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The Feminine Frequency

Happy Horny Summer people! It's the time of year to realign your F***IN Frequency once, AND, for all!!! What the hell am I talkin about now? Well, it's like this grasshoppers. Every food HAS its own vibrational mood, OR, frequency. So, if we devour it, we adsorb this disposition, AND THEN? Eventually start acting on it; which BTW, IS why our Planet IS the way SHE is right now! BUT, (yes) we CAN shift HER through US! You ARE what you munch on people! This IS why it's SOOOOO imperative (in these times) to treat your Temples (particularly men) AND, be meticulous at choosing what you take in for body nourishing beats. There are several mouth morsels that ARE required to raise Feminine abundance. And why the hell would you wanna do that for? Daaaaa, do I really need to answer that? No, no, triple nope!! These yummy's for your tummy's I'm about to mention have vibrations of pure Love, Love, Love of course; the highest cadence frequency in the Goddess damn Universe! And to top that off? These products also carry Lunar energy properties, HENCE? Ta Da! Enhancing SENSUALITY in ALL OF US! Let’s take a look at them shall we?

I'm gonna shock the shit outta ya's, BUT, (Ha, that's why I'm here), dairy IS top on the list today! I know, I know, this MAY seem a tad controversial to the latest health trends, BUT, (read on), AND, let me explain! Just regular ol' dairy products in the store IS definitely NOT something that carries the zeal of La, La Love that's for F***IN sure. Mooooooo juice IS BTW, a product of PURE LOVE, of a Cow to Her calf. Sister's, brother's; it naturally IS overfilled with Feminine Affection! The rawness of whole milk IS gonna do it for ALL OF US, AND, it's the best that we can swig. Regrettably though, that boring animals udder fluid from the reserve bank IS SHIT! Sooooo, unless you have an avenue of access to a Maverick of your own that has NOT been jacked up with chemicals, AND, is treated with the greatest of that BIG "L" word, AND, yes compassion, then consume dairy with your microscope! Now, you need to make it more digestible that's a given, SOOOOO buy ONLY the whole organic brew preferably from the breeder, slurp it warm before 6am, OR, right before hittin the sak in the twilight hours. Hmmmm interesting; my farm raising was enforced by my Goddess Granny who gave us porridge before bed, OR, at breakfast; SHE OBVIOUSLY HAD THE WISDOM!!!! Any other time of the day THEY SAY, (whoever they are) is NOT a great choice for US grown up grasshoppers. Important thing here ISSSS? Make sure you take it with proper spices, AND, sweetened with organic honey. This will simultaneously soften the luminous liquid properties that can urk your gut, AND THEN? It WILL enhance the pulse of LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! The Sexy Spices you SHOULD be using WILL depend on the time of THE time. So, for the crack of dawn, drink it with cinnamon. AND? When the rise of the moon appears, use nutmeg, AND saffron (which BTW I'm gonna talk about later). The white waters truly have magical properties with the right consumption. Just start off at least with 1 teaspoon of spices, AND, consider it as DAILY medicine. BUT, (Ta Da!) if you're a Loveaaaaa of the farm like MOI? USE A GLASS! Ghee, OR, clarified butter, IS another magical food for The Feminine Frequency. You CAN either make it yourself (Yepper, Peppers) OR, just buy it in an Indian/Eastern health store. It's pretty easy as peasy to make, AND absolutely delicious (look it up)! This product IS nurturing not only on a subtle level of energies, BUT, (you know it) on a physical level as well. It lubricates the joints which makes US ALL move slower, AND, with grace (The Feminine rhythm Lovelies!). The voice becomes softer, AND, more pleasant (another Feminine trait). Add in dates, raisins and Effeminate figs! They're alternatives for sugar. Horny Honey as another symbolic substitute to sweets, BECAUSE???? It IS THE product of Love, Love, Love since it's basically THE milk of Bee's, SOOOOOO once again? There we have it; the Frequency of that Love, Love, Love Moxie people! Bee Pollen IS a highly nutritious food, AND, should be taken as a supplement with caution. Obviously, if you have allergies, avoid it at all costs. Since it comes from Flowers, it WILL increase our Femininity as well. It's milk from Flowers grasshoppers; their best, AND, finest essence! Soooooo naturally, it's gonna carry the Ripple effects of??? La, La, Love!! Let's take a look at the SMALL list of The Feminine Fruits. Goddess Grapes, peaches, pineapples, grapefruits, mangoes, AND, pears ARE your best Frequency Fruits. ALL OF THEM have these amazing soft qualities on a subtle level that brighten and heighten on the inside out. Tea time!!! The best ones for the pulsations that we're looking for? Chamomile, rose, rose hip, lavender, linden, AND, jasmine get us jiving on all things Feminine. So, whether you drink an herbal tea with the combination of any of these herbs, OR, pick just one, quench yourself with them every morning with that horny honey I was tellin ya's about. Sister's, brother's, ALL of these natural weeds have the Sexy spark of my planet Venus, a wondrous world that governs Beauty dontcha know. Chamomile IS especially calming and soothing, bringing harmony. Rose on the other hand IS gentle as a Goddess, AND, increases delicacy of THE Feminine nature. Last, BUT, (not least) Saffron. A truly amazing Sensual spice. Now, IF you use it with any herb that IS beneficial for Feminine virtues; it WILL enhance its qualities, kinda like acting as a catalyst.

Alright my tribe; keep workin on feeding the Feminine to heal yourselves and our Gaia!


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