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??? Do You Have The Guts ???

Hi Lovelies!!! This week you'll be getting 2 of my weekly's because I won't be here next week, AND, I didn't wanna miss out on Halloween with ya's all, Soooooooo enjoy! What if I told ya's today that your Sex excursions starts right in your gut; would ya's believe me, OR, not? Welllllllll, at this point of my chronicles course of actions, AND, if you're STILL (thank you!) reading, AND, gettin a better grip on my translations of lighting bolts, THEN? You gotta know I F***IN mean business here!!!! I think it’s safe to say by now that we HAD BETTER gotten a sense of what Hippocrates meant when he stated that ALL dis ease starts right in the Goddess damn gut, hmmmmm?

Look, at some point in time we've all felt the misery of indigestion, un-glorified gas, bloating that would float your asses to Panama and back, acid attacking reflux, contaminated constipation, OR, whether it's a mild day, OR, stormy weather causing you to have the F***IN shits! As (what my Son calls me) a Hippy Health Sex Healer; Sexual issues ARE the #1 complaints that I hear comin outta my Sacred sessions. I'm often asked these question by people, in hopes to FIX their Sexual missions. Can you help me with my Sex drive, why is my libido not where it use to be, my partner has gained so much weight they don't feel like havin nooky anymore. BUT, (did you know?) that digestive dis ease IS gettin in the way of ALL your SNAGGED Sexual arousal, AND, satisfaction? Sister's, brother's, there ISSSSSS a correlation between your gut health, AND, your Sexual function!

When most people envision about our MOST FAVOURITE PASTIME, they don’t immediately think of the health of their Sexy Stomach, OR, intestines, BUT, (I declare) there ISSSSSS an unyielding connection between our belly fitness, AND? Our Sexual rumblin awakening!!! Just how the hell does that associate net-worker actually work? Listen grasshoppers, Sexuality as you must know by now, ISSSSSSS a very complicated subject that we experience both physically, AND, emotionally. BUT, (as a reminder) what many of you DON'T realize IS that the intestinal system IS a major physical factor that HAS many unexpected effects on our ability to respond, AND, perform Sexually. Ya see, behind that navel there's BILLIONS of bacteria. IN FACT OF THE MATTER? There ARE more bacteria in our abdominal region then there are cells in our ENTIRE F***IN BODY!! Sooooo, what does that tell US? These bay window bacterium ARE livin organisms that hang out together in a complex jungle, AND? They're so progressive, AND, persuasive in our overall body business THAT they're referred to by Doc's, AND, Awakened Analyst's as your SECOND THINK TANK in your Solar Plexus!! These co-workers ARE under the obligation for producing those Horny hormones, enticing enzymes, AND, those needed little neurotransmitters like Serotonin, which BTW?? ARE YOUR NUTS AND BOLTS FOR SEXUAL HEALTH DAMN IT!! Ya, ya, ya, I know; isn’t Sexy Serotonin produced in your beaner? Nope, not all of it! It turns out that only a scant of that Sexy Scheme of things IS produced in the brilliance that sits on your sturdy scruff! Check it out people! About 80 to 90 percent of it ISSSSS actually contrived from what you thought was just digesting your moveable feasts! So, how the hell does Serotonin in the gut really affect our Sexual ambitions, AND, stimulating whims? Well, most Sister's and brother's understand that the "S" word as being a mood enhancer, correct? So, how does it affect us Sexually on a physical level? That Horny instigator DOES act primarily to affect attitudes; BUT, (if you didn't know) outside the nervous system its deed IS to control, AND, improve blood flow to several areas including your La La parts. Soooooo, does that mean that the Golden Snake may also enhance an Orgasm? Damn right! The human Orgasm KICKS OFF with the invigoration of nerves in the Sexual intimate instruments grasshoppers! THEN? Leads to looping in the smooth muscle of those monumental Sexy systems, which IS where Serotonin IS found Loveaaaass!

Wonder struck on how we CAN concoct, AND, cultivate a healthy balance of Serotonin in our guts of glory for transcending Sexual arousal? Your healthy FLAT fortitude IS attained, AND, preserved by living a rosy cheeked lifestyle. Damages that assist to your inside plexus ARE of course a piss ass diet, pathetic prescriptions, depressed nutrient deficiencies, OMGODDESS STRESS, AND, ALL ineffective environmental toxins.

CLEAN food ISSSSS always, AND, better be your rudimentary, AND leading vaccine. A diet RICH in yummy vegetables, fabulous fruits, AND, blessed fats like coconut oil, avocado lube, nectarous nuts, Sacred seeds, AND, a REGULATED amount of lean protein IS the best way to keep our pots unimpaired. EXERCISE (Ta Da!) IS crucial, in conjunction with mindfulness, AND, OMGODDESS STRESS reduction, which as you must know WILL come from practicing some type of quiescent meditation, Yin yoga, OR, spending time in WITH GAIA! These ARE the groundings helping to create a healthy environment for our blessed bodies, zenful minds, AND, Sensual spirits!

I hope by takin a look today into the relationship between our guts, AND, our Sexual triumph reinforces what ALL the health experts HAVE known for centuries, all the way back to Hippocrates. Our human Garden IS a complex, AND, completely interconnected whole that Science STILL is baffled by its never ending discoveries of amazing behaviours. Every system (with no exceptions) affects ALL of the others, AND? It's IMPOSSIBLE to disentangle the holdings of the noggin noodle, AND, the bag of bones on one another. In order to be utterly ecstatically Sexual we HAVE to care for our whole being, GUTS AND ALL!

Okki dokki people; keep your pipes clean will ya's!


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