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The Spiral Goddess of Life

Hey grasshoppers! I've spun back around this week after my incredible re-connection with the Jungle Spiral Goddesses of Costa Rica! I just gotta say people, that country IS bursting with the Feminine internal power. Ocean tide after seashell after swirling rain sunset clouds, I bonded with Her glory once again! She's quite common to be found everywhere you look on our Golden Gaia, ESPECIALLY in the tropics of paradise! Even ancient Statues, OR, architectural pendants of Goddess shapes with a Twirl Surge in Her belly replicates Her innate nature. That Sensual Circling represents the creative power of life Herself, that rises straight outta the Sacral chakra; the chakra that corresponds to the Female Moon cycle. Our human desires for (our favourite) Sexuality, AND, intimate relationships naturally Scroll together automatically!

Metaphorically speaking here? The (what should be) OUTSTANDING journey we call life, ISSSSSS the unwinding path of Her Tendrillar. The Coiling affects that HAVE been used by humankind as an emblem for centuries. Geoff Ward writes in his book " Spiral: The Patterns of Existence" that the number seven also HAD an important place in our mortal Herstory, AND, it ISSSSSS related to HER Wound Up Form. Listen up people! There ARE seven colours in the rainbow, ya? Eight minus one notes on the Western musical scale, correct? Six plus one deadly sins (that I've probably committed BTW), right? A full set of seven days in a week, AND, septuplicate levels of consciousness in the Kabbalah!!!! The magical digit even held mystical properties among tribes from all around the world! A seven fold Spiral WAS found carved in Siberia on an old mammoth ivory that IS estimated to be 23,000 years old!!! The Hopi Indians perceived the cardinal count to be THE symbol for Mother Earth Herself, AND? The Druids WERE well connected to the prime stars of Ursa Major! Look around Lovelies; we see Her Helix both hidden, AND, manifested in nature all the Goddess damn time! What about the shell of a hermit snail that lives in my backyard of paradise? It's in the form of a Spiral, AND, so ISSSSS our DNA! Take a look at the Fibonacci number sequence. It's SOOOOO prevalent in our Great Mother that it's called "Nature's Code." The easiest place to find Fibonacci numbers IS in Her greenery. What the hell is the Fibonacci numbers as you noodle around in your beaners? Well, I'm gonna get a bit mathematical here, BUT, (IT'S ALL SACRED MATHEMATICS) no matter what kind of Flower I gazed at down South, SHE had 3, 5, 8, or 13 etc. petals, (clearly I had time on my little paws). I saw the same numbers in the branching of trees, the rows of seeds in (yes Costa Rica has sunflowers), AND, even in the arrangement of a malinchi tree pod, artichokes, AND what else? The pineapples I banqueted on everyday!! I also did a research experiment on the beach last week; cause I obviously had nothin better to do of course. When I drew squares in the wet sand using the Fibonacci numbers (2 x 2, 3 x 3, 5 x 5, for example), the squares fit neatly together. Then? I connected the corners of each square by drawing a line that connects them all. And then what? I gotta F****IN spiral man!! WE NEED TO TEACH MATH TO OUR NEXT GENERATION JUST LIKE THIS, OUTSIDE! Let's look at some Spiral dynamics shall we; which IS a highly regarded approach to humanistic development describing civilized individuals as proceeding through eight general stages called memes (look it up Loveaaaass). This dude Mr. Ken Wilber knocks off in pen that memes are NOT rigid levels, BUT, (as you should know) are flowing waves, OR, peppy coils of consciousness unfolding; just like what the rat race IS experiencing right now! As our awareness develops it unfolds in swinging flutters, stages, OR? You got it; a Corkscrew Fashion! Rather than in a linear, fixed, OR, rigid way, Wilber says this voluted theory IS backed with substantial research. CHECK IT OUT LOVELIES! The baby boomer generation IS poised for this GIGANTIC leap along the developmental Spiral toward an integral vision. Wilber pushes the pencil sayin that it WILL be an immense, AND, Herstoric transformation, one that WILL have a PROFOUND effect on society as we know it, AND, we all know what looks like right now, right? The boomer genesis ISSSSS an awakening breed of beings, why? Because of its tremendous creativity in technology, ecological sensitivity, political action, lifestyles, AND, even our treasured traits once again, SEXUALITY! As our cultural creatives move into the second half of life, THIS IS THE TIME a transformation of consciousness WILL easily occur. WHAT A FANTASTIC TIME TO BE ALIVE, LET ME TELL YA'S!!!! We've been born, AND, begun our evolution through HER colossal circumvoluted cognizance. With this Curlicue of existence that ISSSS an unending flow? It's stretchin from our bodily gardens, through our Einsteins, then ricocheting back into our soul! THEN? Returns to our spirit, with millions upon billions of NONFLUCTUATING whorls flowing through that great river from source to ocean. No society will ever simply be at an integral level, because the sequence IS unceasing. BUT, (a major problem remains), how can we get everybody to the integral wave, OR, higher? How can we arrange the health of that overall Spiral, as billions of Sister's and brother's continue to pass through it, from one end to the other, year in and 365 days out? Look grasshoppers, from the number seven, Fibonacci's code, AND, the Sacred Spiral as a metaphor, to the universe's innate tendency to create order, along with the way WE develop, it appears that it IS indeed through THE Genius Gyration that nature AUTOMATICALLY gravitates! From analogy to reality, like clusters of flowers, Sacred seedlings, which BTW, if you film them in slowwwwwwww motion sproutin from the dirt to the sky? They actually swirl in a Spiral upward flux to the light! Yepper, my dear peppers; trees, pine cones, AND, the water in our Goddess damn sink ALL, INCLUDING us Loveaaassss too, WITHOUT FAIL drift, OR, expand through the Wondrous Whorl!

I think it could be that de Chardin WAS right when he said soul bodies ARE being drawn toward a point that IS full of evolution, from where the physical, AND, (kicker) the Spiritual energy ALWAYS flow. We're left empowered, AND, lead forward through? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, AND, illumination! Maybe we can't go directly to that full point of evolution after all, BUT, (for sure) we DO have to go in Spirals. That Corkscrew Effect DOES indeed represent the dynamism of our reality, AND, the universe HERSELF!!!

Ya see people, that's what Costa Rica did to me this time around. SHE re-awoken me to REALITY!

Love, Love, Love our Goddess of Life!


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