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The Notorious Nipple

Hey you lusty gathering! Listen, I just gotta say that last week's Halloween Horny handwriting assignments WERE HOT!!!!! All you Sexy asses out there who WERE good sports at sending some electrifying endings back to me, I graded with A's for AROUSING accomplishments! Got my Yoni pulsating that's for sure! Too bad Sex chalk talks weren't like that back in the days of elementary schools huh? We WOULD be ALL better Love, Love, Loveaaaaaas that's a given; which IS why I'm here people, TO GET YOU'S ALL CAUGHT UP FOR LOST TIME!!!!

Maybe, PARTICULARLY FOR YOU GODDESSES out there, your Sex drills might NOT have covered everything your body is capable of right? From the Moon Cycle to mixing body fluids to Orgasm, a Woman’s Garden IS pretty impressive, no? ESPECIALLY THE BREAST BUDS!! Just why do those Nibs get steely anyway? And when do erect Girlfriend Glands become an issue? There's A LOT of reasons, AND, most of them have SHIT to do with Sex guys, SOOOOOO, listen up!!! Firm Feminine Friends aren’t exclusive to us Doll Faces either. You dudes get them all the time toooooooo, AND, your F***IN boy bosoms DON'T even serve the same functions as ours, SO how 'bout that?

Today IS a refresher course for the lower vibrating specie to UNDERSTAND THE reasons why our Nurturing soothers get firm in the first place. COLD!!!! One sane marble throw ISSSSSSS that you’re freezin your F***IN ass off! Those same nerves that cause the hair follicles on your huggin extremities become bumpy, raised, goosebumps, causing??? Sister's that stand at attention!!! IN FACT HERE? The ducts on your split ends of your Adorable Areolas, which IS absolutely normal, WILL also pucker when you’re feelin the frosty's. You may not ever notice them otherwise! Friction from your top attire IS another culprit. If there’s room between your breasts, AND, bra (which better be a sport support), OR, top to rub against one another, your Girls Eyes might windup with binoculars on!!! You might not even notice this, BUT, (HELLO ) the results become pretty obvious. When the panic button is pushed this IS an UNEXPLAINED reason why Boob Studs get thick. Not only that, BUT, (get this) fear WILL have physical reactions from quickened breath to the sinkin feeling in the pit of your stomach toooooooo! Why? Because the amygdala IS the controller for both anxiety, AND, Sexual arousal. Soooooooo Girlfriend grasshoppers, if you’re rattled, that could turn your High Beams on, BUT, (again) the other symptoms may be more noticeable in that moment. Pregnancy might make your Lookers more OUTSTANDING than ever before because they're gettin ready for your new arrival of life to feed of course. Excess Estrogen IS also a guilty party! So, thus far, I've revealed typical, AND, innate reasons why your Bust Latching Devises get a hard on. BUT, (honestly) those Private Investigators WILL become exceptionally sensitive, which results in more Forging Ahead IF you have an excess of Estrogen in your system. Watch out for this Ladies because high Estrogen levels are also linked to flighty blood pressure, AND, heaven forbid, tumors. This my Sister's, IS the reason why you’re probably sooooooo Goddess Damn Horny!

And guys???? Havin Elevated Interests IS NOT the only sign of arousal, SO PAY ATTENTION! Don't forget the flushing of the Female skin on Her face, Her chest, Yoni Waters, AND, clitoral creatrix ARE ALL other flags you know! What about feelin mentally kindled? This my friends, ISSSSSS, more common with Lady Bugs than it is with men because? WE'RE EXTRAORDINARY HUMAN BEINGS THAT'S WHY!!!!!! When the Girlfriend Glands ARE in a Hard Placement that DOES NOT mean WE Sister's want them fondled, OR, groped! IT DOES NOT mean that stimulation is gonna be a prosperous endevour either! Have you brother's even thought for JUST A SECOND to ask your Lovely one if SHE even wants disturbances in that area? NOPE, I didn't think you've ponder over that; you blatantly just jumped in for the jugulars! ASK FIRST WILL YA'S!!!!

Continuing on here with these two peas in a pod; it’s important to remember BOYS, that your most important Sensual asset of life might just have one stirred up. One Little Lou might be more inclined to be more sensitive than the other. Women ARE NOT symmetrical people dudes!! Hopefully you're ALL seein NOW why The Rose Buds create a Strong Impact? It’s normal, natural, AND, it doesn’t necessarily mean shit at all!!! BUT, (in reality) it CAN make US Doll Faces feel a bit self conscious, especially if they're on the look out in public places!

We humans DON'T always do the best job as a society informing people, AND, Women especially, of how their bodies work, AND, what’s normal. Hopefully, you NOW understand the myriad of accounts for why THE INQUISITIVE ONES seems to show a smile to the World!!!! You NOW can WOW your Daughter's, son's, friends, OR, family for that matter with your new enlightened knowledge, AND, remind grasshoppers around the Globe that arousal IS, BUT, (as my final note) ONLY a small factor into the awakening of Blossom Flowerings!

Learn as much as you can about the Feminine Loveaaaaassss; that's what this lifestyle is all about!


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