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Laughing Libido

Hey there you healthy, HAPPY, horny hummingbirds! Ok, so you've all watched online Sex activities, right? It always looks SOOOOOO ridiculously serious doesn't it? Sure as hell does! I mean Sister's, brother's, Sex IS supposed to be lively amusing, with welcoming grins yes? Well, it can be; all you have to do IS F****IN loosen up a little! Look, for you, AND, your partner, you have to make IT like the 3 stooges at times; minus 1 stooge; unless you're so inclined to 3 is company! Are ya tired of repetitious romps where all you do is get the Goddess damn job done? So why dontcha add a little har de har to the batter, then see how it bakes up? I know, I hear ya, it’s usually treated as taboo to crack up when it comes to pushy. BUT, (here's the truth) those who CAN'T keep their paws off of each other, even after years of hangin out together? Haaaa, they know EXACTLY how powerful horny humour is in the Sexy sak, AND, anywhere else they decide to get down, AND, damn well dirty! Here’s why you BETTER bust a F***IN smile with your HOT STUFF; that IS if you wanna heat things up. For one? It’s great for gettin in the mood. Guys often use kiddin around to pick up Lady Lasses. Why? It breaks the ice, AND? Believe it, OR, not; it IS a turn on! Think about it this way; you could jump straight to the main event, OR, have a tickling free for all first. The latter IS a worthier work of progress BECAUSE you’re both Tee Heeing, feeling more chillaxed, AND, you’re SURPRISINGLY stirred up. It’ll erase any awkwardness, BELIEVE ME! Look face it, weird things ARE gonna happen while you’re having Sex, right? Like for instance there's gonna be some strange noises, (if ya know what I mean) positions that don’t go right, AND? You may even fall off the F****IN bed! Trust me again on this Loveaaaasss, these things happen to everyone. You could let it ruin the moment, OR, you may as well just laugh it off, AND, keep on havin the entertainment of the moment! Listen up Ladies, it WILL tighten your muscles. I'm not shittin ya's here! Just split your nickers WITH YOUR IMAGINATION (which is what it's for Gals), OR, even humour yourself with mental vision when your guy’s inside of you, AND, you'll be changin up his world! BUT, (warning) you might wanna inform him first that you’re NOT making fun of him. You wait, AND, watch his face go through a metamorphosis as your Yoni muscles basically strangle, AND, ripple with your stitches busting! It’s an incredible sensation grasshoppers, for the both of you! Distracting Sex WILL become obsolete; you know, the sidetracking when your mind is only partially on his lips against your neck. OR? When you're more consumed with world peace, OR, that big presentation you have to make at work later in the week? The bullshit of stress destructs Sex Lives Loveaaasss! Fix that F***IN problem by gettin witty with each other while you’re F***IN fooling around! Yepper, my peppers; it IS perfectly OK to make jokes with the splashy dash of comical comments throughout the entire process of Sexual pleasure. It WILL actually make La La La livelier. If you’re joshin around, you’re enjoying yourselves. Listen, you don’t have to be bent over doubled up in stomach pain, laughing until you can’t breathe anymore. When he grabs your loins the wrong way, AND, it tickles; cacklin promiscuously lightens the mood Girlfriend's. Havin a hard time howlin away you say? Well, put on a Lucille Ball comedy in the background; you know, the one when She's workin in that chocolate factory on the assembly line!!!! PROBLEM SOLVED! It'll bring you, Ms Ball, AND, your horny honey closer together. If you can’t chuckle at each other, what the hell is the point anyway? Look Lovelies, roaring from your ribs IS just as intimate as Sex dontcha know. It embroils trust that you’re hee hawin with each other, AND, NOT at each other. The more you clown around in your Sanctuary for Sex, the closer you’ll be. You BOTH get more snug as two bugs in that rug with each other. Isn’t that the point after all? Absolutely, AND, additionally here? You’ll feel more erotically expansive to trying new things. Missionary's OK, BUT, (help it out will ya's) it gets old after a while! Listen, when everything's SOOOOO serious, AND, you’re NOT comfortable with each other, trying new things might not seem stimulating. It might mean making mistakes, OR, feeling embarrassed. Sooooo, if you know you can snort that shit off, you've nothin to fear. You’ll get more energy if you're feeling tired, BECAUSE? The moment you start to hold hilarious in your guts, you feel more energized. I'm serious Lovelies, it’s like a shot of caffeine! Sister's, brother's if you sought out an opening for opportunity to wiggle your giggles more during Ta Da; you’ll have the Moxie to last beyond a quickie, AND, maybe even do rounds!!!! Even if you’re not in stitches for that second, the high you get makes you feel more sensitive. The more funny muscles that are activated, the more perceptive you are to it. Wouldn’t feeling some virgin Sexy tingly vibes warrant the wonders of WHAT COULD BE? And check this out; it'll make you look Sexier my Queen's! It’s one of the reasons our brother's like making US Doll Faces squeal our wheels. Sneaky little F***ERS aren't they? Basically you forget about tryin to control your expressions, OR, maintain that perfect Lady like tone. So, let your guard down Goldilocks so you look hotter will ya's! You'll feel your Sexiest, plus, it’s a win win for both of you! What it'll do ISSSSS prove that you’re havin a good time. BUT, (be mindfully aware) because IF you MUST bust the tears of joy the moment he drops his pants, he’s probably gonna be insulted, so be careful when you wail! Probably best if you express amusement when he goes down South, he’s gonna know you’re havin a thrill. He'll be encouraged to keep on goin you know. AND, If he doesn’t think you’re that into it? He’s just gonna try to get things over with the quickest way possible. DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN GIRLFRIENDS! BE the hilariously horny tribe you WERE meant to be!


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