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Reindeer Goddesses

We're dashin into December people! AND WITH THAT SISTER, AND BROTHER'S? There's a whole slew of Pagan Lore Jubilation's to engage in now! Longggggg before Christ Mas, our Northern European ancestors celebrated the advent of Winter Solstice. Why? Because that heralds the up and coming return of the Sun, AND, with it the pledge of new life in Spring! Wayyyyyyy back when the comforts WERE NOT offered by modern technology; this time of year must 'ave raised fears in the hearts of our foregathers; anticipated concerns that the tanning flare might not rebound to its' Summer glory again. There WERE wavering ambiguities that there wouldn't be enough meal sustenance's for the Winter that resonated in the masses. That's why a frolicking festival of light WAS openly welcomed, AND, down right vital!!!

Here's some doctrine saga for ya's my tribe! That longest night of the year WAS called Mother Night. Why? Because, it WAS during this time that the Goddess worked Her magic to nurture the seeds laying dormant in the dark Womb of Earth so that untrodden enthusiasm could emerge in the recoil of resilience. It WAS the time grasshoppers, to paint the town red so to speak, with the indestructible cycle of life, eternal rest, AND, renaissance. Many of the elements associated with Christ Mas HAVE their origins in our Goddess Worshiping past people! Like the evergreen shrubbery, a handful of horny holly, makin out under the mistletoe, the loops of garland, igniting wax torches, AND? Yepper, dear peppers; even our favourite Santa Claus, AND, his Reindeer who both have their nucleus in Northern European Sun Goddesses. Let me break them down for ya's so you can GET A GRIP ON LOGISTICS THIS YEAR! Saule, who IS The Lithuanian, AND, Latvian Goddess of light, AND the orange sparkler of the sky, took to the vault of heaven people, on the Winter Solstice in a sleigh pulled by Horned Reindeer. Oh ya, She journeyed with the aide of Her smith, who forged a golden cup to catch Her tears which then transformed into amber. What did She do during Her flight through the happy hunting grounds anyway? Pay attention here; She threw these pebbles of golden morsels, like little bits of daylight, AND, apples down to Gaia's human beings below. She WAS a spinning Goddess who used Her skill to twist the basking rays onto the world. This Little Tart ruled ALL parts of humanities bouncy brio; determining that vital dash of it all, departures into the afterlife, prosperity, AND? Regeneration of US ALL!!! She basically WAS the AUBADE OF ENTIRETY; ridin every day in Her chariot across the celestial sphere. A Sister after my own heart!!!! Ha, She ALSO took in souls of the recently departed into Her apple tree in the West. Then there's Beiwe; She WAS the Goddess del Sol of the Sami or Lapps; those rugged indigenous people of the Nordic countries. The Sami WERE Reindeer herders who relied on the antlered beasts for their survival. Beiwe, sustained the people, AND, their assemblage by helping them to cultivate mental health during the difficult months of darkness ahead. She flew through the eternal Queendom with Her Daughter, Beaivi-nieida, who WAS the bright star Maiden; in a ring of Reindeer antlers flinging Fertility, AND, heartfelt oomph back onto the land! On Winter Solstice Her tribe smeared offerings of warm butter on doorposts to help Her gain strength for Her flight high into the WILD blue yonder!!! Beiwe, like Saule WAS also associated with reeling motion. Spiraling wheels and flax were left as offerings on Her altars. The Norse Goddess Frigga, spun around just like the other Goddesses. She basically sat at Her pirouette totter during the Winter Solstice interfolding the fates of the year to come. This merrymaking WAS called? TA DA, YULE!!! It's from the Norse word for wheel Loveaaaasss!! Does any of this shit sound familiar yet grasshoppers? Christ Mas IS often called Yule, OR, Yuletide RIGHT? The Christ Mas wreath WAS adapted from Frigga’s Wheel of Fate, symbolizing the cyclical nature of life Lovelies!!!! Take a look at the Slavic Winter Goddess Rozhanitza. She's also associated with Reindeer, AND? THE CUSP OF COOOOOLD! Gotta Love, Love, Love Her people; She IS depicted as a horned Goddess with Reindeer antlers! Folk art of red and white embroideries were made of Her for the summit of Solstice Shindigs. On Her feast day, WHICH WAS BTW, December 26, cookies WERE made in the shape of Deer, AND, were given out to eat for good luck! And you what else you inquisitive followers? Reindeer's ARE the only members of the Deer family whose Females have horns, AND? Listen up; ARE stronger, AND, larger than the males! Oh ya, leave it to me to dig up this shit! The males doff off their antlers in Winter, leaving it to the Deer Mother to fly through the long, dark night of Frosty Fastigium. Pay attention grasshoppers! The Reindeer WAS a Sacred animal to our ancient ancestors of Northern Europe. The Dazzlin Doe WAS seen as the giver of life's kindle. Their horns WERE associated with the tree of life, AND, at times they were OFTEN depicted carrying the Sun in their horns!

Ancient Siberia's Deer Goddess, concludes that those talented tapir images found throughout the early nomadic, AND, semi nomadic cultures of the vast steppe and mountainous regions of Eastern Europe, AND, Asia ARE??? Radical evidence of a Deer Mother as the source of life, AND, death! Monolithic Deer Stones ARE found all over this region, carved with stylized depictions of Reindeer, as if they were in flight!

There ISSSSS Horned Goddesses found all through the Celtic World as well. Elen of the Ways, in Her most ancient form, WAS the Guardian of the Leys (Gaia's Ley Lines), the ancient track ways people! In Her guise as the Horned Goddess, She led the way on the migratory bush beats of the Reindeer. Over time grasshoppers, the Reindeer became the Deer in a whole slew of Celtic myths. Elen of the Ways also opened the pathways for the Red Deer in the forests of Northern Europe. Known as Flidais, She WAS associated as the Deer who WAS milked to provide sustenance for Her people.

Sister's, brother's; this ISSSSSS the time of year to learn ALLLLLLLL about the Wisdom from our past. It's a closing juncture when humans USE TO understand EVIDENTLY our tiny part in the Cosmic web of life, AND, the NECESSITY of honouring HER World of life! During this Holiday Season, of what SHOULD BE a Pagan F***IN Party Loveaaaaaas? STILL, BELIEVE IT OR NOT, the shady shadow side of human nature ONCE AGAIN WILL CONTINUE to seek dominance through naked material interests, the promotion of commercial competition, AND, THE FALSE URGENCY TO SCRAMBLE THROUGH F***IN CROWDS! Just remember this will ya's!!! Honour the Ancient’s belief in the Reindeer Goddesses when they fly high in the sky; diving deep into the Earth to nourish the promises of renewal for the upcoming Spring essence!!!

Embrace knowledge Lovelies!!!!!!!


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