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The Great Wall of Yoni

Hey all you Yoni Worshipers! I gotta say, that this F****IN awesome guy Jamie McCartney IS my kinda man let me tell ya! He's a sculptor and Plaster caster from Brighton, UK, who HAS spent YEARS making, AND, arranging 400 plaster of Paris depictions of YONI'S to create what he called ‘The Great Wall of Vagina’. BUT, (as you well know) we MUST use the Sanskrit phrase "Yoni" to replace the clinical terminology, right? Tee hee, you gotta know that this dude committed his duty of charm to have convinced such a large number of Sister's to ditch off their britches just for him! So, where the hell did this idea actually come from anyway? Well, along time ago he was commissioned by an Erstwhile SEX museum to produce a sculpture that was to be an exposé of the different shapes, AND, sizes of breasts, AND, Female, along with male genitals. Sooooo, of course as an artist, this really enticed him. No, ya think? He soon came to realize that most Butterfly Beauties don’t even know what other Lady Bugs genitals really look like; Soooooo, off he went to work for US Doll Faces!!!! After five longggggggg calendar rotations working on the project, do ya think he just about had enough of vaginas? Laugh my Lily Lips off!!!! He certainly did perfect enough Yoni casting constructions to last a lifetime I'd say! Jamie's a straight brother who genuinely ADORES A WOMAN'S FORM !! Well, if you ask me; he'd better, OR, I don’t think he could've executed an intentional feat like this if he didn’t, ya? The guys done like dinner professionally with that Artistic endevour, BUT, (Ta Da!) recreationally? He's an authentic enthusiast! His work avoids being pornographic why? BECAUSE, of how it's presented with materials and arrangement. The rows upon rows of mortar that are displayed have ZILCH to do with eroticism. It's NOT about that at all; IN FACT? It's NOT even F***IN Sexy to say the least! The brick like grid of the uniformly white plaster casting becomes just texture from a distance. It's only when you approach this PARADE OF PARADISE, that you actually realize what the hell you're gawkin at. The calculation of 4 rows of 10 casts in each panel IS repeated in the 10 panels, creating 4 lines of 100 casts. The man has BRILLIANTLY created solid aluminum frames in contrast to the undulating curves of the Yoni casts; giving HER (as he should, AND DID) an almost architectural strength! That imposition of geometry on these simulacra of flesh, AND, their sheer number, AND, juxtaposition abstracts it away from any notion of pornography. GENIUS GENTLEMAN INDEED! It's no doubt, TO ME ANYWAY, had he chosen to create this piece photographically then, by the use of that common language; it could never have escaped from pornographic connotations. If he painted them to look realistic, they would've just looked like medical models, BORING! It would also have brought the whole issue of race into the piece, which BTW, he avoid like the plague! This language of sculpture allows his piece to transcend all of that; I NEED TO MEET THIS RARE HU-MAN!!! He also did a before, AND, after mold of a Girlfriend who had labiaplasty; what was Her motivation to take dumb drastic measures like that? Seems odd to me that someone who hates how they look enough to go under a Goddess damn knife would immortalize themselves in plaster, especially as you were unable to find a victim of FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) who would participate. If a woman chooses to have cosmetic surgery after seein all of this Sexy stucco, then at least She's making an informed decision. This LOST Woman saw his Goddess gypsum, AND, still wanted to get the surgery! Christ almighty Sister friend; get a grip will ya!! My thoughts on his piece of mastery ISSSSSS? I'm sure he considered it working with 400 Women rather than 400 Yoni's. Some grasshoppers have advocated that it's less powerful coming from a man, BUT, (I disagree). I believe (oh how I believe!) that this ISSSSSS all about changin both Female, AND, male demeanor, AND, I don’t think any particular Sex is even relevant here, BUT, (of course) although other grasshopper men, in particular, MAY take it better comin from another man. You tell me!

All I can say today ISSSSS? The great wall of China ain't gotta chance in hell now that this Wall IS built!

Join me at the Oasis!


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