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Gaia's Sex Chakra

Hark you Sacred (new Dakini word of the day) EVOLUTIONISTIC grasshoppers! Get your seafaring plans in place NOW Lovaaaaas! Why? Because it's time to globe trot to Lake Titicaca, on the border of Peru and Bolivia to connect with the Womb of Mother Earth this coming February 2020. For what F***IN reason? Daaaaaa!!! To EXPAND COLLECTIVELY the power, AND, Love, Love, Love that rests FIRST HAND in this portal on our Planet that's why!!!!! Just like us people, Mother Earth HAS Chakras. The (Sex) Sacral Chakra, AND, Womb of The Planetary Procreatrix has been inaugurated to the basin of Titicaca!!!!!

Sister's, brother's, this ISSSSSS the place to wind up at next year BECAUSE over the last 7 calendar turns, basically since 2012, enlightened people all over Her body HAVE been flocking DURING HER SHIFTING TO STABILITY (AS THEY SHOULD) to experience THE HEALING CATALYST that this Divine District HAS BEEN radiating! Issues with Sex organs including cysts, hemorrhages, AND, FEMININE pain from intrusion of the past, WILL BE RECONCILED, REBUILT, AND, REJUVENATED!!! At this Venerable location; one of the insights for even participating ISSSSS??? THE Female collective RIGHT NOW ISSSSS undergoing AN EXTREMELY EXTENSIVE RESUSCITATION PROCESS, AND RESTORATION DEVELOPMENT OF THE WOMB!!!!! That's right people; that space where you where nurtured for NINE FUCKING MONTH! Then? SHE WAS disrespected, causin delusional hysteria, AND, basically? FORCED TO COMPAT IN A TESTOSTERONE F****IN WORLD WAR!!!!!

Sorry, BUT, (spellin it out like it is) this hits a Goddess damn NERVE with me!!!!!Listen up Loveaassss! Lake Titicaca carries a converging balance of Female and male energy, giving it an OUTSTANDINGLY strong tie to THE Spiritual Kundalini kicker also known as? The Sexual energy of Her Terrane of course!!! Our Sex Chakra hangs out a couple of inches below where the pig bit ya, when you were summoned to arrive on this blue and green Mother Mass! It falls in line with the Hippy Hips, Her Womb, AND, your Gardens Genitals; embodying that Sexual pleasure, AND? The Creatrix whatda think!!! When you balance your Sexy Sex Chakra at this remarkable reservoir it WILL lead to a desirous, robust Sex life with a significant other, AND? MAKE WORLD PEACE AT THE SAME TIME!!!!! This body energy center HAS BEEN deficient, prone to lose courage when it comes to pleasure, which BTW, WILL cause us to become impassioned Sister's and brother's, AND, leading us into a battle royal with building trust, OF ANY KIND! If it's taken to excess? Well, TAKE A LOOK AT THE WORLD TODAY PEOPLE! WHATDA THINK?

Your Sacral Chakra embodies the center of who the hell you are, AND, how the hell you express yourself on this Planet! It’s VITAL to your compassionate creativity, not just horny, BUT, (of course) happy, emotional health WITH a positive human Spirit to keep the energy flow of this MAGIC MOXIE in proper balance. I say this over and over til the cows come home that we gotta honour the power of Creation Lovelies; our survival depends on it! BUT, (it seems) that we STILL have not FULLY honoured the Sacredness of THE WOMB! You guys out there (men) know shit about "THE WOMB" Why? Because your emotions are NOT connected to your dick, DICK HEADS!!! BUT, (YEP) you wanna learn how to be sentimental with your Sex right? Therefore, if you're not honouring THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF THE WOMB when you're havin Pushy? You're NOT honouring your god within; making you just another shitty piece of lay in hay! All of these synchronicities MUST merged together when you're given the opportunity to go to THE SOUL of Mother Earth to do THE healing work, FOR THE CUMULATIVE COMRADES OF THIS PLANET PEOPLE!!

Look grasshoppers, one of your BETTER BE purposes of your life's journey SHOULD BE to restore THE ORIGINAL EARTH, AND, heal the mutilated Divine Feminine from the toxic masculine of the pathetic past, STILL pitiful present, AND, Goddess forbidden future! This DOESN'T mean that only brother's have to harmonize in this process; there ARE a ton of Girlfriends out there that need an upgraded repair toooooo; so get your poop together Sister's! If you're interested in coming to the Sacral Chakra of HER GARDEN BODY to receive invigoration, benediction, AND, DNA activation? This coming 2020 ISSSSSS THE TIME to do it! On the border of Peru, AND, Bolivia? To have the SEX Chakra represented by Lake Titicaca WILL NOT be any better for waking the F**** up! It ISSSSSS the highest lake in the whole Goddess damn Ball of Bliss LOVEAAAASSSS!!!!!

There ARE 2 Sacred Islands there; the Island of the Moon (Feminine of course) and the Island of the Sun (masculine) all perfectly interpreted for you to undertake the ELBOW GREASE required to CLEAN UP your LOUSY inner balance of your own Sexual polarity. This my followers IS where the Rainbow Serpent (Female again) and Quetzalcoatl Serpent (male) meet WITH COMPLETE ALIGNMENT in 2020 for the first time!!! It's a pretty spectacular event that SHOULD NOT be left out of your agenda; which IS why I'm sending you this information now SOOOOOO you can plan your expedition. This WILL inspire us ALL to work on balancing the FEMININE and the masculine Sexual polarization PERFECTLY!Get your online voyage proxy lined up Lovelies; AND, take your Goddess to the ONLY location on this Glorified Gaia to make passionate Love, Love, Love to HER Universes Womb. THIS IS HOW WE'RE GONNA CORRECT THE DAMAGE OF GAIA'S SEX CHAKRA, COLLECTIVELY!!!!

See ya's there!


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