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Oxygen Orgasms

Hey you enterprising people with clitorises, AND, all you male clitoris crusaders! You MUST know, there ARE various things you can try to have a better Orgasm, AND, twice as many that WILL get in the F****IN way of it happenin at all! Even if you're a pro at the "O", experts like myself say you just might be hampering your climaxes without even realizin it. To determine whether you fall into that camp of hippies, OR, mentally transport yourself to those moments when you realize, oh ya, you're about to Orgasm; there's absolutely no going back now is there? Well, focus on what your breathin is usually like, ESPECIALLY YOU GUYS, when your dink is right on the brink! Are ya takin rooted, full breaths? OR, are ya holdin, AND, gaspin instead? If it's the latter, you're DEFINITELY undermining your Orgasms LOVEAAAAAASS!! Grippin your gulps as you get closer to those Sexy Spasms IS a pretty common instinct. It happens for a whole stewed up mixture of speculations. Could be tension, (Tee Hee) Womanly Wildness (I'm surely guilty), OR, chicken shit of lettin go because that attempt IS gonna disturb the kids in the house! Added to that ISSSSSS? You might even clinch onto it simply because the heavy breathin that precedes, AND, accompanies Orgasm feels unnatural. BUT, (whatever the reason) face it; breathin IS a subconscious natural knee jerk. The way you re-calibrate it while employing the effort from yourself CAN be a tad bit too? Well, think of how often group workout instructors have to refresh the memories of their class grasshoppers to NOT hold onto their breath. It's because you're so focused, AND, centralized on what's in the saddle of the subject being taught, that you dismiss the breathe right outta the practice!

Look Loveaaaaaas, no matter why the hell you're doing it, holdin your Oxygen Orgasms during Ta Da, WILL keep the lid on the extended amount of new circulated air into your Sexy structure, which BTW, IS gonna be counterproductive to the entire point I'm tryin to get across here! Maximizing your practiced panting WILL help to boost your circulation, which BTW again, IS the right hand Woman, OR, man to the Sexual echo sequence. That juicy red river to the Sacred neighbourhood IS an inherent slice of the red tape for Creative Orgasm architecture! Sooooooo, whatever your sanity suggests? You're pluggin the valve, AND, it's likely because you're TOOOOOOO fixated on the Sexy sounds you're makin, OR? You're stuck in your head, AND, mentally conditioned on what the F***S happenin in real life! SCREW REAL LIFE; there's no place for it in the intimate chambers damn it!!!! By disciplining yourself to bring in life's Oxygen thoroughly, AND, naturally with the Tantra Oxygen Breathe work, WILL magnify your Sexual strife. Deeeeeeeeeep, slowwwwwwwwww inner inspiration WILL make the Orgasmic lopping extremely intense, AND? More frequent; that's what you want people!!!!! Now, note of caution here? Even though your new concentration cruise that you've climbed aboard on IS to do with how you're breathin? DON'T let that disrupt your own flow. If you Sister's and brother's ARE havin Orgasms? You need to do something different to build the ferocity; the trick ISSSSS? To focus on mindful Mantras while breathing in the Oxygen. Ahaaaa! Yepper, peppers, mind tools for homework to sustain, AND, prolong the bliss below! You gotta HAUL OUT your breaths OUT LOUD longer to amplify the spirited Sexy storm. YOU HAVE TO DEFLATE THE DIAPHRAGM COMPLETELY! This IS Taoist techniques AT THEIR BEST; then you're forced to draw up the breeze on the inhale the next time in. There's no pointed pilot of time to set one's sights on; it's all about being ravishing with your respiratory system, severely through your air bag instead of takin depthless drags, AND, useless steam vents through your chest. Back to the Taoist practices again of visualized breath work. Sending the life force energy air out through the pelvic palace WILL decriminalize an early Ejaculation for you guys too! So, when this is all said done? Supercharged Oxygen Orgasms, Goddess damn great I'd say! Listen up here; if you've come to realize that you're capitalizing on practicing to see who can snorkel without any gear the longest; then you need some pragmatic lessons on this spectrum of things. Holdin your breath WILL trigger your crotch cough, AND, you need some tools from my trade to increase your stamina! It's Sexier, reverses the aging process, AND? STREAMS CREATIVITY TO THE PINEAL GLAND GRASSHOPPERS!!!!

Pace your pants people!!!!


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