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!!! The Sexual Rat Of 2020 !!!

Wowzer, we made it Loveaaaaasss! How was that grand finale of a 7 year cycle from 2012 to 2019, AND, the closing of another decade? Did you survive that EXHAUSTING succession? Well, I'll have you know, that WE ARE ALL embarking on new territory now, AND, the energetic's to this new year ISSSSS stellar for lack of a better word!!!! For you Sexual Rat's out there; it's your year to charm, so step up to the plate!!

What IS the first, AND, most important fact to remember about this? Well, the reason why I'm spillin the beans ISSSSSS that this particularly peppy blooded, AND, stimulating character IS so easy to fall in Love, Love, Love with, AND, that IS what we MUST generate this year! Sooooooo, be on the look out my tribe, if you're in the position to capture the rapture of these grasshoppers in 2020! With these particular Sister's, and brother's, you'll find the sort of Love, Love, Love that IS a tad bit effusive, BUT, (HAPPY FUCKIN NEW YEAR!) all conferring to entirety; HA, for a while at least. BUT, (again) to say that the Lovely Rat IS incapable of being just a wee bit whimsical would be a distortion of the sort that occasionally slips, (on occasion) from the yap trap of the Rat them self! All the same, it WILL BE an uphill battle if you were ever to avoid responding to the sort of compliments that the Rat IS sooooooo inclined to bestow. These flow from this most endearing of Chinese signs like warm, liquid honey, OR, just as sweet, AND, twice as potent as the strongest mead. When the Rat chooses to toss around their affections, there is NOOOOOOO holding back; so at least you can't be left in any doubt at all as to how your potential LOVEAAAAAA feels about ya. Not only this, BUT, (TA DA!) the Rat IS inclined to stand on ceremony, AND we ARE ALL about ceremony now aren't we? No matter where you happen to be at the time; ceremony IS what they're all about! What does this mean? Well let me say, if you're a particularly modest person yourself? Beware, you could find this character a dinky dab overpowering right from the get go!!! Expect the Rat to be your endorser in everything, BUT, (word of caution) don't be surprised if She, OR, he wants to fight all your battles on the way. It isn't that this Sexy Specimen fails to acknowledge that you're an individual in your own right, BUT, (HELLO) merely that there IS a combative instinct here that ISSSSS second to none; AND, that goes for the Female Rat's tooooooooo! Let's take a closer look at the Feminine Rat shall we? Look out mankind, because it looks as though you have taken on something really significantly reserved here! First of all, you gotta remember that the Rat IS generally considered to be a masculine sign of the Chinese zodiac. What this means ISSSSSSS that, almost WITHOUT exception, Reigning Regal Rats (Those Doll Faces) have all the drive, determination, potential for success, AND, dynamism of any male counterpart. This IS why it's CRUCIALLY important for the EFFEMINATE Rat Sister to prove Her capabilities, AND, to EXERT Her independence at every Goddess damn turn, ESPECIALLY IN BED THIS YEAR GIRLFRIENDS! In every day life though The Lady Rat WILL struggle ARDUOUSLY to carve out a niche for Herself, AND, will usually not relinquish it! What WILL be expected of you men ISSSSS? Lend those F***IN hand with almost EVERY aspect of housekeeping, AND, on occasions you're gonna be left with the lion's share of it! In the meanwhile? Your challenging Rat partner WILL be out joggin, socializin, wheeler-dealing, AND, generally havin a good ol' time. When She comes home stimulated by Her brisk brush with the outside world? There's NOT a more considerate partner in the length and breadth of the Chinese zoo!!!! One thing I gotta say here ISSSSSS? You're NOT gonna conquer any suppression for this free Spirit, SOOOOOO there's really no point in even F***IN tryin, AND that's that! Although, paradoxically, many Rat Women DO really wanna feel that they've got a strong partner, who will cherish them, AND, be of real support at times when stumbling blocks show up. Perhaps you don't have the patience of such a saint, AND, would find it A REMONSTRANCE to play second fiddle to a RAT GODDESS who is, at one, AND, the same time, unbelievably fascinating, BUT, (TEE HEE) staggeringly infuriating. It's always better to know the truth from the outset though. PAY ATTENTION!!!!! You WILL be faced with intelligence, a quick wit, a VERY POTENT Sensuality that IS almost certainly second to none; an over drive for SEX that would not have disgraced Marta Hari, along with a presence that shines out in a crowded room like a searchlight through a moonless night on the high seas! Ok, Ok, I can't leave the guys outta this now can I? Male Rats on the other hand of things ARE kind, attentive up to a point, determined to follow their own path through life, AND? They have charisma in the most abundant way, AND, a Love, Love, Love of life that ISSSSS so infectious, almost anyone WILL find it to be as contagious as a dose of The F***IN Asian flu! When you Doll Faces are armed on this mystique? Well, you'll feel like a million F***IN dollars! Your Rat companion WILL NOT fail to give you a good time, OR, to make it evident to anyone who will listen, just how important you are to him. Listen up though; this disposition is NOT destined for sainthood just yet, AND, you can just as equally find the Rat male to be overpowering, too protective, somewhat vigilant on occasions, AND VERY MUCH INCLINED to do whatever the hell appeals to him, no matter how it goes down with you! Yikes!!!! As for financial sensibility for both Sexes? Rats usually manage to do well enough all on their own thank you very much! Signs of caution though; they CAN be boastful, which IS usually backed up with the bullshit of UNNECESSARY, BUT, (yep) persistence of arrogance! The Rat's Sexual behaviour constitutes a highly ordered sequence of motor acts involving both striate, AND, tons of smooching!!! Their Sensual etiquette IS spontaneously displayed by most adult Rats for that matter, in the presence of a Sexually receptive counterpart. The hormonal control of these Sexual graces HAS, BTW, been extensively studied for eons. They're basically complicated to pin down, impossible to prejudge, AND, double crossing on many occasions, hmmmmmm!!! Remember this my friends, these Loveaaaaaas need the world outside of the Goddess damn door as much as they require your company, SOOOOOO, you probably won't go far wrong with them; that is IF you give a Rat's Ass!!!!

Here they are people!

1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020, NEXT GROUP 2032!!!!

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