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A BIG Hiya to ya's all this week! Today I wanna STAND UP for my many concerns of the misconceptions about LARGER people havin Sex, ESPECIALLY when one partner IS paunchier, AND, the other IS NOT! Let's look specifically at the ISSUE (which it is BTW) of being a pleasantly plump Lady Bug havin La La with a smaller Loveaaaaa. Feminine Flabby Sex IS a VERY BIG affair (heh). AND? Because my area of expertise IS TANTRIC SEX; I CAN'T just limit the topic to just that either. I gotta explore, AND, blend other areas of Sexual elements into the equation; like the mechanics of a Blossomed Bosom havin well rounded Pushy CONFIDENTLY!

. This announcement IS very important, AND, since I CAN speak on this experience because I was F***IN Fat once upon a time; I do feel comfortable addressing the controversies. I welcome you ALL here with this STRUGGLE to pipe the hell up, AND, contribute to how you really feel on this matter of contention. There's a ton of Sister's out there who would Love, Love, Love to get it on with smaller boy toy, BUT, (to shed some light) feel that it wouldn’t quite work to well mechanically; thinkin that two DRASTICALLY different bodies couldn’t come together in a pleasurable way. THAT'S COMPLETE BULLSHIT!!!! On top of this, many Gorgeous Girls who DO have slender studs say they DON'T totally enjoy MAKING LOVE because they feel self conscious, embarrassed, OR, unfulfilled because they can’t let go during the act of intimacy. This IS one of the most important parts of enjoying naked nookie as a Voluptuous Vixen. Girlfriends? You’ll need to F***ING get over the idea that your dude doesn’t know how Fabulously Fat you are!

He Goddess damn well knows, AND, guess what? He wants to F*** you all the time! When I was a young Chubbette, I remember tryin to contort my body into more flattering positions while I was having Sex, haha, as if my partner didn’t notice my belly was gettin paunchy. Laugh my ass off; I’d arch my back, refuse to do positions that made me feel fat, AND, draped different parts of my Gorgeous Garden with a blanket, OR, pillow to conceal my post divorced distended body!

Sometimes? It usually made me feel more at ease, BUT, (reality check) it became tedious, distracted me from feeling Sexy, AND? Annoyed the crap out of my, at that time, man who just wanted to see his hot Girlfriend without Her stitches! After my divorce when I was 24, I became a much larger version of perfection than before I was married. I simply refused to have the lights on during Pushy, for what same reason? The good ol' excuse of, "He won’t know what my Marvelous Map looks like if I don’t show him." Well let me tell ya's, he totally knew how beautiful my blubber was, AND, guess what again? That Lovely Lard turned his ass on! And what’s more? That Blended Bulk kept him hard for me, more so than when I was hitched! It took me a hell of a longggggggg time to realize that my accomplice after my escape from jail, WAS havin Sex with me in part BECAUSE of the way my Figure looked, NOT in spite of the way my body appeared to be! Sounds simple right? I know, I know BUT, (genuinely) when you spend your whole bloody life being told that fat Female buildings are not Sexy, it takes some time to realize that Sexiness isn’t transparent. This grasped awareness is NOT something that happens overnight for most of us Doll Faces. Hell, it CAN take years (like it did me) of arduous mental, physical, spiritual labour! BUT, (pay attention) the sooner you enroll (yes, crack the books) on feeling Sexy just the way you are, the sooner you’ll be able to enjoy your Sexuality more fully. Seriously here people! This goes for the entire population of grasshoppers of ALL sizes, not just colossal Queen's!

Look, it's our cultures F***ING fault! We HAVE been taught to dread the pinching more than an inch BULLSHIT, AND, to be disgusted with our Sensual spare tire! So, even if we're thoroughly rad, Feminist, AND, above all that sort of self hating thinkin? Ya, sometimes we don’t like what we see in the mirror that DOESN'T lie, AND, sharing one’s curves with another human being IS without a doubt an incredibly vulnerable act that can bring out our insecurities. BUT, (know this)! The one place you should NEVER, EVER be ashamed of your Green House ISSSSS? During Sex! That my horny handful ISSSSS the time to celebrate its capacity for giving, AND, receiving orgasmic pleasure. Instead of pullin away, ENJOY IT when your cozy cuddlier embraces your breadbasket, OR, fondles it. Soft plump flesh ON WOMEN ISSSS a real turn on for MOST (evolved) enlightened men! The way a Sassy Lasses' form holds its extra weight around the belly, hips, thighs IS seen by many brothers to be UNIQUELY Feminine, AND? Extremely erotic! Those Love, Love, Love handles that you might be hiding under hoodies during the day should come out at night in all their Goddess glory!

Alright Lovely ones; I'm off to Costa Rica yet again to strut my Dakini Bikini Dazzler on the beach so you won't hear from me next week. Yes my friends; until I'm well over my 100 years of life I WILL continue to wear that small piece of clothing article on my Tree of life. I can see it now; whom ever is my main squeeze at that time WILL be walkin behind my ass (even if it does grow in size) while I'm bending over and pickin shells and tossin them between my legs into the bucket he's carrying for me! AS HE SHOULD!!!

Embrace your thunder thighs, bloated belly's, AND Fat asses Ladies! And if your male pal doesn't? TELL HIM TO GO TAKE A FUCKING HIKE!!!!


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