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The Sexy Shake

Hola, Hola people! Wanna learn to instigate The Sexy Handshake? Awesome possums! So, what IS the best way to bond palms anyway; that ISSSSSS, when you first meet that within realm of possibility Love, Love, Loveaaaaaaa you're struck by? Sister's, brother's, that simple Horny Handshake WILL up your odds of getting a date, OR? A phone number!! I've been told that I shake hands like a F****IN Viking, THEN, when I softened it? I was accused of pullin paws like a Goddess damn limp Tilapia! Soooooo, when you first meet somebody you're drawn in to? Think about it grasshoppers! This WILL BE the first time you'll touch, AND, feel their skin. What kinda physical impression do you wanna leave them with? Look, consider how you go into judgment over drive when somebody rattles your hand, AND, you'll see why it's SOOOO important for you to? GET THIS F***IN RIGHT!!!! Alrighty then, let's say your undeveloped hottie extends their ham hold, AND, you receive it. What do you notice? Is it the amplitude, contours, Sexy squeeze they deliver, whether their skin is soft, rough, tepid, nippy, barren, OR, clammy??? You'll probably pay attention to whether this Sexy suspect has clean claws, OR, bites them off; all of which BTW, you do have an opinion about, right? Listen, a meeting of mitts DOES NOT just leave a physical impression you know; it COMMUNICATES an emotional one as well. If you're not careful, you can come across as a selfish SOB, butt kissin suck up, needy little barnacle, OR, a toss your head F***IN snob who's six feet above contradiction!!!! None of which suits your Sexy caliber, correct? You BETTER have the answer I'm lookin for Lovelies!!! Pay attention here! The most important feature of The Sexy Handshake IS NOTHING MORE than the angle of your palm people! The more you turn your griper face down the more you'll come off as someone overbearing, AND, that's NOT Sexy! You're literally, AND, symbolically takin the (pardon the pun) upper hand, which BTW, inevitably results in A TURN OFF! NEWSFLASH BROTHER'S!! As a Seduction expert, WHICH I AM, Queen Bee's CAN be LED INTO THE BED (Tee Hee) by a paw pact that lasts too long. I'm serious followers; it's Magic! I thought that the holdin on, AND, strokin thing was the ol’ Lesbi friends joke that went around when I was at high school. You know, you shook a Girls hand, AND, slid your middle finger into their Feminine fin, stroked it and then giggled LESBI FRIENDS! It was F***IN hilarious at the time. Anyway, I want you to think about this for a minute, in all earnestness. What would you do if you shook a Sister, OR, brother's hand that you are SOOOO inclined to know more about, AND, they wouldn’t let go? Well, you add what Dr Hook says, "Sexy eyes" to that, AND THEN? As they pulled out, insert a finger outta F***IN nowhere strokin the inside of their duke! It's simple Sexy protocol grasshoppers! The center of your hooks ARE an extremely intimate place, dontcha know. I'm not squeezing your shit here either! You'll actually get immediate answers to your lingering query, AND, it comes across as cock sure confident that you ARE inspirited to know more about them! This IS NOT an invasion of their space either, IF, the shake is longer than 5 seconds. BUT, (warning) DO NOT make them feel awkward by holding their grasp for an unnecessarily long amount of time, AND, don’t ever think that slippin the finger to someone’s brace is A OK when you’ve JUST MET THEM. IT'S NOT! My advise ISSSSSS to shake, THEN, stroke the middle ONLY after holdin on as long as possible. Some deeper revelations when it comes to Sexual fitness with all this? New research suggests that hand grip strength particularly in men, IS DIRECTLY connected with his you know what! Horaahhhh, information! Ladies, men with hardier clasps score healthier on the Sex drive scale than those with decrepit clutches. So remember that Butterflies; weak grip, ........... dick! Not only that, BUT, (Ta Da!) they live longer, AND, go harder, in not so many ways! In a study published just this year? Males with alpine ankle anchors stock up as more aggressive, AND, dominant IN THE SAK; so keep this in mind for your own Sexual preferences. They also had increased Sexual opportunities, which resulted in an increased number of Sexual partners, AND, younger ages of their first Sexual encounter; giving you clues to his experience level for La La. For ALL THINGS SEXUAL HERE! Our Doll Faces Feminine Fists ARE more about Sexual protection than prowess. Einstein research HAS found that our Girlfriend's clench clout increases when they’re most Fertile; a defense trait that HAS more than likely evolved to prevent forced impregnation by unwanted not so good stock! Ya, well that makes perfect sense to me because any dude that feels the strangulation of his hand while shaking a Lovely Lasses mitt will bolt to hills for sure!

Alright people; take ownership when you seal the deal with that potential new admirer!


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