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Signatures of Sexuality

Hiya! Well, did ya miss me at all this past week? Ya you did, I felt it DEEP down inside on my cellular level! At long last, my computer was admitted to the HOSPITAL for an upgrade operation. That sucker traveled with me to Costa Rica, AND, back for almost 15 years on the same system. DINOSAUR BONES!!!! When I received a notification from my hosting website that publishing AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN; I woke the hell up to my ahaaaaa moment that there's a serious F***IN upgrade that needed to go on!!!! I've got my Sexy computer shit together for another who knows how long before technology FORCES me to shift again! When I ask the Doctor about my patient, he said he was shocked it had survived all this time! Anyway, onward and upward!!!!! I've signed back on today with this investigation to all my Sexuality seekers. What's your Sexual Signature? Is there resemblance to an involvement that you'd like to alter? Most grasshoppers I've spoken to believe that their personal Sexual Hancock IS a blend of three Sexy strokes, AND, the impressions change depending on their accomplice. Sooooo, what we ALL must do ISSSSSS take THE TIME to thoroughly audit our Sexual Herstory, BECAUSE, you'd be surprised to find that you've developed a VERY FIXED Sexual trademark that has held consistent throughout your Sexual life thus far! If a person’s Sexual stamp HAS been successful in gaining, AND, holding desirable partners, THEN? There's NO REASON to change a Goddess damn thing! BUT, (hello) many aspirants come into session with me sayin that they WISHED (waving my magic wand) that their Sexual connections were MORE fulfilling, AND, don’t really know why. Their stew ISSSSS that they've consistently brought the WRONG sailors onto their Sexy Ship, OR, that their initially hopeful relationship has NOT had the Sexual outcome they yearn for. They want to be more Sexually prosperous damn it!!!!!! As I mentioned above? Your Sexual autograph ISSSSSS a concoction of three elements that are PROFOUNDLY affected by each person’s genetics, social influences, AND, of course prior Sexual experiences. To top the chart here? Childhood Sexual traumas which BTW, we have ALL been exposed to believe it, OR NOT, take the forefront!! Just take a look at the way we've had our genitals vigorously wiped clean after we shit our drawers when we were in diapers; does that paint a subconscious picture for ya's? We remember this INTRUSION on a rooted level in our psyche people, AND, depending on how pressured our parents WERE to get that event over, AND, done with? Well, it gauges the level of damage it HAS caused to US!!! Not only this my tribe, BUT, (you got it) F***ED up religious suppression's, shit show modelling, ungraceful rejections, losers at Love, Love, Love, AND, thwarted opportunities ARE ONLY tidbits of the other filters that WILL further limit the possibilities of any one potential suitor being able to understand your Sexual John Henry! Listen, people who RECOGNIZE their own Sexual style BECAUSE OF THEIR PAST for what THEY THINK THEY NEED from their Sexual experiences; BUT, (kicker) who are WILLING to expand to attainments of wisdom for untrained ways of being Erotic have THE BEST chance of becoming more Sexually LEGIBLE to a LOVEAAAAAA!!! Your Sexual character IS influenced by your LA LA Lovely's Genre as well. One person MAY only be able to feel elated adventure with a rambunctiously rough, demanding in the dark, AND, intimately intense consort of the sort (heaven forbid!!!). Someone else MAY need the GENTLER approach that includes the more HUMAN HEALING appealing traits like The Tantric teasing of tactile touch sensory. Look grasshoppers, what's dramatically arousing to one Sister, OR, brother might be a total turn off to another. A raunchy smell might be offensive to one playmate, BUT, (as you must know) could be exactly what floats that blissful boat of another. The taste of Love, Love, Love juices CAN be an aphrodisiac, OR, a A BIG F***IN BRICK WALL to a deeper emotional connection! Your Sexual initial ISSSSS extremely personal, AND? It's yours FOREVER; that is? ONLY, if it continues to PROPERLY tack both of your Sexy ass Sails TOGETHER!!! There are multiple combinations of Sexual templates. Sexy, AND, Sensual together IS our most common description of Erotic. A term that's easy peazy imagined as boldly bawdy, dreamily steamy, organically earthy, zestfully spicy, thrillingly titillating, simply Seductive, piggishly hungry, scrumdelicious, AND, F***ING HOT (ouch)! Then, there's the merging of Sexy, AND, intimacy IN SYNC, which produces Loveaasssss who SOMEHOW manage to stay intimately connected while enthusiastically servin up their Lust! BUT, (TA DA)? When you put Sensual, AND, intimate LOVE, LOVE, LOVEAAASSSS in balance together? Haa, well, you'll find that they spend loads of mouthwatering hourly rounds in sharing exquisite, timeless junctures before allowing Lust’s demands to break the spell of deep discovery! I've been working with a lot of couples lately, AND, when we explore the origins together of where their Sexual vogues originate from, AND, what barricades stand in the way that keep them from getting closer to what they both really need, AND, want; the nitty gritty becomes evident! A primarily Sexy Sister, OR, brother may innocently, BUT, (yesssss) deliberately tiptoe over the Sensual needs of Her, OR his partner. Why? BEING ISSSS, the one who needs to feel intimately connected just might be UNABLE to allow their own senses to respond NO MATTER how skilled their Lovely Loveaaaaaa is. From my experience, Sensual people (myself included) usually respond to overt, OR, intense Sexual desire as project overload, AND, PRONTO, retract without even realizing they're responding that way. Yepper, peppers, happens to me ALL THE TIME!!! You know, in the MANY years of opening Sacred space for ALL grasshoppers who ARE on searching expeditions into their individual Sexual identity so they can NAIL IT ON THE HEAD? I've come to mindfully fathom that my clients ARE ABLE to transform their Sexual challenges, AND, certain Sexual behaviours that seem to have become universally Sexually attractive to them. They would NOT automatically be defined within the descriptions of Sexy, Sensual, OR, even Intimate for that matter, BUT, (truthfully) they appear to be pervasive in quality Sexual relationships. Not only this, BUT, (again) they seem to defy the limiting screens of gender, culture, trauma, age, social expectations, AND, (BIGGY) hormonal balances, which BTW are caused LARGELY from the bullshit chemicals, AND, preservatives that have contaminated our Gardens from the foolish vittles in the past that we've eaten!!!

Pay attention here grasshoppers! Your Sexual Designated Impression ISSSSS your personal distinct SEX, SEX, SEX brand-mark; the kind of maneuver that puts a kink in your cozy comrades mental tubing, SOOOOO they think about it for hours, sunrise to sunset, F***IN eons later; during office daydreams, OR, in long lines at the ORGANIC market, OR, any Goddess damn waiting period! Your impressionable stroke ISSSSS the difference between SEX that's gold medal memorable, OR, yellow light forgettable!! What does your Lusty longhand look like Lovelies?!!!

I'm here to bust you ALL open people!

Enjoy your holiday long weekend; next one's Labour Day, yikes!


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