell comes first, the Hen, OR, Her spawn? So my grasshoppers, we've come to this point. Do guys bail outta being Sexual because their partners in the crimes of passion snarl, OR, do those Exquisite Energy Sources moan, groan, AND, behave LIKE COMPLETE BITCHES because their husbands are physically, AND, emotionally withdrawn? Ahhhhhhh Haaaaa, yes, my all mighty infamous catch 22. And therein? This IS where the predicament hitches on Loveaaaassss!l When there's a Sexual rupture, whatever the bust is, each person waits for the other one to repair the fracture. The good ol' manipulative, if you're nice to me, then I’ll have SEX with ya, NA, NA, NA, NA, NA, OR? How about this one; when you have SEX with me, I’ll bleed my heart to you again. Such childish bullshit if you ask me, BUT, (THEN AGAIN) you didn't, AND, you don’t need a Goddess damn degree in psychology to know that this sort of standoff IS playin with F***IN fire. Stalemates make the opportunity to have tons of nooky go down the tubes like drain cleaner!! Now before I get nasty email comments; which BTW, I do at times because of my COLOSSAL conclusions BACKED UP by hours of research comin outta my fingers tips; there are literally millions, AND, millions of señor so and so's who hit the sak DELIBERATELY withdrawing from Sweetheart of all hearts because of Her steel attitude. I know, I know; sounds callus, BUT, (just for the record) I wanna encourage ALL you Amazing Missy's who could give a shit, OR, have no understanding about their cozy comrades’ Sexual needs to place more priority on their physical relationships with them. BUT, (also) NOW it IS the time to nudge nay Sayers who have shut down, AND, turned off, to climb out of their COMPLACENT comfort zone, AND, reconnect with ECSTATIC UTOPIA with the Worldly Women they Love, Love, Love. COME TOGETHER PEOPLE!!!!

Alright people; enjoy your Horny Holiday long weekend; Summer, here we come!


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