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Spiritual Conception

Hey, hey, hey you shifting souls! How's all things for ya's anyway? As usual today I have a deep doozy scripted revelation! Tell me, do ya ever question how you became who you are, Sexually, OR, otherwise that is? I mean seriously here, what lies deep within your DNA that has catalyzed your whole Goddess damn identity? I have recently unearthed SHOCKING accouterments of what disavowal desire, unwillingness to having Sex, BUT, (to start things movin down the page) you do "IT" anyway, UNLOVING benevolence, pathetic mental visualization, one night stands, dirty deceitful pool games, rushed frequencies, hard core F****, AND, a whole mirad of other SERIOUS vibrations that IMPACT the creation of conception, thus? Putting a damper on transfiguring the next spawning of grasshoppers for becoming THE HEALING HUMAN BEINGS THAT THIS PLANET NEEDS RIGHT NOW!!! Let's talk about all things Sexual shall we, because this IS the deepest part of our being, considering we WERE schemed up from that blissful bustle! It's no wonder to me anyway, why most of us ARE all F***ED up when it comes to our individual Sexual personality! That’s right people! Think about it here for a minute will ya's! HONESTLY, these lethal debris that I just mentioned breed toxins into that descending Soul/Spirit which then composes, AND, adhesives itself like Velcro into the Sexual DNA of your soon to be conceived fetus, LEADING TO? THE NEXT PROCREATED GROUP OF SEXUALLY F***ED UP GRASSHOPPERS!!!! OH YA! Would I shit you not? NEVER, because I've spend literally countless midnight oil lamp studies scrutinizing this shit, AND, how it affects our Sexual genetics! Gettin a grip on our negative mental chatterbox, our self talkin marble, AND, preventing anything depressive before it creeps in WILL alter conception BELIEVE IT OR NOT! INGRAINING an established SPIRITUALLY MEDITATIVE way of foreseeing foreplay DURING SEX WILL catalyze the preeminent form of Spiritually expansive human beings into this next phase of all Gaia's transformed Sister's, and brother's! Amazing new research PROVES that the neuroplasticity of your beaner CAN BE re-tailored to give your brilliant wizard THE OPPORTUNITY to reverse, AND, adapt to its modified neurons, from Meditative Spiritual Conception! Soooooooo, why the hell would you practice this anyway? Are you kiddin me? I'm not even gonna answer that F****IN question!!!! Listen up here people! If you're wanting to conceive, THAT IS IN TODAY'S WORLD AS IT IS; your baby’s personality, ON ALL LEVELS, WILL BE shaped by your mental activities, AND, emotions during La, La, La! Research shows that it starts way before the planting in the utero even comes into play here. Sister's, brother's, this IS Spiritual psychology AT ITS TECHNICAL BEST! Revolutionizing the neuroplasticity in your noodle WITH PROPER SEXUAL MEDITATION WHILE TRYING TO UPLOAD LITTLE SOULS, IS the shrewdest way to recruit the brain's alternative resources that we USUALLY really toss into the garbage bin during SEX! Depending on the MEDITATION context? IT IS IN YOUR BEST F***IN INTEREST to practice daily SEXUAL MEDITATION while the stork is flyin high! Why? Pay close attention! It WILL disclose to the ENTERING SOUL the SPIRITUAL HEALING behavioural output that your newly formed fetus DEPENDS ON to survive; PARTICULARITY in life coming around this next bend! HOLY, UNFUCKING BELIEVABLE!!! Spiritual Conception ISSSS basically defined as a combination of tranquilizing temperament, habits of humanity, empathetic responses, AND, graceful ways of reflecting DURING SEX! Little baby Soul Sister, OR, brother's personality ON ALL LEVELS will be an evolutionary revolutionized LIGHT BEING! Whether tiny kindred kid is introverted, extroverted, OR, a mesh of both, WILL be already predetermined by the combination of ATTITUDES passed down from both Mom, AND dear dad on a cellular decision DURING THE SACRED SEXUAL UNION! The circumstances of your Mental map DURING SEX influences the MUSING of that child’s telepathic grasp, AND, whatever your pondering state ISSSSS? That child's DNA, CAN BE assembled to power into that higher dimension that we're ALL SEEKING for change; SPECIFICALLY restoring, AND, recovering AUTHENTIC HUMAN SPIRITUALITY FOR HEALING THE NEXT GENESIS TO COME!!!! Tomorrow's person depends on what you see in the F***IN mirror BEFORE COPULATION PEOPLE! A dynamically stronger, compassionately capable, provocatively livelier, powerfully centered mentally, AND, a highly developed HUMAN F***IN person IS the aftermath! Are you ready for this? According to neurochemistry research performed by SPECIAL brain specialists; several connections have been made between experiences in the utero, based on PRECISE MEDITATION PRACTICES. Certain monkey on the brain compulsions, insistent behaviours, anxiety based fears, AND misgiving fascinations WILL cast the brain of the Fetus to its FIRST LEARNING CLASS OF DEVELOPMENT! WoWzer grasshoppers! The more an envisioned Dew Drop stays in a SHUSH, BECALM pensive mental environment WITH an insouciant mindset? Well people, the dynamics of neural changes the structural, AND, functional plasticity in a human Fetus's brain!!! It's believe that there ARE some things which are part of every human existence, which are sometimes referred to as the Soul brain, OR, the conscience personality. BUT, (my final summary) neither modern Science, NOR, neoteric crooked cures has any Goddess damn windy give aways as to how to even detect such a non-physical entity. Even if you believe you have a Soul, then when the hell did ya get it? You MUST certainly attach weight to havin a personality right? Hmmmmmm, when did you get SOOOOO lucky to acquire that? Look people, the Cosmic Intellegence I'm talkin about here IS apparently real in nature. It's part of the CONCEPTION CREATION; the stewing source of that soon to be Sister, OR, brother! Maybe, JUST WORLDLY WEATHER PERMITTING; some day this cutting edge Technology WILL BE analyzed IN SERIOUS DEPTH, AND? Implemented as mandatory for human teachings!!!! Pay attention Lovelies!!! We DO have the second chance here to REWIRE the generations for the future WITH THIS BURIED ANCIENT INFORMATION of what Meditation can do DURING THE CONCEIVING PROCESS!!! With the way the Planet IS currently; seems likely, TO ME ANYWAY, that it's gonna be a bit of a spell before anyone starts cluing in on this revelation of truth, BUT, (truly my final words) now that I have dug up this shit; THERE'S HOPE! Why? Well because, if I've found it; then it's already being researched grasshoppers! What a fantastic time to be breathing Gaia's air, AND, witnessing these Oracles of Human refinement!!!! You won't be hearing from me next week; I'm gonna be MIA on retreat in Costa Rica! Until the follow week, be well my tribe! oooxoxoxo

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