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!!! Tantric Language Of Love, Love, Love !!!

How's it goin people? So, where's your accent from? Are ya speakin loud, AND, clear when it comes to Love, Love, Love that is? Feel like there's times when your Cozy Comrade just doesn't comprehend your dialect at all? Well, if you’ve ever ran into a relationship rapport query (and who the hell hasn’t right?), your search to patch things up has probably led you to the infamous internal question of “What the hell is it that they want from me!!?” This IS a pervasive phrase because? Pay attention people; there's actually 5 Love Genres in the world of Tantra that we ALL MUST SUPREMELY be fluent in if you wanna do away with that wringer AND, bridge to LOVE! Soooooo, what precisely ISSSSSSS a Love, Love, Love language anyway, AND, how the hell do ya understand them SOOOOO a Sexual relationship WILL steam, AND, flourish? It’s all about knowin what it takes for a person to feel raptured by relished respect!!! After MANY years of coaching individuals, AND couples with their Love predicaments, It became credible to me that what makes one person feel Love, Love, Loved IS NOT always the same for their Sexy Sugar Sage! I, as a continually discovering Dakini, realized LONGGGGGGGG ago that every person conceives, AND, takes possession of La, La, Love in a SPECIFIC language, one of five to be precise. AND IT'S YOUR JOB TO FIGURE OUT WHAT TERMINOLOGY YOUR LOVEAAAAAA SPIELS OUT!!!! Maybe your primary companion is multi lingual; THAT'S F***IN AWESOME! The other four ARE just as momentous, AND, also offer other ways to voice The Big "L" word, SOOOO? YOU HAD BETTER GRASP THEM ALL PEOPLE!!! Trick is grasshoppers; comprehending CLEARLY your own ways of expressing adornment, AND, your partner’s WILL to reunite lost intimacy? Well, I gotta say that your empathetic emphasis of spirited hunger ARE different, OR, could be similar. Meaning? You already know this one; when you’re Lovin your partner the way they want you to, AND, when you’re Lovin your Loveaaaa in Her, OR, his favourite way. You'll just know better why some things work between you, AND, when others don’t. Sister's, brother's! Learning to recognize when your Sacred Sweetie IS sending you La, La, Love, even if it’s not the way you’re used to WILL fine tune your awareness; which BTW ISSSSSS what the Tantric language of Love, Love, Love ISSSSS all about people! It's not just about SEXXXX here; BUT, (Ta Da) the lingua to be franca WILL lead you to IT!!! According to ME my tribe? Takin the time to BECOME WELL VERSED, AND, really (key word) MASTERING your partner’s centrally vital LOVE language, which WILL BE often different from your own, REVAMPS communication, AND, strengthens your bond. BUT, (finally) what are these five sentiment slang's anyway? Here’s what you need to know Lovelies! Take those words of affirmations seriously! Loveaaasss baring this tender tongue need to hear their Sexy sidekick say, “I love you,” plain and F***IN simple! Setting the bar for that even higher by? Incorporating those discernment's trailin along with THE DEEP TANTRIC DISSECTION of EMOTION (yepper, peppers!) by leaving them a voice bulletin, a written token, OR, just talkin to them BEELINE with sincere words of affection, along with the Sexy stamp of approval! Simple examples ARE easy as peasy by including things like; Daaaaa “Thank you,” Daaaaa again,“That was nice of you” AND/OR , triple Daaaaa, “I really appreciate what you did.” Let's look a quality time; it IS all about givin your tantalizing treasure your undivided attention. What do I mean by that?? I meannnnnnn no Goddess damn TV, crappy chores, OR, F***IN cell phones!!! Givin each other EXCLUSIVE engrossment IS a main ingredient for speaking PROPERLY with this lifestyle language! Take this EVERY DAY like a Goddess damn Vitamin! Absorbing the moments with your one Sexy squeeze IS all about syncing synergy TOGETHER! Sister's, brother's, just immerse with each other will ya's, by partaking in something WORTHWHILE, AND, BEING ATTENTIVE! What about laying the ground work for dinner together; WHAT HAPPENS THEN? Shooting the Sexy shit when you're preparing your morsels gives privileged opportunity for sharing any future plans of importance TOGETHER! Look at the thriving language of gifts; it's an effort which IS In short says, actions that ARE speaking louder than words. I know, I know, the materialistic view on this could taint the situation a tad, BUT, (listen up) the thing that works best here ISSSSS? Make sure you pick, OR, select appropriate offerings that show an authentic approach to understanding WHO your Horny Honey is! BE INSIGHTFUL BY DIGGIN DEEP INTO THEIR PERSONALITY AND TRAITS PEOPLE! If you know She Love, Love, Loves Lily's? THEN BUY HER A BOUQUET OF THEM DAMN IT, REGULARLY!!! If he has a favourite feast? Then invest in those ingredients, AND? MAKE HIM GODDESS DAMN DINNER!!!! The effort you make IS GENUINE, AND, hits the core of their being, BULLS EYE!!! Give the acts of service language a run, which includes anything you CAN do to ease the burden of daily mundane responsibilities, like vacuuming the floors, going grocery shopping, OR, making the F***IN bed! Stumped as to what your Sexy significant needs? Just bloody well ask will ya's!!!! This IS NOT rocket science people; IT IS common F***IN sense!!! Instigate answers to what things they’d like you to do that would make their life a pleasant picnic, AND, make a POINT of spreadin out the checkered table cloth! Transparent things like makin breakfast in the sak, OR, walkin the pooche DEMONSTRATES you WANT to EASE your partner’s burden. My fav here? Physical touch if you must know! Sister's and brother's who articulate this style of speaking THRIVE on any type of tactile impact. Claiming their hand, wrappin the bears arms, AND, the good ol' pats on the back WILL even do it! BUT, (listen up) be (key work) INTENTIONAL with this delivery by makin an offer to give a neck, OR, back rub. Physical nurturing ISSSSSS the most DIRECT way to communicate enchantment. AS LONG AS? Listen up! It BETTER BE done in an atmosphere that's NOT oppressive; which BTW IS the most EMPHATIC way to speak! Grasshoppers, it's simple Sexy Science! This style of speech calms, resuscitates the entire body energetically, AND, reassures that EVERYTHING IS PEACHY KEEN! My bottom line here ISSSSS? Not everyone can testify with distinction their lusty fondness in the same way, SOOOOOO? By being AWARE, AND, LEARNING ALL the different jargon's; you'll re-identify with your kindred mate a whole hell of a lot better!

Love you guys; enjoy your weekend!!!!


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