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!!! Sexuality Month !!!

Horayyyyyyyy people; this IS your Month to shine your Sexy identity in any way, Sexy ass shape, OR, F****IN form! Every year during the Sexuality stretch of June, the LGBTQ community celebrates in a colourful array of customs. Sister's and brother's all across the planet engage in various events as a way of recognizing the influence LGBT people HAVE had around our Glorious Gaia! So, why was June chosen anyway? Well, because it WAS when the Stonewall Riots took place, wayyyyyyy back in 1969; bunch of F***IN hippies, gotta Love, Love, Love them people!!!

Not only IS this a Month long Sexuality jubilation, The Pride of June IS also the opening occasion to (key word) PEACEFULLY protest, AND, raise political awareness of current issues facing the community at large. These flaunting rituals ARE a prominent feature for Pride Month, AND, there's gonna be TONS of street parties, community events, Sexy poetry readings, public spews, AND, educational sessions; ALL of which WILL be covered by mainstream media, AND, attracting millions of like minded grasshoppers! So, get in on the F***IN action will ya's! If you can get to New York, their Pride Prancing there IS one of the largest, AND, most well known Sexy spectacles to ever take place. They had an estimated 500,000 Loveaaaaas partaking in it by the time it had reached its 25th commemoration! Look Lovelies; we've entered into an influential Month. Why? Because it marks the start of THAT ONGOING colossal SHIFT within the LGBT+ (Sacred Sexuality included) community, as well as the wider societal implications. Even though BULLSHIT points of view, AND, bias perspectives still seem to endure, WE THE PEOPLE on this earth have come a long way since the riots of 1969, AND, WILL continue with this longggggg standing tradition. WE THE PEOPLE AGAIN, must CONSISTENTLY MAINTAIN to raise awareness, PISS OFF the prejudice of society, AND, encourage inclusiveness for ALL THINGS SEXUAL!

Make sure you get in on ALL the horny hullabaloo including the marches to stand your Sexual position in life, passionate picnics, playful parties, welcoming workshops, Sexy symposia, AND, the crazy concerts! This Month's events attract millions of Sister's, and brother's around our Goddess damn globe. All kinds of memorials are held during this time for those amazing Lovely ones who've been lost to horrific hate crimes, AND, yes, HIV/AIDS. The purpose of the dedicatory half way point of this year ISSSSSS to recognize the impact that LGBTQ individuals HAVE had on Herstory locally, nationally, AND, internationally.

The Federal and local red tape, AND, practices of those channels ARE increasingly acknowledging and concentrating on LGBTQ youth in particular, AND, numerous national advocacy along with other formatted institutions ARE also giving greater scrutiny to LGBTQ youth in their work. Encouraging stronger acceptance, AND, reinforcement for ALL people of puberty including those who are, OR, are perceived to be LGBTQ, WILL make our neighbouring turfs, halls of ivy, AND, other surrounding sites safer, healthy places to live in!

Look grasshoppers! This IS a positive evolution that beats the drums for Sexual assortments. So, for Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people? It's THE opportunity to squawk back about discrimination, AND, the BULLSHIT of violence! It endorses their dignity, equal authority, self affirmation, AND, IS a way of JOLTING society’s enlightenment of the questionable controversy's they come up against.

Who the hell started all this commotion anyway? Ha, A WOMAN OF COURSE! Known as the Mother of Pride, it was Brenda Howard who OBVIOUSLY HAD HER SHIT TOGETHER shapin up the very first LGBT Pride parade. She also sparked the idea for a week of events around this very Proud Day. Christ, I remember back in the day, AND, even to this day STILL, ignorant people would say; isn't there some kinda of medication that you can give to these poor souls to fix them?! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?????!!!!

Get out and relish in the festivities my Pride tribe! Sexuality is a HUGE platform; step on it will ya's!!!!


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