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5D Sexual Paradigm

Hey, hey, hey you stardust souls; these ARE the times of LADY LASS LIFT OFFS!!! Currently, it HAS become increasingly IMPERATIVE for Women who, ARE WITH HOPE, on the launch pad of ascension to NOT have Sexual Union with any male partner that is in ANY way, stupid shape, OR, quibbled form, Sexually sarcastic. SOOOOO, that means ANY present CONFUSION that manifests Karmic patterns within intimate, OR, Sexual relationships? Sister's who ARE set in motion for dispatch WILL be abruptly shifted right on outta the negative BULLSHIT that blocks HER Sexual spiraling upsurge! The intelligence of HER Spiritual light WILL protect HER Luminous Body from any further intrusion of superimposed adversity, resulting from the delinquent, mismanaged male Sexual egos, here on Earth!!!

Let me shed some Dakini sprinkles on this. When a Girlfriend who receives ANY lower frequency vibrational astral energy accumulation into Her Illumine Body, from havin Pushy with HER partner? That WILL jeopardize, AND, barricade HER Spiritual advancement DURING THESE CRUCIAL TIMES ON GAIA RIGHT NOW PEOPLE! ANY Lovely Little Missy absorbing ANY jaundice junk of remote fortitude during The Sacred Union with a DISCONNECTED sidekick, RUNS THE RISK of EXTREMELY AMPLIFIED stellular steam that WILL lead to passing dark possessions from the MALIGNANT MALE! Not only this Loveaaaas, BUT, (like clockwork) it also WILL transfer between emotionally, OR, Spiritually discombobulated so called pals. Many accumulated years of energetic pain, anguished suffering, OR, tormented misery stitches right into HER body. In some cases? And get this, AND, GET IT GOOD! It IS a DELIBERATE male tactical dodge used to TARGET Starseed Females on the Escalated Climb to DRASTICALLY lower their personal cadence, AND, harvest their light source, by using their bodies as a F***IN dark repository!!!! FUCKERS!!!!! Listen up Ladies, AND, you guys who even give a shit! It IS extremely important RIGHT NOW for ALL rising Sister's to protect your Sexual organs, AND, treat your bodies with LOVE, LOVE, LOVING care, AND, saturate them with respect! With the current Plasma light activation happening? The multidimensional anatomy of the Women's Sexual organs, AND, HER Flowering Fluids ARE shifting to become prolific light generators. Those soaring higher intelligent species being initiated at this time, into higher amplitudes of plasma refulgence, WILL begin to notice changes occurring in their Sacred organs, body cycles, AND, believe this, OR, not, the taste of their FEMININE fluids! Effeminate waters ARE being activated into powerful alchemical mixtures that react to combine during THE SEXUAL UNION to generate even more brilliance. Sooooooo? When a Doll Face IS able to unconditionally Love, Love, Love HERself, clutch onto claimed competency, AND, respectful boundaries for HER body, during? Yepper, peppers ORGASM, the activated running rivers open into the cells to receive more of HER Soul Spirit into the body. Simultaneously? Well, during this LOVE, LOVE, LOVING conjunction, it attracts more of HER partners Soul Spirit into his body. Dontcha want this guys? Hmmmmmmm, you'd better!!!

This my friends IS an influential inception that WILL be very supportive for COLLECTIVE Spiritual growth, AND, sharing Love, Love, Loving states with our one and only. BUT, (pay attention) if we're reckless with our Gardens, this potentiality becomes abusive, AND, used against us. On this upward Sensual swing, we MUST make the choice to clean up the SHITTY past of afflictive Sexual (for lack of a better word) networking, AND, give clemency to the accumulative astral baggage. With these new Plasma intensities coming into play, we're learning NOW, how human Sexuality IS definitely evolving in order to become what it WAS F***IN designed for! A SPIRITUALLY BENEFICIAL EXPERIENCE; NOT A BODY POUNDING ARENA!

What I believe ISSSSSSS? And I could give a rats ass if you even give a shit; humanity left a higher frequency existence tons of thousands of eons ago, AND, descended into a low density 3D Matrix. We've basically been tryin to get back to the Green House ever since. Sister's, brothers, this rebound retreat IS NOT as far off as some might think. Sexuality HAS BEEN one of the most misconceived, AND, exploited outraged activities ON THIS PLANET!!!! Ever since THE BULLSHIT of patriarchy took root from planting their F***IN seeds in the holes of our Sister's pulled up Matriarchal foundations? That pathetic persistence of dominating our cultural myths, AND, stories prevailed! People, WE HAVE witnessed the greatest imbalance between the Sexes; AND I MEAN EVER!!!!

The HUMONGOUS story ever told ISSSSS all about our collective fall from grace into this 3D separation, fear driven, controlled Matrix. You know the one I'm talkin about; The Feminine was supposedly to blame for our escape from Paradise. Steadily, we're NOW climbin outta the pickle jar of once was to a deep polarity of 3D Effeminate energies, AND GOIN TO WHERE? Love, Love, Love of course, true tenderness, relating verbally (NOT BY TEXTING), genuine nurturing, innate intuition, the flight of fancy, AND? Birthing, WHICH BTW, have been seen as inferior to the testosterone qualities of reason, logic, focus, competition, AND, action! It HAS happened in every Goddess damn culture across HER BODY!!!! This inferior/superior way of BULLSHIT thinking IS THE REASON WHY it HAS effected Sexual relationships ever since! Matriarchy, which dominated human cultures for thousands of calendar turns, WAS far less dangerous, BUT, (AS WELL) in terms of our collective evolution, NOT that much better!

Where the hell we're headin, I conclude, IS a balancing of virtues within our secluded, AND, collective psyche. This harmonized readjustment within Sexual relationships WILL, if practiced PROPERLY lead to a new World alchemy! This consensus of dynamism has NEVER happened within our cumulative memory, EVER PEOPLE!!!! LISTEN UP GRASSHOPPERS! This IS THE INNER MARRIAGE where the FEMININE, and masculine virility, LEARN DAMN IT, to work together COOPERATIVELY rather than acting like a buncha IMMATURE divorced trade zinging humans!!! This my Loveaaaaass IS the co-operational aspects of the coming 5D paradigm on our Green and Blue ball of soon to be bliss!

I say no more!


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