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The Alluring Sun

Hey, hey, heyyyyy grasshoppers! Enjoying this HOT, HORNY Summer so far? There ARE few things that make me feel less Sexy than feelin my Sensual sweat drenched thighs peelin off a chair. Apart from that? Maybe a video clip of perspiration on my North of the border brim, AND chinny, chin chin. Could even be my swollen, BUT, (of course) Sexy ass feet. OR? The Horny Sun burn (which I do get even with my Mediterranean born colour) on my toned, slender shoulders. And yet people? Despite all the undeniably UN SEXY realities of Summer; a hefty haul of US find ourselves feelin more frisky the second the temperature rises! Hmmmmm, so let me clarify this first Lovelies. It’s NOT that tricky to affirm (in my world anyway) that Sister's and brother's actually DO have more SEX in the heat of Summer than they do in the dead of the cold Winter. My probing quest shockingly started the ball rollin by uncovering FACTS that in Southern, AND, tropical climates, LESS babies ARE conceived in the hotter months, BUT, (for the record) it’s NOT clear whether, OR, not this is because Horny grasshoppers don’t really give a shit to even try to make little ones as often when it’s so F***IN hot out, OR, if the decrease is down to a dip in the quality of those swimmin concerns in the male body thanks to the Goddess damn heat! In cooler climates though, peak birth rates ARE inclined to hit in the Spring; hmmmm, nine months after Summertime. Sooooooo? Just perhaps, it’s NOT necessarily the scorching Sun itself that makes us DANCY FANCY for Nooky, BUT, (touche) the shake up of our usual routine. If you live in a place where the hot spells ARE oppressive and overwhelming in the Summer? You might not feel particularly Sexy, while the Brits WILL get their nickers off with even a hint of a heatwave! There really hasn’t YET been any of inspector Clouseau's data askin people to track the frequency of their Pushy parties depending on the temperature. That's sad to me, soooooo, we don’t have any brass tacks to go off that isn’t to do with baby makin; which rules out all the potential Summer SEX, SEX, SEX that’s happenin out there with contraception. What ISSSSS known, though, ISSSSSS that our interest in F***IN gets an upgrade during the ONSET of those dog days! Good ol' Google searches like sourcin out porn, (bad boys!) OR, access to Sex workers occur AGAIN AND AGAIN in the warm Sunnier Season's. The reasons behind US ALL becoming Hornier in the picnic months ARE a mixture of socialization, psychological factors, AND, the fun of that physical Sexy stuff. Let’s start with the social side of things shall we. Take a look at the Sunny solstice breaks from school, AND, those fine unshaded holidays. We’re basically conditioned to think of Summer as a time to cut loose right? Double ditch ALL work, responsibilities, AND, embrace our hedonistic desires, ya? We ate mounds of ice cream, downed cocktails, AND, spent endless days lazin in the pub, OR, Sunning our gardens rather than gettin our hustle on. Oh my Goddess, LOL, that explains F***IN everything for the 9 years I spent LIVING IN COSTA RICA; THE ALLURING SUN GOT THE BEST OF ME!!!! My sneaky suspicion theorizes that it's reasonable to say that being in the right sanity scaffolding makes us want to get laid more toooooooooo, BECAUSE? Well, we’re likely to be more chillaxed, AND, discharged of the niggling stresses that toss a bucket of cold F****IN water over our Sexual whohaaa!! What else? Well, we HAVE increased visual stimulation; cause when it’s hot Loveaaaassss, there IS more skin on show of course! Seeing potential Sister's and brother's strollin around in Dakini bikinis, Sexy sundresses, blue jean cut offs; guys without shirts, hippy hair, flip flops, AND, a guitar in their arms IS bound to tickle ALL OF OUR crotches right? Not only this, BUT, (yada yada) that sunny Season promotes extra releases of SEXY serotonin, AND, desirable dopamine; the two most energizing, AND, positive neurochemicals in your bright eyed beaner grasshoppers! Your rosy cheeked La, La lube valor DEMANDS these chemicals in decent, GENEROUS amounts, altogether with additional vitamin D production to help things along of course. Production of Estrogen, AND, testosterone ARE all hangin out in those rays as well people! DON'T be a chicken shit to expose yourselves to the blazin Sun Goddess. Why? Because it WILL drop melatonin levels. Hmmmm handy dandy people; that melatonin WILL block your Sex hormones. Your Sexy sweat plays a leading role in all this as well dontcha know, as it helps to spread our unique, Seductive scent as I mentioned before about Frisky pheromones. The only problematic thing IS? Well, while your Life Force WILL increase on a hormonal, AND, subconscious level, the idea of makin out when it’s 30, OR, more degrees can feel nausea inducing, meaning? You’re all fired up with nowhere to go CUM! Which BTW can lead to frustration, that WILL get worse as the Summer’s heats up, makin US ALL more irritable. My advice for this throbbin third cycle of the calendar? Embrace your newfound horniness!!! Do away with any insecurities about your Sunny beads of dew drops, OR, you chub rub, AND, salt water soaked hair. Your partner really won’t be bothered, THAT IS? If they find you alluring, AND desirable. Just keep things chilled, BECAUSE, not even an orgasm is worth heat stroke, OR, dehydration! Make the adjustments you need to keep things cooled off, AND, don’t let your horny Summer brain make you do stupid things like attempting SEX in a field loaded with bug bites, OR, in some neighbours' pool. Lol, I've done that tons of times!!!

Turn up the heat Lovelies!


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