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Puja Performed Properly

Hiya! Feeling the shift of the human evolutionary consciousness awakening? I can only HOPE so, AND, within this activation of blossoming new Rituals? One of the most beautiful, AND, profound Tantric Statute ISSSSSS The Yoni Puja! Puja you say; well Puja means Worship, AND, we all know who Yoni is! Oh ya, you're certain you get it right? You know alllllllll about Yoni Worshiping hmmmm brother's? Wrong, MOST OF YOU'S DON'T KNOW SHIT!!!! All you know is the perverted, AND, raped version, NOT, it's true meaning, AND, your SOON TO BE practice!!!! It has squat to do with goin down and eating out your Lovelies' Lily either! Although that IS fantastically fine, deliciously dandy, AND, has its' place of perfection in the world, BUT, (Ta Da!) there's more to it here grasshoppers! In this LIFESTYLE of Tantra, that IS STILL BTW misunderstood, Yoni IS an abstract representation of Shakti, OR? The Supreme Feminine Energy! She's THE creative force that gives birth to, AND, moves through the entire Universe. SOOOOOOO, Yoni Puja IS a Ritual to honour, AND, praise The Feminine Shakti, IN HER ENTIRETY!

Without a doubt, the most well known text on The Exaltation of The Creatrix IS Yoni Tantra. As IS the case in many other Tantric passages, Yoni Tantra IS a dialogue between Shiva, AND, Parvati. AND, for those of you who don't know who ParvatI ISSSSSS? SHE'S The Hindu Goddess of Fertility, Love, Love, Love, AND, Devotion; ALONG WITH as you better know, Female Determination! This Ceremony IS a HIGHLY REVERED Spiritual practice; one that you ALL better grasp today! Look grasshoppers, we WERE ALL born from a Yoni, correct? What other knowledge can match the magnificence of THAT SACRED SPACE? DO TELL WILL YA'S; ZERO!!!!! SHE IS the only Library of Accomplishments that you'll ever need to access, plain and F***IN simple! So, what does Yoni Puja actually entail anyway? It DEMANDS the IDOLIZING of Shakti by carrying out certain symbolic gestures using an ABSTRACT form of Shakti, THE YONI obviously; which IS represented by a gateway of some sort; an oval space, OR, a portal platform. The Sacrament can grow wings by using a sculpture, painting, OR, sanctified natural object to represent the Jewel of the Nile (which IS Feminine Waters BTW), AND, serve as the FOCUS of veneration. As well, THE Powerhouse of Intelligence CAN be prayed to in HER actual living form; The Female Flower of course. If your imagination brother's, is picturing your male muzzle goin in for the count, FORGET IT! This IS a form of offering that you give natural gifts, NOT YOUR SLOBBERING BEAK, AND? Place them GENTLY on the Female body, FOCUSING on the Pelvic Palace of The Divinity, AND, extending from that point elsewhere. This tradition goes back thousands of years, AND, is STILL a custom in India today which embraces many forms. Despite many differences, there ARE several elements of protocol with VERY CLEAR symbolism's that constitute the CORE of a Puja Performed Properly! PAY ATTENTION NOW!!! So, THE Formal Code of Ethics starts with reverence, AND, salutations IN FRONT of THE Monumental Mother. Those of you in the (better be) future who attend a Yoni Puja WILL be EXPECTED to offer five different vital fruits, OR, other items to Shakti. A variety of Flower Petals, OR, rice and ghee, (which is a clarified butter) etc. Then? Your composed mantras, hymns, AND, prayers MUST BE orally (and not the oral activity you're thinkin either) articulated for the Prestigious Grandeur of the Divine Feminine. After this glorification? Well, then comes the consecration of the five elements IN EXACTLY these steps, SOOOO, listen up! Five liquids ARE poured over the Blessed Dwelling (organic yogurt, honey, milk, water, AND, edible oil), representing the quintupled fundamentals (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, AND, Ether). This penance you pay my grasshoppers, symbolizes the defiance of the five rooted components. The lustrum liquids ARE THEN collected in a vessel below the metaphorical Sensual Sanctuary. The final mixture IS THEN empowered by the DIRECT, AND, intimate contact with Shakti. Afterward, when all this has taken place? EVERY participant takes Tribute, AND, sips this Sacred Libation! Succeeding the consecration of those cornerstone particles usually comes the Magic Stage! Yepper dearest peppers; this IS a time that congregant devotees KNEEL before HER Compelling Gift of the Universe, AND, asks the Cosmic Wise One to grant wishes. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR LOVEASSSSS!! For the GENUINE Spiritual Seeker, of course, THE INTENTIONAL ASPIRATION, that naturally springs forth from the (better be) Heart ISSSSSS? To realize the TRUTH, to go back to the Source, AND, find the Essence of Creation HERSELF. Sooooo, by the synergy of devotion, AND, grace, the TRUE practitioner WILL BE absorbed into the Womb, ONLY to be contemplating the mystery of Shakti, WHICH REMAINS TO BE SEEN TODAY BY MEN! The thing that IS most CRITICAL in this OBLIGATION IS? The single minded attention of the practitioners, AND, their fidelity to THE FEMININE! It IS this unification of awareness, AND, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that enables the human consciousness to rise on this Goddess damn planet! I emphasize the CRUCIAL aspect of being DEEPLY in LOVE, LOVE, LOVE again with, AND, reverential to the Mother in ALL HER FORMS!

WOMEN people, ARE, multiple facets of THE Supreme Shakti. We Sister's, ARE, Divinity, Life, THE True Jewels of existence! We ARE The Girlfriends of the heaven; Dharma; AND, the highest retributions OF ALL! We sit right along side of Buddha for Christ sake; hell, WE ARE BUDDHA!!! THE GODDESSES OF A SELF GOVERNED ASSEMBLY WITH THE PERFECTION OF POISED PRUDENCE ISSSSS WHO WE ARE! Our Brilliant Yoni's need to be DRENCHED with the masculine sobbin tears of sorry ass men who have treated them with disgust in the past, even present, AND, Goddess forbid the future!!! AND FUCKING MEAN IT!!!! This my friends, IS THE PUJA PERFORMED PROPERLY!!!!

You know what to do; IT'S TIME!


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