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The Right To Be Feminine

Hey there people! I just wanna apologize for last weeks article of spelling boo boo's LOL!!!! I re-read it after I got back from the gym Friday morning, AND, was annoyed that I sent it out forgettin to re-edit the final draft. Urghhhhh!!!! I usually do a re-read, BUT, (it slipped my right brain). Must 'ave been in a Goddess damn dash to sweat my pheromones over this particular Sexy Yogi hippy I've been salivating over at the gym; anyway, I'm sure you caught them all! MY BAD! Speakin of the bright side of your beaners grasshoppers? I'm throwin it out there again by sayin it's Feminine dontcha know, OR, for better use? Well, that which ISSSS cleverly creative, exquisitely delicate, instigating intuitiveness, never ending nurturing, quick on the uptake, yielding yet resilient, ever SOOOOO trusting, ongoing orchestration, arguably articulate, satiny soft, AND? The part of us that just F***IN KNOWS without explanation! These ARE roots that reach deep into the heart my horny hummingbirds! The Effeminate helps us tenderize the CONSTANT male driven of doingness in our lives; which HAS become part of our MISGUIDED, AND, relentless efforts to SURVIVE in the BULLSHIT of the material World! Today I'm gonna give ya's a whole slew of ingredients to activate the right end of the stick when it come to generating more of the? Yep, THE FEMININE LIFESTYLE; WHICH, BTW, ISSSSSSS WHAT TANTRA IS ALL ABOUT LOVELIES!!! Ask yourself this; what do I feel alive by? Take some time to allow your Einstein balls to consciously wander towards the answer for that question. Observe where your thoughts adventure to. Head on out where they go people! Just let your inspiration, AND, creativity be guided by THE spontaneous self. Go ahead, daydream; it WILL allow you to play out scenarios where you miraculously save the day. You romp around with plotted schemes in your noodle that are kinda crazy, and then? You personally, AND, heroically resolve them all!!!! THAT MY DEARS ISSSSSS THE RAW FEMININE AT WORK!!! Make it a quest to take more photos throughout your daily tic tocs. When, my friends, you hold the INTENTION to take happy snappy's, it trains your eagle eye to look for the beauty in the unexpected. The art in the world around you ISSSS exploding with colours, AND, Sexy shapes drizzled with texture. Notice what you're drawn to AND CAPTURE IT, for Goddess sake! Another Feminine attribute ISSSSSSS eaves dropping. It's OK guys; just take those opportunities when you're waitin in line to stretch your gifted scholarly muscles. Prick up your amplifiers to those around you with a sympathetic ear. Sister's, brother's it's plain 'ol honouring, AND, noticing the precious humanity in other souls. Twist your imagination by hearing a poem, OR, image comin outta their words. So often we're disconnected from our breath, SOOOOOO take them in through the diaphragm. Make it A PRACTICE to check-in, notice your oxygen intakes, allowing your glorious gasps to expand your inventive center. Pay attention to what you're experiencing somatically, AND, take into consideration what wonderful whiffs are circling around you. Keen into what the air feels like; sink into the experience of your senses Loveaaassss! Just keep in mind that shallow breathing IS the root of all evil, BUT, (there's hope) conscious deep inhalations restores, AND, secures our Sexy ass souls! We are visual Earthy beings Lovelies, SOOOO, what do you care? It means WHEN you doodle an image that captures the essence of an idea, you NOT ONLY remember it, BUT, (Ta Da!) you also help other people understand, AND, act on it! Go ahead and dazzle in doodle, Sensually scribble, outline words, OR, images, AND, make twirly swirly lettering where ever you want!. Do this whenever you have a paper and pen in your paw to allow your original genius to infiltrate your to do lists, discarded envelopes, AND, your napkins at dinner. Just get into the habit doggonit of havin fun with puttin ingenuity energy into the World! Draft your daily gazettes of what inspires you most my tribe! Maybe on your timely timetable is a book you wanna write, OR, a blog you wanna start, preparing a blessed feast that you resonate with, OR, whatever the hell your heart center desires! Grasps these things, AND? Love, Love, Love the impulses they induce!!! Put 'em ALL down as a runnin list, AND, start takin F***IN action before it's too late! Look, our dreams ARE a beautiful representation of our innovative courage. You have to Love, Love, Love this part of yourself that ISSSSS bubblin with EXPANSIVE expression. Write down your ALL dreams; whatever you can remember. It's an exercise honouring this stimulating part of yourself, BUT, (of course) it also helps you convince your barrel of monkeys to think in symbols, AND, metaphors! Active body, swarming right mind! Move your ass people; stretch those abductor muscles, sway through your day Loveassss! Do what evaaaaaaaaa feels awesome for you, AND, only you! Maneuver into the places that feel wide ranging, AND, liberating! Propelled activity releases all kinds of juicy stuff in our scholastic sage. It helps us visualize luminously, with more confidence and acuteness. If you don’t move your Gardens people? Your right brain thinks you’re F***IN dead! Body kinetics WILL NOT ONLY clear out the sludge, BUT, (finally) give you that Feminine moxie mind!!!

Sister's, brother's, get to work!


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